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How to make an external filter for an aquarium

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How to make a glass external filter for the aquarium?

To build an external filter, you will have to do it yourself, but without the help of specialists for some parts of the aquarium, this is not enough. It is about ordering a glass structure with partitions under the filter steps. We will lay the filling in small containers, and the hull design depends on their size.

Such cases will be manufactured where the aquariums are made to order.

  1. So, in the photo we see four compartments. The first three for the filter fillers, the last will be preliminary before the water enters the aquarium, there we will install a water heater and fill the water with oxygen.
  2. This is what those containers look like.
  3. For our self-made external filter for the aquarium, we need fillers of different fractions, many really need to prepare their own hands. Our goal is something like claydite and small fractions of different rocks, like granite and silicon. The largest particles will filter such ceramic rings. Well, the last stage of cleaning will be either a filler from the finished filter, or clean coarse sand.
  4. With all this we fill our containers and ship them to the glass compartments of the case.
  5. From the old filter, we take the detail of attaching it to the pipe. All containers are laid in their places, in the last compartment the heater and aerator are already installed.
  6. Next, we make a small stand so that the filter is slightly above the level of the aquarium.
  7. And here is the result of the work. The entire system is installed behind the aquarium and its inhabitants are provided with the necessary conditions of detention.

Homemade external vertical filter for aquarium do it yourself

Homemade external filter for aquarium do it yourself

Currently, you can buy almost any option filter for the aquarium and in principle there is no need to make such a device with your own hands. But if there is a desire to make a filter with your own hands for fish, then it is better to make an internal filter. The exterior is very complex and requires great reliability.

Everything else, in a homemade outdoor filter is quite difficult to ensure ease of maintenance. The self-made external filter for an aquarium is a feasible task only for an experienced aquarist.

As an internal filter it is possible to adapt a plastic box with small holes in the bottom. As a filter material, place a sheet of foam rubber in it, which should be the same size as the bottom. This plastic box is attached inside the aquarium to the glass above the water level.

In turn, water from the aquarium enters the upper part of the box with airlift.

The airlift is made of 2 tubes of different diameters, the smallest of which is attached to the compressor and inserted into the tube of a larger size. But the water that falls on the upper side of the foam under the influence of gravity begins to seep through it.

Along the way, it is cleared, comes to the very bottom of the box and through its holes returns to the aquarium.

Making an internal filter with your own hands is available to almost anyone, but an external filter with your own hands is a very difficult task.

Such a device can easily be turned into a simple biofilter. You just need to put a couple of layers of foam on each other. The top layer should be used for rough cleaning of water.

You need to periodically pull it out and wash it under running water. Nitrifying bacteria live in the lower layers of foam rubber.

There are other options for homemade filters for the aquarium, they are more like bottom filters. You can use any container, such as a box or jar.

Between the 2 grids, which form an empty gap at the bottom, filter material is placed in the jar. Sand (gravel) with a grain size of a couple of mm or foam rubber can be used as such a material.

In the center of the tube is quite a large diameter. To the bottom of the can attach a hose from the compressor, which is inserted into a large tube, it turns out airlift.

To clean such a filter, it must be completely removed from the aquarium.

An even easier option is when the top of a plastic bottle with jagged edges is placed in a container. Uneven edges serve for the flow of water and the placement of the hose from the compressor. In the tank poured aquarium soil with particles, the diameter of which is not more than 3 millimeters.

It holds a piece of bottle and at the same time serves as a filter material. Through the bottleneck the air flow creates an airlift.

Such devices are used as a temporary measure, if it is very urgently necessary to bring another aquarium into operation.

How to make an external filter for the aquarium :: how to make a pump for sewage itself :: Equipment and accessories

External filter for aquarium makes chemical and mechanical water purification. Typically, this type filters installed on aquariums with a volume of 200 liters.

Very large aquariums may require several filterov These devices belong to a high price category, so you can try to make such filter do it yourself

1. Pick for enclosure filterand a cylindrical piece of plastic. For these purposes, a piece of plastic sewer pipe is suitable.

The length of the pipe fragment must be at least half a meter. The hull will require plastic parts that play the role of cover and bottom.

Make a hole in the bottom of the case. Screw the fitting into this hole. You can buy it ready or take it from another device, for example, from the sensor from the heating boiler of the bus.

Then you will need FUM tape to seal the thread. Wind it onto the threads of the fitting.

Lock the fitting with the enclosed nut inside the housing. filterbut.

2. Cut a circle out of plastic. Using a drill or a knife, make a lot of medium-sized holes in it.

Put a circle on the bottom filterbut. Thanks to him, the bottom hole filterand will not be very clogged.

3. Getting Started filterOur filler. Put a round piece of foam rubber on top of the plastic circle.

On top of the foam rubber, pour in a special filler for filterWater rations, which can be bought at a pet store. It is made of ceramic material. Repeat layers again.

First foam and then ceramic biofilter.

4. Over filterLayers installed electric pump. It will create the movement of water from the bottom up.

For a wire with a switch that goes from the pump, make a hole in the plastic case. Insulate the hole sealant.

5. Prepare two tubes. They may be plastic.

With the help of them will be the flow of water in filter and its exit back to the aquarium. Connect one tube to the bottom outlet.

To the bottom of the tube you need to connect a special faucet that will remove air from the external filterbut. Connect another tube to the top cover. filterand to the fitting. Immerse the tubes in the aquarium.

Now you can turn on the finished external filter and check it out in action.

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