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How to make a compressor for an aquarium

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Most experienced aquarists sooner or later begin to look for new aspects of their hobby. Initially, it is interesting to buy new equipment, the excitement is gradually born to make it your own.

This time we will touch on the topic of how to make a compressor for the aquarium with your own hands.

How to make a compressor in an aquarium with your own hands :: do-it-yourself aeration of aquarium :: Equipment and accessories

Tip 1: How to make a compressor in an aquarium with your own hands

Breeding aquarium fish only at first glance seems to be a simple matter. In fact, this is a very troublesome event, as silent pets require special care.

For them it is simply necessary to create special conditions as close as possible to the natural ones. For example, a compressor, which is an integral element of any aquarium, is necessarily used for aeration of water and its mixing.

You can do it yourself, which saves a significant amount of money.

  • – boards of 20 mm;
  • – screws;
  • – polyurethane foam;
  • – duralumin;
  • – dural washers;
  • – rubber sheet;
  • – lathe.

1. The compressor for the aquarium consists of three main parts: the pump, the transmission mechanism and the electric motor, the power of which should not be less than 50 W to ensure the normal operation of the pump. To make the pump, glue the tongues of the valves located in the inside of the case.

2. To create the engine on the side surfaces of the flywheel using two screws with an axis, attach the plate. The axis will serve as a transmission unit worn on the motor shaft.

The axis is moved by a plate with two slits, which also affects the magnitude of the eccentric transmission.

3. Using a lathe from duralumin make bushings, flywheel and all components of the pump. From duralumin washers make disc washers.

For this you can use an anvil and a hammer. Aperture can be made from a small sheet of rubber, the thickness of which should not exceed 1 mm.

4. To create a silent compressor, you will additionally need a box at acoustic interchanges, the use of which eliminates the likelihood of vibration and sound transmission from the compressor elements to the floor or table, on which the aquarium stands.

5. To make a box with boards, make a lid and a box, then fasten them with screws. Cover the bottom of the box with foam rubber. Glue the cover with a cloth so that it closes as tightly as possible.

The legs of the box can be made of foam polyurethane. To create a ventilation hose and a hole designed for the supply line of the compressor, close, but not very tight.

Many people, as a rule, from among motorists, quite often had to deal with the need to find “at hand” such specific enough equipment as a compressor. With it, you can tint the car, pump up the tires, blow the carburetor jets, without disassembling it completely – in general, the necessary thing in the national economy!

This article will discuss how simple and not expensive to make a compressor with your own hands.

Consider what parts actually consist of the simplest version of such a device, at the same time I will explain some of the nuances of their choice:

  1. Compressor – a device for forcing air. Making it yourself is quite difficult – it is cheaper to borrow from other equipment and, as personal experience suggests. The “other equipment” can be a compressor from any old refrigerator or a Soviet truck with air brake system (ZIL, GAZ, etc.). The advantage of the refrigeration compressor is that it, as a rule, is already equipped with an electric motor (usually single-phase), with which it is put into action. Disadvantages – rather low performance (with long work can overheat and burn the engine) and not the convenience of interfacing with other parts (no threaded connectors). Automobile compressors have great performance and operating time, but complicate the task by installing a separate electric motor (high enough power) and, often, equipment of a separate lubrication system. Advantage – the relative ease of interfacing with the engine (via a belt drive) and the rest of the equipment (through standard tubes and fittings).
  2. The receiver is a reservoir for forced air. In addition, it serves to smooth out air pulsations caused by the compressor. If your compressor has a large capacity receiver, you can take a small one, and vice versa (of course, within reasonable limits). As a tank, it is most convenient to use car receivers (they immediately have a safety valve for relieving excessive pressure) or a body of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers (the drawback is heavy). Both options are easily mated using threaded connections.

To make the compressor as an necessary additional equipment, you can specify an emergency air relief valve (so that the receiver does not break), an electric motor on-off device (so that when the pressure is high, the compressor and the engine do not do any extra work). The latter is relatively inexpensive on the market already in finished form.
The main thing with the independent production of the compressor is to clearly understand what you want to end up with and not forget about ensuring the safety of working with high-pressure units.

When using the compressor do not forget to observe safety measures. In no case do not lower it into the water and be sure to turn off the network when you want to open and clean the aquarium.

How to reduce compressor noise :: how to make a silent compressor for an aquarium :: Equipment and accessories

Very many people set up aquariums at home. It has been scientifically proven that the process of treating fish swimming in an aquarium noticeably calms and relaxes after a hard day’s work. And the fish are the least allergenic type of pets.

Any aquarium requires the installation of a compressor that is responsible for saturating water with oxygen. And then there is a problem – the compressor makes too much noise in complete silence.

  • – instruments;
  • – foam rubber;
  • – Styrofoam;
  • – sponge for washing dishes.

1. When buying accessories for your tank pay attention to the compressor. Before going to the store read the special literature on how to usually pick up the necessary parts for the aquarium.

When you come to the store, carefully listen to everything that the sales assistant will tell you. Currently, there are many noiseless compressors on the market that operate almost inaudibly.

It is not difficult to guess that such compressors will cost a little more than ordinary ones. However, even silent models can make a little noise, which causes some discomfort.

2. If you have a compressor with a simple type of device, then try to disassemble it. To do this, study the manual. In it you will find the location of all connections and fixtures.

Remove the screws and open the case. Carefully examine how the internal parts are relative to each other.

The most common cause of characteristic cod is the friction of the membrane on any protruding part. Find her.

It is necessary to either carefully file or cut out a place that prevents the membrane from moving silently. Do all the procedures very carefully, using a special tool, so as not to damage the other parts.

3. To reduce the sound of the compressor running, you can try to install it on a special stand. It must be made of a material that absorbs vibrations, because the noise is caused by frequent vibrations of the membrane inside the compressor. Try to put the usual sponge for washing dishes.

The thicker it is, the quieter the sound will be. You can also put the compressor in a small soundproof box. If not, use foam or foam.

Wrap the compressor case with it and secure the material with rubber bands.

4. It is worth noting that many compressors after some time of operation begin to pop. This can be caused either by clogging or loosening of some internal parts.

Disassemble the compressor, find the parts that were loose and fix them.

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