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How to prepare water for the aquarium at home

Preparing water for the aquarium is a very important matter. It is from its quality that the life and health of all inhabitants will depend: from algae to fish and animals. There are a lot of parameters that need to be taken into account when preparing, the composition, temperature, hardness and individual characteristics of the pet living in it.

However, even a beginner can properly prepare the water for an aquarium.

Water for the aquarium can be easily prepared at home

Preparing water for the aquarium at home is troublesome, because much depends on how well the new habitat is suitable for pets. Need to pay attention to the tips and choose the best option., since the composition of the liquid varies from one locality to another and there are no uniform recommendations that are suitable for all at once.

The liquid just collected from the tap is unsuitable for the inhabitants of the aquarium. All because of the fact that it has chlorine compounds that are detrimental to sensitive organisms of fish and amphibians, and it also contains some other dangerous impurities. They are of several types:

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The most common and easiest way to get rid of them – upholding, but it is worth considering that it may not always help. In addition, to quickly prepare water for an aquarium in this way is impossible.

It is necessary that she stood for at least 2 days (and preferably a week or two) in an unclosed container. Solid impurities will fall out after settling sediment (it can not be drained into the aquarium), gaseous will evaporate.

It is more difficult with liquids, because they cannot be so easily removed, but they are less common.

It is advised to choose the right day for water, because every day its composition varies slightly. It is recommended to turn on the shower first and watch the steam, pay attention to the smell: if it is sharp and gives off bleach, then it is better to postpone this business for tomorrow.

If it is not expressed, then you need to collect the necessary amount of cold water and put it to stand.

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It is advisable to use not plastic containers, but open glass jars. Some breeders, when buying a new aquarium, defend water directly in it, while the first one needs to be drained in a couple of days, without running fish into it.

At the same time, you can check if their new home is leaking.

Currently, there are air conditioners that help to quickly prepare the water for the aquarium. They should be used according to the instructions, they are much more reliable, because they cope with liquid impurities too.

Good water has a pH level of 7. This level suits most aquarium animals. The litmus test, which is sold in a pharmacy or pet store, will help determine it more accurately.

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To increase the pH, you can use baking soda, for lowering – peat. Sometimes small snags are placed in aquariums, which can reduce acidity, but the choice of wood should be approached with caution.

For example, you cannot use oak and trees with a high resin content.

Instead of tap water, you can use distilled water, but it is poor in minerals and other components necessary for the normal functioning of pets, so you have to add special vitamins there. They can also be purchased at the pet store.

Temperature affects the reproduction of most species of aquarium dwellers. Warm water simulates the rainy season and spawning, which pushes the fish to look for a pair.

In addition, different types of fish live in different temperatures.

Animals are divided into heat-loving and cold-loving. For thermophilic temperatures should be 18−20 degrees Celsius, in colder water, they become sluggish, lose their appetite and start to hurt. Temperatures of 14 degrees are suitable for cold-loving ones; some species are comfortable even in cooler water.

They can only live in large tanks where there is an undercurrent.

By itself, put in one aquarium thermophilic and cold-loving species of fish can not, because both will be uncomfortable. In addition, there are many other parameters by which you need to select neighbors.

The same applies to algae: for different species also need different conditions, so you need to carefully study everything before buying.

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There are several ways in which you can increase or decrease water hardness.. To reduce apply:

  • filtration;
  • upholding (at least 2 days);
  • adding thawed, rain or distilled;
  • landing hatchlings and elodey;
  • freezing.

To increase or decrease the hardness of the water in the aquarium can be a variety of ways.

To freeze the water you need to freeze it to a state of ice, then let it thaw, stand for a couple of days and pour into the tank. All these methods are quite effective.. Increase stiffness:

  • rapana;
  • limestone;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • boiled coral baby.

The baby must be boiled for at least 2 hours so that it softens and does not contain parasites. Only after cooking you can use it without risk to health.

Even in some specialized stores you can buy air conditioners that quickly prepare the water for aquarium fish. Usually it takes up to one hour, if there is aeration, then it goes faster.

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