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LED lights for aquarium

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Each person engaged in breeding fish, understands the importance of lighting for the aquarium. Modern technology contributes to the emergence of a variety of lighting options, and LED lighting, also known as LED, is one of the best.

The wide range allows you to count on the beauty of perception

How much LED light per liter is required?

What are the advantages of LED lights for the aquarium?

LED lights for aquarium do it yourself

Modern aquarium lighting from LEDs – economical, does not heat the water and makes it possible to create beautiful color effects. LED backlight from the finished tape for the aquarium is easy to assemble with your own hands, without having special knowledge of physics. It is waterproof, diodes exist in different colors that are easy to combine.

There are single ribbons with white color or color – RGB, which can be switched to different shades. Consider how to do your own hands beautiful LED lighting aquarium.

To make the lights of the aquarium out of the LED strip with your own hands, you will need to make a frame or use the finished cover of the aquarium. Additionally, you need to purchase:

  • LEDs 12 W – two tapes white and one color;
  • two strips of glass 7 cm each; two 2 cm each and two small pieces;
  • foil tape;
  • silicone glue;
  • controller and power supply.
  1. Glass box glued without one wide part.
  2. Inside the wire is inserted and sealed.
  3. Scotch tape is glued to the inside of the lamp.
  4. Glued strip of LED tape.
  5. You need to solder the tape to the wire.
  6. A glass lid is glued on top.
  7. Colored tape can be glued with double-sided tape and glue on the finished cover of the aquarium.
  8. With the help of the controller, power supply and remote you can change the color of the lighting.

As a rule, it is easier to make the LED illumination of the aquarium itself, than from other types of lamps, and it is cheaper. Now the fish will enjoy artificial lighting, and the plants will actively develop inside the aquarium.

Advantages of using aquarium lighting with LED tape

Lighting aquarium LED strip is completely safe for both people and inhabitants of the aquarium. The converter located in the power supply unit, mounted on the LED strip, makes the current passing through it with a voltage of only 12 Volts, against 220 in a simple electrical outlet.

That is, the tape can be used without fear of closures.

The second advantage of the LED waterproof tape for an aquarium is the ability to install it directly into the water. Although experienced aquarists advise for better growth of plants and fish to maintain the location of the lighting elements on the lid of the tank, however, if desired, the lights can be placed on the bottom or walls of the aquarium.

LEDs in the tape are durable and easy to mount. On the back surface of the tape there is a special adhesive layer, with the help of which it is well fixed on any surface.

In addition, the light in the aquarium with the help of LED tape can be made absolute by anyone, since the LEDs have a huge number of shades and can even change colors with time. Although for the normal life of the fish is still better suited standard top white light.

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