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Making a cover for the aquarium do it yourself

Any aquarium will get a full view if you close it with a lid. If the cap is not included with the aquarium, it can be purchased separately at any pet store.

All factory models are made on a specific pattern and sometimes do not coincide with the size of the tank. If the tank has a non-standard shape and there is no suitable model for sale, the made cover for the aquarium will fix the situation with its own hands.

Inexperienced aquarists think that the aquarium does not need protection, but it is not. The aquarian cover with the hands will not only improve appearance of an aquarium, but also will decorate an interior of the room.

The self-made cover for an aquarium allows:

  1. Provide suitable temperature and lighting for underwater inhabitants.
  2. Dust, debris and foreign objects will not get inside the tank.
  3. Protection from animals (cats, dogs).
  4. Protects water from evaporation.
  5. The lid on top of the tank will not allow the fish to jump out.

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Before starting work, prepare materials, tools and product layout. It is better to choose material for production waterproof: plastic for a covering of walls, a laminate or PVC.

Still need:

  1. Corners (selected depending on the material used).
  2. Ruler, simple pencil, glue or liquid nails, furniture gun.
  3. Self-adhesive paper or paint.
  4. Lamps and electrical wire.
  5. Rubber gloves.

The cover for PVC aquarium is environmentally friendly and the safest during operation, so it is better to choose this material for manufacturing. It is water resistant and tolerates high temperatures, thanks to which the product will last a long time.

The thickness of the material is chosen depending on the size of the cover.

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You can easily and quickly make a cover for the aquarium by following the step-by-step instructions. The product consists of the upper part, side walls and lighting.

So that it does not fall apart over time, all parts degrease.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. It is necessary to measure the aquarium. The side parts will be mounted mounting, so they are made with a margin, and the front and rear parts – exactly along the length of the walls of the aquarium. The height of the product will be about 7 cm.
  2. All measurements are transferred to PVC sheets. Ready-made templates are cut out with a stationery knife.
  3. First connect the side parts. It turns out the frame.
  4. Support plates are installed for fixing the lining sheets. One sheet is glued to the support strips with glue, the second one is made removable.
  5. The finished product is pasted over with a self-adhesive film.
  6. To make the removable part of the cover easier to remove, a handle is attached to it.

Before installation, the construction is thoroughly dried, so that all toxic substances from it are weathered.

If the design to make additional attachment, you can install the backlight. As the lighting choose energy-saving and LED lamps.

For a tank with a volume of 150 liters, you will need 2 pieces of lighting equipment of each type.

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Installation process:

  1. The hole for the wires is drilled in any corner on the surface of the cover. It is inserted into the cap, equipped with a butterfly valve.
  2. Electrical wires from the lamps are interconnected. They must be isolated. To prevent the lamp from contacting the surface of the plastic cover, a piece of plastic is attached to the lamp holder.
  3. Lamps are fixed with screws on the non-removable cover panel. Self-tapping screws are sold complete with lamps. If you install stiffeners, the fixation will be more reliable.
  4. When connecting wires to the lamp should be located away from water. Electrical wires are output, the lamps are connected to the network. The tank is covered with the finished product.

When working with electrical appliances, you need to observe precautions.

The round-shaped aquarium fits any interior and is very popular with office workers. But such tanks require special care and permanent protection. To prevent aquatic inhabitants from dying, the tank is covered with a protective cover.

Making a cover for a round aquarium do it yourself is a little more difficult than for a rectangular one. But if you choose the right material for the product and make the right calculations, everything will work out.

Manufacturing design:

  1. It is problematic to make a round model from lining. Therefore, from the materials choose laminate or PVC sheets. They must be processed by special technology.
  2. If the volume of the tank is small, then you can use foam. Suitable ceiling tiles.
  3. Two squares are cut out of the material. Their diameter should be several centimeters larger than the top of the aquarium.
  4. On each of the parts in pencil loops circles, then cut. The circumference of one piece is made smaller. This part should fit inside the tank.
  5. The detail of the smaller circle is smeared with glue. To ensure that the elements are well fixed, the glue is applied on the wrong side (without the figure).
  6. Two circles are glued together with flat sides.
  7. The lower part of the cover is varnished. This will protect it from moisture.
  8. Two holes are made in the product. One – for air, the second – for the diffuser. Holes are cut with a knife. The design is ready!

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