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How to make a round aquarium

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A round aquarium can be a significant part of the interior room. Quite a lot of aquarists admitted that they acquired a round flask so that a luxurious goldfish floated in it. Of course, in reality, the aquarium turned out quite different.

The idea did not appear because of the love of nature, but from the search for a spectacular interior solution.

The location of a round aquarium in a room involves the choice of an open space: on a table, on a separate stand, or mounted on a wall. A semicircular aquarium can also be fixed on the wall. The shape of the tank gives the underwater world an interesting look.

From different angles of view, aquatic inhabitants and vegetation will look different.

Making a round aquarium requires a special approach. Aquarium is not only an interior object.

Its main function is to create conditions for the life of aquatic creatures. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase special equipment for a round aquarium.

Without it, the fish will not survive.

It is necessary to place a compressor, heater, filter in the flask, to provide lighting. Conventional devices will not work, they will be too allocated in the water space.

When buying, you should choose models with the indication “for a round aquarium”. The shape and dimensions allow them to be placed neatly so as to spoil the appearance least of all.

Pebbles are scattered at the bottom and plants are rooted in them. Equipment for a round aquarium is hidden by plant shoots.

It is advisable to choose such aquatic plants so that they do not hide the main inhabitants with their bizarre appearance. And pay special attention to the shape and size of the stones.

Remember, in a round aquarium, all the details look more prominent. Therefore, any defect is immediately noticeable.

Round aquarium – features of care and maintenance of fish

To resemble an aquarium underwater world, all installed equipment must be masked:

  • Lay on the bottom of the soil height of 4-5 cm, which will cover the filter. For soil in a round aquarium, it is better to use gravel or small dark pebbles;
  • plant 2-3 living plants in the ground;
  • put the intestine from the aerator (compressor) into a bamboo hollow tube, from which air bubbles will float nicely;
  • unfortunately, the limited bottom area will not allow to decorate a round aquarium with the wreckage of a ship or the ruins of a castle. But here any house or a shell fits perfectly. This is aesthetically pleasing, and the fish in the shelter feel protected.

A small aquarium is a tank with parameters of 20×40 cm and less (a nano aquarium) in which small ornamental fish can be placed. The volume of such containers can be from 10 to 20 cubic liters, so they are suitable for the installation of decorations and equipment. In a small aquarium you need to put lighting, plant plants, decor, do not forget about the filter and compressor.

That is, a small aquarium should not differ in functionality from a spacious one.

What kind of fish can you keep in mini aquariums? In a small 10-20 liter tank you need to settle pets with miniature body size. Fish 2-6 centimeters in length will carry such a volume of water.

But remember that even small fish want to swim in a spacious environment. They can not be kept in containers that will restrict movement.

Territorial and aggressive fish cannot be accommodated in mini aquariums. Which do not need to settle in a 10-liter aquariums?

These are swordtails, barbus averages, cichlids, gourami, danios. They have an active and energetic disposition, they need more space for shelter.

In the aquarium of 10-20 liters, you can settle small barbs, pseudomogil gertrudy, rice fish, cherry barbus, rasbor, erythrosalonus, neon, tetra Amanda. Also there you can keep such fish and shrimp: catfish ottsinklyus, corridor, shrimp amano, cherry shrimp, copper tetra.

A representative of the genus Pecilia, viviparous fishes get along well in mini tanks.

You need to buy breeds of fish with a strong immunity, that is, not actually thoroughbred, but hybrids. If you do not have the opportunity to buy a spacious “house” for your small pet, you need to buy a small aquarium with a capacity of 10 liters.

There are also often settled well-known Siamese cockerels. The cockerel can live alone, does not get along with relatives, this is after all a fighting fish.

See also: Small aquarium fish.

How to keep a goldfish in a round aquarium :: how to care for a round aquarium :: Aquarium fish

The popularity of round aquariums and goldfish is due to two main factors – goldfish are among the most hardy and unpretentious aquatic inhabitants, and round aquariums are in harmony with any interior and are easy to clean. However, despite such advantages, there are several important rules that concern the content of fish in such tanks.

The question “opened a pet store. Business is not going. What to do? “- 2 answers

Goldfish are considered one of the hardiest inhabitants of aquariums. They are able to withstand fairly significant cooling of water or its heating. It is recommended to equip aquariums with special devices for temperature control, but goldfish can simply change the water more often and provide the necessary care.

