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How to soften tap water at home

Water should be consumed daily, but not everywhere it is useful and moderately soft. Hard water leads to scaling, contributes to the rapid breakdown of household appliances.

Hair becomes thinner, skin rapidly loses its elasticity, and diseases of the urogenital system and kidneys develop at an accelerated rate. Since it is not difficult to soften tap water, it is recommended to regularly measure its condition.

Water hardness is an indicator of the concentration of magnesium and calcium salts in the chemical composition. It is mainly measured in milligrams of equivalent per liter (the norm is 1–20 Ж, permissible up to 70 Ж), or in moles per cubic meter. Share the value of stiffness:

  • 0−20G (soft) – found in swampy areas with peatlands and in the melted snow not contaminated by other substances. Differs in that it washes away the soap solution;
  • 2.1−70ZH (average) – the most common;
  • 7−100Ж (hard) – considered hazardous to health;
  • above 100ZH (very hard) – unsuitable for consumption.

Stiffness is divided into two types. These indicators depend on the substances contained in the liquid:

  1. Temporary caused by calcium and magnesium bicarbonates, which disintegrate at elevated temperatures and settle in the form of scale on pipes and heating devices, which leads to rapid blockages and equipment breakdowns.
  2. With constant chlorides, silicates, phosphates, nitrates and calcium and magnesium sulphates contained in a liquid, quickly make water hard. You can change the composition when using the filter.

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In order to correctly establish the hardness of moisture, a conductometer (salimeter) is used – a device for measuring the conductivity of water. The higher the rate, the greater the concentration of salts in the liquid. Pay attention to signs indicating increased stiffness:

  • scum appears in the kettle;
  • washing powder and soap foams badly;
  • stains on washed dishes;
  • markings on clothes after washing;
  • dry skin on the face and hands;
  • white scurf on the tank with settled liquid.

It is not necessary that all signs appear at the same time, two or three is enough to attend to the problem and take action.

The most common method that requires no effort is boiling. It is recommended to bring the liquid to the desired state, wait 4 minutes and cool to a comfortable temperature.

The moisture treated in this way is suitable for both drinking and washing. But the method has and limitations:

  • when boiling lost useful properties;
  • electricity is spent on heating;
  • difficult to clean large volume for all needs.

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There are several other methods that can improve the quality of the liquid. Normalizing moisture with temporary hardness is easy, the main thing is to choose a convenient option:

  1. If the stiffness is slightly higher than normal, it is normalized by settling. To do this, take water and leave for 2 days away from sunlight. It is recommended to apply for watering indoor plants.
  2. When cleansing a small amount, they use the freezing method. To do this, put the liquid in the freezer, and as soon as ice appears on the walls, drain the moisture. The remains are melted and used both for watering plants and for eating.
  3. Water solution for boiling softens water well – 1 tsp is added to 10 l. soda with calcium or 2 tsp. food, mix and wait for sediment to form at the bottom of the tank. To cook boiled cereals or vegetables, add 1 tsp. baking soda for 3 liters of liquid.
  4. Make water soft for washing hair with 1 tsp. citric acid and 1 tbsp. l vinegar to 2 liters of water. Use the solution which has been settled for 5 minutes.
  5. It is recommended to remove the hardness of the water at home, designed for household appliances, using salt. Some manufacturers produce sodium chloride in the form of tablets and granules.
  6. Soften the washing liquid will help special tools (powder, tablets), which are sold in the department of household chemicals and used according to the instructions.

Filters are recommended for good cleansing and softening. Some of them are connected to the water supply, others operate autonomously.

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The most popular mitigation systems are:

  1. Filter jug. Capacity from 1 to 3 liters, the purification of the fluid takes place using a cartridge that lasts for 2 months. Upon expiration of the filter system is changed to a new one.
  2. Ion exchange systems. Not suitable for softening drinking water, regularly requiring reagent replacement (ion exchange resins and salt solutions) and connected to the sewage system. Of the benefits distinguish good performance and ease of use.
  3. Electromagnetic and magnetic filters. Fastened with overlays on water pipes or on the mains. Under the influence of fields (magnetic, electromagnetic) substances flow into sedimentation tanks and do not turn into scale. Not suitable for cleansing liquids.
  4. Reverse osmosis systems. With the help of the membrane, the molecules of all substances, except water, are retained. It cleans well the liquid, which, however, is not recommended for use as food, since its useful properties are not preserved. If you just need to clean the water for drinking, add to the system a special module – the mineralizer, which equips the liquid with important salts and minerals after cleansing.

It is impossible to recommend one way to soften the water. You need to focus on many indicators, for example, the volume of liquid, the ability of the homeowner and the purpose of using the purified liquid.

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