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Is it possible to keep a hamster in an aquarium

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Help urgently. can dzhungar hamsters live in an aquarium (without water)

Alexander Ivanov

in an aquarium it will be difficult to keep clean water for them – you need something like a water bottle, whatever the Internet says – they die very quickly without water, you also have a chance to jump out of it, you never see how they do it, but if you leave the little hamster in the bucket for the night – in the morning he is no longer there)). Look in the ads of used cells – they are usually not very expensive to give, ask around from friends – maybe they have left. And so on hamsters)) – the rats were at a level more interesting in content than hamsters. . Hamster keep – that fish, just watch how he eats)))

Gwerr Shu

Can Although this is not the best option, it’s better than a jar or a bowl, as they often used to keep … Many keep hamsters in an aquarium.

From above, it should be closed with a grill so that they could not jump out, and at the same time that it is well breathable.
But another question, what size aquarium …. If it is very small, this is bad. The hamster should have enough space so that the manger, the running wheel, and the free space for walking and building the nest could be quietly placed there.
And think about how to attach a special watering for rodents in an aquarium. It is simple with a cage; it is fastened outside and pushed through the bars, and you cannot push through the wall of the aquarium.


If the aquarium is big enough and not too high – an excellent tank for a hamster, vole, gerbil! Above you need a metal grid so as not to jump out.

In such an aquarium, you can put a thick layer of substrate, the animal will be happy to build holes, rummaging. And the substrate will not scatter around the room.

Let’s get more juicy feed, then the water in general can not be set. But it will not make any effort and hang it on a wire over the edge of the aquarium.

Like the wheel for running.

Katya Borovskaya

Yes! Hamsters can be kept as in an aquarium or in a cage. She herself has hamsters.

They live 3 days in a bucket, do not complain about the consequences.
Hamster housing CAN NOT become cans, bottles or cardboard boxes. In fact, hamsters can be kept either in a cage or in an aquarium.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.
In a cage, a hamster can exercise on twigs and grind down teeth on them. A sufficient amount of oxygen enters the cell.

It is easier to wash it – just enough to unfasten the bottom. The disadvantages of the cell: first – the noise.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, in the dark time of day their vital activity is in full swing. They rush around the cage like mad, gnaw the bars, and of course make a rather loud noise.

Secondly – accessibility for other animals. The hamster often approaches the cage twigs, takes hold of them with its paws, sleeps, leaning against them sideways.

Therefore, if you have a cat or dog, in a cage they will easily get to the hamster. If you do not have other animals, and you sleep so well that an atomic explosion will not wake you up – then the cage will become an ideal home for your hamster.
In the aquarium, the hamster is not noisy, it is not available for other pets (of course, if the aquarium is covered with a breathable mesh). But the disadvantages of an aquarium are much more than advantages. Firstly, it is difficult to wash it, because the required size of the aquarium is still quite heavy, and you can easily break it: (Secondly, it is poorly ventilated – the air comes only from above.

Thirdly, in the aquarium your hamster will have a very small field for activity – not to work out on the rods, not to sharpen your teeth.
There is one more kind of hamster houses, it has already appeared in our country, but it is very expensive. The house is a few plastic aquariums connected by plastic pipes.

Such an imitation of a real underground hole, which hamsters build in nature. Of course, such a house is a real hamster paradise.

If I buy a hamster, can I keep it in the aquarium? stupid


In a rectangular, open top is possible, but not necessary. Anyway, with the active movement of the rodent and with poor ventilation in the room, the hamster will lack oxygen + possible condensate when changing temperatures and high humidity, and where to fix the water, wheel, pipe, house?

Buy a cage first.

Karina Dobrolyubova

For small hamsters of Roborovsky and Djungar dwarf hamster, glass rather than wire cages are more suitable. Little hamsters almost do not climb, and therefore do not need a lattice.

Therefore, it is possible to use both glass containers and unsealed aquariums, as well as terrariums with sliding front walls and ventilation surfaces.
In aquariums that are open only from above, it is necessary that the height of the walls should not be greater than the width. In a too high and narrow aquarium, the walls often sweat and bacteria begin to multiply on them, since the air inside the aquarium is poorly ventilated.


It is better not to use an aquarium for maintenance, as it is poorly ventilated and carbon dioxide accumulates at the bottom of it, which adversely affects the health of animals. And in the summer the hamster can just fry in it.


You can, I lived and the offspring were made there, only then the hamster otgryzla paw hamster, for what he ate a lot, sorry.
By the way, not for those, but my hamster died, so one cheek was completely under the control: D
I think he died of obesity ..

Who can say where it is better to keep the dzhungarikov- in an aquarium or in a cage?


In a professional vivarium, they are kept in cages with very high trays, almost in aquariums with a metal mesh cover. Pour 10-15 centimeters of substrate and change it once a day at 10.

They also keep voles and gerbils. Mice and rats – in flat cages on sawdust. At home you can keep as you like.

In the cage you can see everything, the wheel can be put, the maze is different.


everyone decides for himself. The aquarium is good because nothing falls out of its bounds, you don’t hear the hamster gnawing the cage, but the ventilation leaves much to be desired – the stale air at the very bottom greatly affects the hamster’s immunity and when you let it run free it increases the risk of catching cold. Also, not everyone can afford a wide aquarium. in the cell ventilation is good and the ability to put extra. Accessories are much more diverse. if you choose a cage with a high pallet, then there will be less filler around the cage, but it is impossible to wean the rodent to wean

Caring for animals # 128156; Choosing housing for the hamster # 127969; Cage, aquarium, dune, container – what to choose? # Hamsters

Where can I buy a cheap cage in the pier and is it good to keep a hamster in an aquarium and how to write a drinker in an aquarium. Help


Aquarium is good in the sense that sawdust is not scattered. But in general, he has a lot of flaws, like a house for a hamster: it is heavy, difficult to clean.

And most importantly, there is stuffy and humid for the animal – the moisture evaporates badly and the air gets a little. Yes, and it is difficult to fix anything there – shelves, ladders, and more.

It is better to take an aquarium if there is no possibility to get a cage at all and then a big one.
If you mean a nipple drinker for rodents (a drinker in the form of a bottle with a spout – automatic, bunker – it is called differently), then try to stick it with adhesive tape to the glass of the aquarium.

What can keep the hamster at the time of the village? cells not yet bought goma just


In the aquarium is possible. but there is one thing .. in the aquarium, carbon dioxide accumulates at the bottom and after some time it becomes difficult to breathe. it will simply gnaw through wood and leave .. so that the cell is optimal. can be on hay or straw, but there may be parasites. sawdust .. well, sleep on the woods yourself .. I will make paper napkins or towels and clean them every day .. I will make new ones.


Plant in an aquarium, and make a lid of hard cardboard, or if there is plastic. What would the air get into the aquarium, make a lot of holes in cardboard or plastic. And so that the lid does not fly off, attach a sinker to each of the corners.

In plastic, making holes is very easy. Heat the carnations on the stove or in the microwave, and then take the heated nail with the plaskupuptsami, and carefully make holes.
Well, this is a temporary option. Or put in a jar and do the same with the lid.

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