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How to properly position the aquarium in the room

Choosing the location of the aquarium, you need to take into account the following points:

• First you need to decide in which room you put it. In most cases, people prefer to have an aquarium in the living room so that you can look at your fish during leisure time.

However, you may have special considerations to choose some other place for it. Among them are other items on this list, as well as everyday moments, for example, the desire to keep the carpet, wallpaper, etc. intact.

• The desired size of the aquarium in relation to the available free space.

• Accessibility – if you are considering installing a large aquarium. Is it possible to smuggle an aquarium through doorways, go around corners or feed it through a window to a selected place?

• The strength of the wooden floor. A large aquarium filled with water may weigh a ton or more. This may require professional advice.

The orientation of the aquarium with respect to the beams supporting the floor is very important. Except when it comes to relatively small aquariums, the length of the aquarium should be perpendicular to the direction of the beams so that the load is distributed to as many beams as possible.

The aquarium should be located against the wall, where it supports the beams and therefore their carrying capacity is maximum.

• Power supply. Ideally, the aquarium should be located as close as possible to the electrical outlet. If this is not possible, use an electrical extension.

But remember that it must be securely fastened in place (for example, attached to the baseboard). It should not be left free.

He must walk along the edge of the room and in no case pass the shortest path under the carpet.

• Water supply and access to water. Most often it happens that in a room where there is an aquarium, there is no water supply.

However, think very carefully before you place even a very small aquarium, for example, in the bedroom in the attic, if the water supply and access to water is very inconvenient.

• Supervision over an aquarium. You should be able to see the aquarium so that it does not need to move the pieces of furniture around it.

In addition, the aquarium should be at a convenient height for observation, if you look at it from the intended observation point.

• Calm fish. Some fish do not like being constantly disturbed – for example, if people walk past all the time.

At the same time, fish may become too timid and frighten people if they are closed in a room where no one walks at all. For most fish, the location of the aquarium in a regularly visited room is best suited, but away from the usual routes of households.

Children and animals should be taught not to disturb fish in vain or not to allow them into the room where the aquarium is located, except under supervision.

• Risk of damage. Do not place the aquarium where any piece of furniture (for example, a chair) may accidentally hit the glass and break it.

• Risk of poisoning by smoke, aerosols, etc. (see chapter 21, section 1.2.1).

• Other room features. The aquarium should not be placed near radiators or too close to other heaters in the room due to the risk of overheating.

If you put an aquarium near the window, where bright sunshine shines throughout the day or at noon, it can also cause overheating and problems with algae.

Perhaps this all sounds frightening, but remember that millions of people faced the same problems and safely solved them. True, some of the above points are based on their mistakes!

You may need the help or advice of a professional, as well as additional muscular strength:

• Builder – to give advice on the strength of the floor. Such advice should be sought at the earliest stage, as soon as you have a preliminary idea of ​​the desired size of the aquarium and its possible location.

• Electrician – to help make wiring. If you yourself are not a sufficiently qualified electrician, you should negotiate with a professional to do this job.

You do not want to lose your fish due to the cessation of electrical equipment, get an electric shock or burn the whole house as a result of a short circuit in the electric circuit! You will need to pre-arrange everything with the right specialist and discuss your needs with them (see below).

• Assistance during transportation of the aquarium, as well as to bring it into the house and put in place. For carrying an aquarium longer than 75cm, at least two people are needed – not only because of its weight, but also because of its volume.

Even if the aquarium is smaller, it may still require two people to carry it. In addition, you may need a van or a large car.

True, some pet stores themselves provide delivery of large aquariums, and even send people who bring them into the house. But still, you may need an assistant to raise the aquarium to the place intended for it, if you need to do some preliminary work before this — for example, installing an outdoor background.

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