In their natural environment, goldfish can survive even in icy water. They are among the most enduring aquatic creatures.
In an aquarium with a goldfish any aquatic plants must be present. Just a few twigs are enough.

At the bottom of the vessel, you can pour gravel or place decorative balls that will turn a round aquarium into a kind of designer decoration of an apartment or office. Sand in this case is not recommended.

In a round aquarium, a small area, and dust can instantly pollute the water and make it detrimental to a goldfish.
It is very important to provide the aquatics with sufficient light. It is better to put aquariums in well-lit places or use additional devices.

Due to lack of sunlight, the goldfish may die.
Keep in a round aquarium a few goldfish is not worth it. The calculation of the required area should be made in accordance with the proportion – 1 cm of the body length of the fish per 3 liters of water.

Otherwise, the inhabitants of the vessel simply do not have enough oxygen for normal life.

Keeping a goldfish in an almost empty aquarium is not recommended. The fact is that with a minimum amount of vegetation, the walls of such a vessel create the effect of a lens. A fish in such an atmosphere will be in constant fear, which will lead to serious consequences from stress.

Quite often you can see completely empty aquariums with goldfish. However, it is better not to create such conditions for a pet.

Fish vegetation is a supplement to the main food and source of vitamins.
In a round aquarium, you must create the most comfortable conditions for its inhabitants. To do this, you will need a small lighting system, a compressor for water treatment and a special heater. For round aquariums, special compact equipment is produced, which does not take up much space and does not spoil the appearance of the original vessel.

Quite often, for example, you can find round aquariums with special lids in which all the necessary systems are mounted.

Today, I must say, a round aquarium is very fashionable. Let’s try to figure out whether such a purchase would be reasonable?


A round aquarium is an unusual and eye-catching piece of furniture. It is remarkable due to its unusual shape. And, if it is beautifully designed, it can become a real highlight of any room.

However, there is another side to the coin.

The disadvantages of a round aquarium

The form. In a round aquarium it is quite difficult to install heating, lighting and a filter.

The size. As a rule, a round aquarium is small in volume, which means that it can be called not practical.

Due to the form to clean such an aquarium will not be easy.

Of course, there are disadvantages to a round aquarium. However, if this does not stop you, and you want to fulfill your desire, then you need, first of all, to understand the technical side of this matter.

Today, of course, you can find heating, and lighting, and a filter, and a compressor, which are designed specifically for an aquarium of this shape. However, please note that you need to buy all these attributes in the kit.

Kit price starts from $ 35.

Who to settle in a round aquarium?

After equipping the aquarium with everything you need, you should proceed to the selection of “tenants”. The classic version is a goldfish, it is worth sweeping away immediately.

She needs space, so a volume of at least 40-50 liters is needed for one individual.

Before you buy fish, you need to calculate how many people fit in the aquarium, taking into account its volume and features.

Small fishes that can live in a round aquarium: petsilia, gupi, neons, molines, swordtails, cockerels, daneo, corridor, lyalius, ampoule.

The most ideal option is cherry shrimp. They only need lighting from the equipment, and oxygen and a filter are not necessary for them.

If you decide to settle cherry shrimps in the aquarium, place the ground, crown, moss clump on the bottom. Note that you have to change the water every 2-3 weeks.

Plants in the round aquarium

As for plants, it is better to choose live in a round aquarium, since in the absence of equipment they will be a source of oxygen. For example, many fish, including molines will die without living algae.

Artificial plants have their advantages: they do not need special care, so they stay beautiful longer; it is easier to lay eggs on them when spawning. Therefore, a pair of artificial branches in a round aquarium does not hurt.

Here are the plants that can be purchased for a round aquarium: elodey, piste, cryptocoryn, nyas, rovolnik, valisneriya spiral.

The third stage in the “habitability” of a round aquarium is its design. Equipment for the aquarium as much as possible to hide the plants.

Pebbles also need to pick wisely. It must be remembered that in the round aquarium all the details look more convex.

Therefore, any, even the smallest defect will immediately be noticeable.

In specialized stores you can buy a special color primer. If your aquarium is large, you can put a snag or artificial house on the bottom, writes Comfort in the House.

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