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Instructions for use Aquasafe (Tetra for aquarium)

It’s no secret that the quality of tap water leaves much to be desired. It contains a large amount of chlorine, copper, zinc and other metals. In such an environment aquarium fish can not live.

Before adding to the aquarium, water has to be filtered and defended, but even so it is not always possible to get rid of harmful substances. In this case, the conditioner comes to the rescue Aquaceife, which creates the perfect environment for fish.

The conditioner Aquasife helps to create ideal conditions for the fish.

The preparation for water purification Tetra AquaSafe is made by the famous German company Tetra. It is a large enterprise with branches in 10 countries of the world and with more than 700 employees.

Tetra is one of the leaders in the production of pet products, whose products are of high quality and very popular with aquarists.

Tetra Aquasife conditioner is a bluish-colored liquid formulation that is available in bottles and bottles ranging in volume from 50 ml to 5 liters. Buyers have the opportunity to choose the capacity that is suitable for their aquarium.

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TetraAqua AquaSafe is based on the new BioExtract formula containing natural biopolymer substances and trace elements. It contains magnesium, vitamin B1, a colloidal solution of silver.

The product is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

On the basis of water from the aqueduct Aquasife for aquarium creates a healthy transparent environment suitable for fish and plants. Air conditioning performs the following functions:

  • Neutralizes toxic substances contained in tap water. It binds heavy metals and forms safe compounds from them. Chlorine harmful to the inhabitants of aquariums almost completely disappears.
  • Improves the composition of the aquatic environment, adding to it vital components for fish. This is magnesium, which activates the growth of fish and improves their well-being, iodine, which increases their vital activity, vitamin B, which enhances the stress resistance of the inhabitants of aquariums.

Aquaceife improves the composition of the water in the aquarium

  • Its formula helps to increase the number of beneficial saprophyte bacteria that purify water and make it transparent.
  • Colloidal substances in the conditioner protect the gills and fins of the fish and improve their condition. The use of the drug prevents the appearance of fin rot and gill disease.
  • The use of air conditioning creates favorable conditions for the breeding of fish.
  • The nutrients contained in it accelerate the growth of plants in the aquarium.
  • Tetra Aquasife helps small fish restore health after illness and the use of various medications.
  • The composition can be used both in fresh and in sea water.
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    Aquasafe is used to quickly adapt fish when habitat changes. Instructions for its use as follows:

    • the drug is used when starting a new aquarium;
    • it is used in the complete or partial replacement of water;
    • when transporting fish to a new habitat;
    • when placed in quarantine;
    • after treatment with medicines;
    • after other stresses suffered by the inhabitants of the aquarium.

    The composition is used in the following ratio: for every 10 liters of water, add 5 ml of conditioner. If it is used to prepare a new aquarium, then you should not run the fish immediately after adding the air conditioner.

    For the drug to have its effect, it takes time.

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    To enhance the effect of air conditioning, it is used together with Tetra EasyBalance. This is a drug that records the level of hardness and chemical reaction of the aquatic environment. It prevents their fluctuations, negatively affecting the health of the fish in the aquarium.

    Tetra EasyBalance contains a biological formula that reduces the level of phosphates and nitrates. It also compensates for the lack of vitamins and trace elements and reduces the number of water changes. TetraAqua AquaSafe has the following benefits:

      there is no need to install tanks for settling, which is especially important for owners of large aquariums;

    Aqua Life allows you to not defend the water for the aquarium

  • air conditioning is easy to use – just add funds to the tap water;
  • the drug performs its functions well in water purification and protection of fish against diseases;
  • it fills the aquatic environment with beneficial substances.
  • The disadvantages of the air conditioner include its rather high price. This is especially noticeable for owners of large aquariums., where the consumption of the drug is high.

    For them, it is more profitable to buy air conditioning in large containers, so it is cheaper.

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    For cold water aquariums, AquaSafe for Goldfish is an air conditioner. This drug is similar in composition and action to AquaSafe, differs only in some protective components.

    AquaSafe for Goldfish is used for cold-living fish, such as gold. It perfectly purifies water, binds harmful substances and neutralizes chlorine.

    The tool protects the mucous membranes of fish, promotes reproduction and stress reduction, increases their endurance and immunity.

    Air conditioners for water purification manufactured by Tetra make it much easier to keep fish in an aquarium. They create an environment close to their natural habitat, strengthen their health and increase their ability to reproduce.

    The use of drugs improves the stress resistance of fish and promotes the growth of aquarium plants.

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