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How to transport aquarium correctly

The issue of proper transportation of an aquarium is a topical issue and, of course, useful for many fish lovers and owners, as well as for the whole beautiful aquarium kingdom that can be placed in your home, office or other room, so let’s take a closer look at this topic.

For this, we have prepared a useful article in which we will tell you how to start preparing for the transportation of an aquarium, how to safely transport its pets, what are the basic rules for the proper transportation of such fragile structures, as well as many other things related to moving aquariums to a new place.

First of all, you need to decide exactly whether you can arrange the transportation of the aquarium on your own or you need the help of professionals.

Tip: If it comes to transporting a large aquarium or you have never encountered such a thing in your life, then you should definitely entrust the holding of your event to experienced professionals. Read in detail how the aquarium is transported by a specialized company. can be here.

Today, there are many organizations professionally engaged in the transportation of aquariums of any size, including existing ones, populated with fish and other inhabitants. Therefore, if you have such an opportunity, it is better to use a professional service.

This will allow you to move the aquarium to a new place without unnecessary worries and problems, as the specialized company already has the necessary vehicle in advance, a team of qualified movers, all the necessary packaging materials, and most importantly, an experienced aquarist who knows how to transport fish safely and all the contents of an artificial reservoir.

But if you decide to transport the aquarium yourself, you need to know and follow the basic rules, which we will tell you in our article below.

one. Prepare a transportation plan in advance, work out the question of which transport will move the aquarium, if you hire a car from a specialized company, you need to order a car just in time, as the safety of your fish and other inhabitants will depend on timely delivery of the car.

2 Before transporting the aquarium must be released, only an empty artificial reservoir can be transported safely and completely. It is necessary to prepare containers for transportation of fish, plants, soil and water in advance.

According to the rules, in order to preserve a favorable biosystem for fish and plants, it is necessary to take at least 60-70% of old water from the existing aquarium and then pour it back after transportation.

3 It is important to choose a reliable packaging material, it is best to use high-strength materials: bubble wrap, cardboard (corrugated cardboard), foam rubber, very good if you have a special box, but it is suitable only if you carry small or medium in size storage tank.

Large aquariums are packaged in a special way to eliminate all risks, it is better to hire professional packers.

four. When moving, as well as loading and unloading an aquarium, you must act extremely carefully, always remember that you hold a fragile load in your hands, so you need to secure it as much as possible along the entire path, so that you do not accidentally hit the wall, door, etc.

Large, overall aquariums are generally not recommended to move and load-unload yourself, it is important skill, experience, appropriate equipment, which is only in professional movers.

five. If we are talking about delivering an impressive volume to a new aquarium place, then it needs to be fixed in the car body with fastening systems before transporting, but remember that not every machine is equipped with such fasteners, for this you need to pick up and order the appropriate truck in advance.

How to carefully transport the fish during the relocation of the aquarium?

During the transportation of the existing aquarium, it is important to know how to properly transport the fish, because for them it is too big a shock and only a well-organized process can protect them from death. Below you can find the basic recommendations.

  • Tweaking is not permissible to transport the fish directly in the aquarium itself, such a move to a new place can be detrimental to its inhabitants!
  • Before transporting the fish, make sure they are all healthy, weak individuals simply may not move the road.
  • Taking into account the size of the fish, you need to choose the right containers for transportation; the larger the fish, the less they need to be placed in the tank, count something like this: you can place up to 7 two-centimeter fish per volume of 1 liter. Malkov transport with adult fish can not be!
  • Before the road, fish should be fished out of the aquarium in 2-3 hours and the temperature should be 2-3 degrees lower than usual in a tank with settled clean water. This procedure will increase the motility of the fish intestine and reduce water pollution. During the transportation of fish can not be fed, moreover, it is best for the day before the move to arrange them at all fasting day.
  • It is recommended to place the fish in special containers for transportation just before the departure itself, by filling it with water from the existing aquarium beforehand. Consider, two thirds in the shipping container we go under oxygen.
  • To make the fish less afraid, it is better to transport them in a darkened container or cover them with dark material. After transportation, to remove the panic, they can be given special food, but these are already the secrets of experienced aquarists.
  • It is necessary to take into account the time of the year, the temperature regime and the distance of the route, taking into account all this, and correctly select the necessary containers, calculate the seats for individuals, etc.

It is necessary to select a car for transportation of an aquarium taking into account the dimensions and features of the aquarium. If you yourself cope with this task hard, then you can always contact the transport company, professionally engaged in the delivery of such goods, and an experienced specialist will choose the right machine in your case.

As a rule, the transportation of heavy, bulky aquariums is carried out on trucks equipped with a mounting system so that the fragile load can be clearly fixed in the back of the car.

A good option when transporting large aquariums is a car equipped with a hydrolift, a special lift makes it easy to lift and lower fragile cargo, and at the same time provides an additional guarantee that the aquarium will not accidentally fall as it is placed on a platform clearly regulated by the driver.

How much do you need to hire movers to transport the aquarium?

Hiring the right amount of movers is necessary depending on the size of the aquarium, its size and weight, it is also worth considering the conditions of movement and loading and unloading. The easiest way is if you carry out transportation with the help of a specialized company, so that the manager of the company will guide you to the selection.

What is important, today there is a very convenient service in the carriers, they send their evaluator-consultant to you free of charge, he inspects the aquarium on site, develops a scheme for the execution of works, selects packing materials and of course determines the exact number of required movers. As in our opinion, it is an ideal option, while you do not lose anything, but you receive complete information from a professional.

Transportation of an aquarium is a responsible and painstaking process, but for the sake of such pleasure, you can try, and our advice, we hope, will help you with this.

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