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Lid on the aquarium: what is its need?

Novice aquarists often do not pay attention to such detail as the cover on the aquarium. At first glance, there is no special need for it.

All major life processes take place inside the aquatic environment, and the equipment for their maintenance is installed in the bottom area or in its lower third.

However, this opinion is wrong. Properly designed aquarium covers allow you to:

  • to protect the water mass from the ingress of foreign substances;
  • organize optimal lighting;
  • exclude cases of jumping of especially mobile fish out of the aquarium;
  • maintain the stability of metabolism between the surface of the water and the adjacent layer of air.

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The cover for an industrial aquarium has an affordable price and a range of model choices, even if it is a round aquarium. It can be glass, plastic, steel, PVC, laminate, plexiglass, polyurethane and even rubber.

The ideal option is “aquarium with a lid.” In this case, a clear correspondence of the sizes, shape and functional features of both components is achieved. It is more difficult when an aquarium without a lid is already purchased and there is no option for acquiring it with all the requirements:

  1. sufficiency of light;
  2. the presence of a convenient way of feeding;
  3. rational placement of cleaning and other caring equipment;
  4. practicality and good hygienic properties;
  5. safety for fish and plants.

Today there are a lot of recommendations on how to make a cover for the aquarium with your own hands.

The case of the master is afraid: aquarium cover with his own hands

The design begins with measurements and cutting out the components: the four side walls and the base. Working with plastic, they use a special knife, which excludes crumbling and breaking the sheet.

Before you start collecting, at the base of the future product you need to make holes for:

  • falling asleep feed;
  • selected electrical system to connect the lamp;
  • establishments of tubes of the air pump, filter, temperature regulator.

The platform for sleeping can be equipped with a door (for which to attach a mini-canopy) or a lid made according to the same principle as the top itself.

The side walls should be fixed to the base alternately, using, for example, quick-drying cyanoacrylate glue (sealant for plastic roofs will not work). If you select a modification of the insert inside the aquarium, the sides are glued 0.5-1 cm from the edge.

Stick the sides along the edge when dressing the top cover.

In both cases, the corners must be additionally fastened, for example, using special corners.

The inner surface of the homemade product will increase its practicality due to pasting with food foil. From above, the finished model can be decorated with a decorative film, the shade of which harmoniously matches the overall design of the room or furniture.

From this design, the panorama of the water world will only benefit.

The cover for the panoramic aquarium is distinguished by its shape. Since the front wall has a convex relief, it is required to accurately copy its shape in full size on the prepared plastic base.

For the manufacture of such a product, it is advisable to use as raw material a material that preserves the bends acquired by heating, for example, plexiglass.

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The purchase of lamps should be carried out taking into account the biological need for the intensity of illumination of selected fish and types of vegetation. You can attach more lamps in advance and provide for their separate inclusion (in case of changing the contents of the aquarium).

To illuminate the aquarium is better to use fluorescent lamps. The wavelength of the light emitted by them is closest to natural daylight. Fastening of such lamps is carried out with the help of special lamp holders, and the electrical wires are wound through the holes made beforehand.

Side switch can also be attached. Connect the lamps with electronic ballast using the wires.

The self-made cover for an aquarium gives the chance to dream up about light zoning of water space, even if its size 60х30. Mount the lamp on the lid can be evenly across its surface, and you can concentrate most of them on one side or arrange the “Christmas tree”.

A simplified version, made on its own, suggests using a transparent material for the top of the lid, and placing the lamp outside, outside it, giving it an optimal inclination and proximity to the surface.

Certain design solutions include the use of multi-colored lighting (from blue to red). For their performance, you can pre-paint the lamps with special glass paints with moisture and heat resistance. However, it should be remembered that such coverage for the full processes of vital activity is not enough.

Therefore, it can only be used periodically to give originality to the water kingdom.

Top coating on the aquarium – a necessary and useful thing. Professional or self-made his performance – does not have a special role.

The main thing is to be comfortable, practical and safe.

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