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Making aquarium at home by yourself

Virtually any aquarium, as long as it is not touched by an aquascaper’s hand, is a simple refined water tank. For this reason, when you start a home aquarium, it is very important to harmoniously fit it into the design of your home and show creativity in creating an unforgettable design for your tropical aquarium.

This is the main task of the aquascaper – a harmonious combination of the interior of the dwelling with the aquarian interior.

But the quality design of the aquarium is necessary not only for beauty. Proper planting, competent placement of scenery play an important role for favorable habitat conditions of hydrophytes and hydrobionts.

It is a shame to realize the fact that not every novice aquarist pays close attention to aqua design, the main focus is on bright and attractive fish. This opinion is far from ideal, as among the plants, stones, grottoes and logs, bright and beautiful fish look much better than they will swim in empty aquas.

In addition, an interesting decoration of a tropical aquarium pleases the eye not only to the creator, but also to all guests who come to his house, forcing them to talk about the work of art with admiration and trembling.

Now among beginners it is very popular to keep a hodgepodge of all kinds of aquarium fish. Basically choose the most unpretentious fish of different kinship and community. About unpretentious aquarium fish, I already wrote on the blog, you can use the search and read the article.

In this case, a novice aquarist chooses fish not from certain geographic regions, but from approximately similar conditions of detention.

I think that choosing aquarium fish should be based on decorative qualities. In this case, it is very important to choose the right fish in terms of shape, color and size.

I prefer to keep in the aquarium more fish of the same species than slightly different ones. From this and the visual effect is much more powerful. For example, red neon is better to keep in flocks from 6 to 10 individuals.

In addition, pay attention to the uniform distribution of fish in the water layers: upper layers, lower and middle. However, what I wrote is not a dogma.

More experienced aquarists prefer to contain species aquariums, such as tsikhlidniki or discus aquariums.

Conventionally, fans of aquarium can be scattered into several groups. One large group are collectors of various types of fish.

They are mainly keen on breeding fish, so that in their aquariums you can find many interesting specimens, which you will not find in pet stores. Aquariums of such fans of underwater fauna are often thoroughly populated with all sorts of wildlife.

However, such aquariums for the cultivation of rare and beautiful plants are unsuitable, especially for aquariums with large fish, like cichlids.

The next group of aquatic enthusiasts is small, whose representatives prefer to contain and propagate a bunch of aquarium plants. Basically, the aquariums of such people are literally littered with various aquarium “grass”. Such aquarists fish are largely overshadowed.

Thanks to such people, we have an abundance of aquarium plants in stores and on poultry houses.

And finally, the last group of aquarium lovers, quite a few, who prefers to organically and competently choose aquarium plants and fish, thus creating an amazing underwater garden. Such people do not shy away from all sorts of decorations, snags and stones.

Also, among the decorative aquas can be found banks, in which hydrobionts are selected in a strict geographic zone and in one biotope.

First we need to choose an aquarium. In more detail how this is done, I already wrote in this article.

Aquariums are made from silicate or acrylic glass. I also have an article on my blog titled “How to make an aquarium with my own hands.” In it, I am very accessible and widely painted all the stages of manufacturing an aquarium, the properties of glasses and glue.

You can also read it, it will be useful to you.

Pay attention when choosing an aquarium to the ratio of the depth and length of the aquarium, as this will directly affect the composition. I advise you not to invent with round aquariums and buy yourself a regular rectangular jar, in which its length plays a key role.

It is also possible as an option to buy a corner aquarium, so that with a large bottom area you can come up with an interesting composition.

You may hear that the size of the aquarium does not matter, but I disagree with that. The more aquas, the more beautiful it can be issued.

In addition, in aquariums of small volumes is not sustainable biological balance. The slightest drop in pH, nitrates, hardness can cause serious problems.

Rectangular aquariums perfectly fit into a cozy room with classic furniture and a moderate interior.

If you hope to create a wonderful interior in a narrow jar, then I dare to upset you – you will not succeed in anything. Mostly in such aquariums like to keep small fish that do not spoil the plants.

Take the aquarium wider, 40-45 centimeters minimum, in which a large area of ​​the bottom you can come up with an interesting version of the underwater landscape. The next point is the height of the aquarium. The optimal height of the can is considered 40-50 centimeters, and the maximum height is 60.

Remember, the higher the aquarium, the farther the plants are located from the light source. Sometimes even in a 40-centimeter aquarium it is hard to create normal illumination.

And in deep aquariums so that the plants do not suffer from a lack of lighting, you will have to use powerful and complex light sources, which is not always affordable.

Well, that seems to be all for today what I wanted to tell. What missed, I’m sorry, waiting for your additions in the comments.

See you soon.

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