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Installation and maintenance of the marine aquarium at home for beginners

A marine aquarium is a rather complex ecosystem, distinguished by its beauty and diversity of species. All those who decided to create such beauty at home should not only have sufficient knowledge in this area, but also have considerable financial resources. In addition, the aquarium requires constant care and compliance with the rules of maintenance.

Only in this case, you can succeed and create a truly beautiful reservoir.

Marine aquarium requires constant care and compliance with the rules of maintenance

This kind of ecosystem is very difficult to create at home. Aquarist needs to take into account a huge number of factors that can affect not only the appearance of the reservoir, but also the life of its inhabitants. It is important to know where to start doing a marine aquarium.

Professionals advise to set priorities and weigh all risks. To make it easier to do, it is necessary to explore all the positive and negative sides of a pond with salt water.

The advantages of aquariums include the following:

  • attractiveness;
  • decorative;
  • exotic appearance;
  • a variety of inhabitants;
  • less need for frequent cleaning;
  • earning income from the sale of rare fish fry.

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In addition to all the positive aspects, there are negative ones. There are quite a few of them, so before taking up the development of the marine ecosystem, it is necessary to study all the features of maintenance and care.

The disadvantages of aquarists include:

  • the difficulty of creating and maintaining optimal habitat conditions;
  • the need to conduct checks on the quality and composition of water with the help of special reagents, which can only be bought in specialized stores;
  • arrangement of proper filtration and aeration of the aquarium;
  • the need to use a certain type of soil;
  • the difficulty of replacing water, which can be performed only with the help of special equipment;
  • high financial costs of creating a reservoir and maintaining it in perfect condition.

In the marine aquarium, you must use a certain type of soil

Read more: replacement of water in the aquarium.

For the device of a sea aquarium it is necessary to clearly define its appearance. There are 5 options that depend on financial opportunities, available space and personal preferences.

Types of salt ponds:

  1. Fish. This option is suitable for novice aquarists, since to create it you only need to buy the necessary types of fish and run them into an empty aquarium. Such a cheap method involves the use of predatory marine creatures that do not require additional decorative ornaments.
  2. Mixed. This type is one of the most popular. It harmoniously combines not only fish, but also some types of invertebrates. The drawbacks of such an aquarium are the complexity of the content and the availability of specific knowledge.
  3. Coral. It is based on the breeding of corals and a small number of species of fish that are harmless to them.
  4. Reef. This is the most expensive type of aquarium. In it, professionals are trying to recreate the reef ecosystem and bring it as close as possible to natural conditions.
  5. Shark’s. Such a reservoir requires not only significant cash costs, but also the presence of large areas.

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Any marine aquarium for beginners involves the purchase of a large number of expensive equipment and its components. In addition, in the process of creating and operating a salt water reservoir, it will be necessary to re-purchase individual items and replace them with old ones.

The first step is to choose the capacity in which the marine ecosystem will be recreated. Its size and shape depends on the desire of the owner and the available free space. In most cases it is recommended to choose tanks with a square or rectangular base.

They are more stable, reliable and never turn over.

An important factor to consider when purchasing an aquarium is its volume.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing an aquarium is its volume. To create comfortable conditions, future residents need at least 200 liters of free space. The ideal option would be to purchase a capacity of 400 liters or more.

In marine aquarism, small tanks are not allowed, as sea creatures will feel cramped in them. Because of this, they will start having health problems that could lead to death.

In addition to the aquarium itself, you will need the following devices:

  1. External canister filter.
  2. Thermostat
  3. Device for removing foam (skimmer).
  4. Pump or pump filter to saturate the fluid with oxygen.
  5. The mechanism of waste disposal and waste products.
  6. The device of protective shutdown which is useful at emergence of non-standard situations.
  7. Siphon for cleaning the bottom.
  8. Aerometer to help measure the density of water.
  9. An ultraviolet lamp and a large canister to prepare the salt before going to the aquarium.

Marine aquarium requires the use of significantly more powerful, complex and expensive equipment, more complex and expensive consumables than freshwater

Most of the listed equipment is expensive and can only be found in specialized stores or the Internet.

The most important and complex equipment is the filtration and water recovery system. It helps to maintain the ideal purity of the liquid and regulate the amount of nitrates in it.

In the wild, this problem is solved by the sea current, which brings clean and oxygen-rich water every few seconds. When maintaining a marine aquarium at home, it is necessary to recreate the natural process with the help of special equipment (sampa). This device is a vessel made of plexiglass, which is divided into several compartments.

They have all the necessary equipment for the aquarium.

Sampa is in direct contact with the aquarium itself and maintains normal conditions for small creatures to live in it. The basis of her work is a closed loop.

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Thanks to the return pump, water flows from the sump into the tank, and then enters the overflow pipe. After that, the fluid returns to its initial location and the process repeats.

One of the important success factors for creating an aquarium is the formation of the right flow. In the wild nature, it brings to the marine inhabitants not only vital oxygen, but also small food.

At home, you have to imitate this natural phenomenon and adapt it as much as possible to the needs of aquarium pets. In this case it is very important to alternate strong water flows with complete calm. This will bring the environment of keeping fish and other living creatures to natural conditions.

To do this, you can turn off some pumps at night and leave minimal waves.

Water streams are best directed to the stones. So they will be washed efficiently and effectively carry out their work.

One of the important success factors for creating an aquarium is the formation of the correct flow.

For marine artificial reservoirs used stones that were collected in nature. Most often they are fragments of coral reefs, in which microscopic life can be contained for a long time.

Before you put the purchased stones in the aquarium, you need to perform a few simple preparatory steps:

  1. It is necessary to thoroughly wash the purchased goods under hot running water. This should be done with rubber gloves to avoid bites and burns of small organisms living in porous stone.
  2. Then the stones should be placed in an empty aquarium and watched for a few days. During this time, hungry inhabitants who hide inside will crawl out in search of food. As a rule, this occurs in the evening or at night.
  3. Detected creatures are removed, and the stones are processed with special preparations that will help get rid of the remaining organisms.

For marine artificial reservoirs used stones that were collected in nature

The main mistake of newbies is that, in addition to stones, they also add shells. Such a decorative element, though it looks beautiful, but does not bring any benefit to the home marine ecosystem.

On the contrary, due to the high content of calcium carbonate, water hardness increases, which adversely affects all inhabitants of the salt water body.

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