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How to lower the temperature of the water in the aquarium

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How do we make cool tea in summer? We throw ice into it and enjoy its taste.

The same principle can be adopted if the question arose of how to cool the water in an aquarium independently. If you have a small aquarium, then just freeze the cubes and throw them into the vessel.

The temperature drops quickly enough, but you need to follow, as soon as the water heats up again.

If the aquarium is large, this method is not suitable. You will need a few kilograms of ice to normalize the temperature of the water.

Why not? We take plastic bags or plastic bottles (2 liters), fill with water and freeze. Now carefully place this vessel on the bottom of the aquarium and observe the temperature.

Remember that a large amount of ice very quickly and greatly lowers the temperature, so be prepared to stop the experiment. This is the most effective way. In addition, it can help out if you leave for a long time, and it is very hot outside.

Then throw a bag with ice, close the curtains and go about their business.

If you have an internal filter installed, then it can become an assistant. Since it is easiest to cool the water in the aquarium with ice, you freeze cubes in the freezer and then open your filter.

From it you need to remove the washcloth and what it is attached to. Instead, ice is placed in the container. The water in this case is cooled very quickly, so it is important to monitor the temperature and turn off the filter as needed.

Do not forget that useful bacteria live in the washcloth. It must be left to swim in an aquarium, otherwise you can overdry it and they will die.

Alarm should be started when the thermometer rose above 26 degrees. In this case, an urgent need to decide how to cool the water in the aquarium.

At the same time, if there are a huge amount of heating devices of all shapes and sizes, then with coolers everything is very modest. There are practically no special offers on the market that could make life easier for the inhabitants of your home pond.

The first thing moms need to think about is to reduce the temperature in the room in which the aquarium stands. All ways are suitable for this. The ideal solution would be a modern climate control system or air conditioning.

In this case, you no longer have to worry about the temperature of the water, except to warm it up for the most thermophilic inhabitants. And if there is no air conditioner in the room, and the sun is scorching mercilessly?

The optimum water temperature in the aquarium for its inhabitants varies between 22-28 ° C. When it’s hot in the street, you definitely need to observe the behavior of your pets.

High temperatures in an aquarium help reduce the level of oxygen in the water. Fish are forced to swim in the upper layers of water, they become less mobile.

In addition, plants in the heat are also uncomfortable, the process of decomposition of organic substances is accelerated, and biological filters become ineffective. For artificial reservoirs with sea water, the danger is that the concentration of salts increases. There are various tips on how to lower the temperature in an aquarium, of which we choose for ourselves the most suitable.

Our main task is to increase aeration and filtration.

The first thing to do is to remove the cover from the aquarium. Evaporation itself is a way to reduce the temperature in an aquarium. It is advisable to close the windows during the daytime so that the hot air does not get into the room, and the rays of the sun on the aquarium, and ensure the uninterrupted operation of the compressor.

Lighting devices as heat sources are better off, and the aquarium itself, if possible, put on the floor. These simple measures will help to reduce the water temperature by 3 – 4 ° С without investments.

Another cheap way to cool water is to use ice. Plastic bottles with water cooled in the freezer are immersed in an aquarium while controlling the temperature.

It is impossible not to take into account that a too sharp drop in temperature has a bad effect on fish.

Widely used for lowering the temperature in the aquarium fans. A small effect can be obtained from ordinary floor, if you direct the flow of air to the water. Having adopted progress, they use computer coolers for blowing.

Installed in the lid of the reservoir, they drive off the air, working for evaporation. Moreover, one air pumps, and the other pulls.

A more expensive method is to buy a chiller, a kind of conditioner for aquariums. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a luxury.

Yes, and the chiller itself is more suitable for large aquariums. It is noticed that with too much heat, this device, without a cooling system, may not cope with its task.

It is possible in this situation to buy a conventional air conditioner, when both the fish and their owners would feel good, it would be more beneficial.

Aquarium water temperature

Water temperature for aquarium fish

One of the most important parameters of aquarium water is its temperature. Most aquarium fish feel comfortable at a temperature of 22-26 ° C.

But there are fish that prefer a lower or higher temperature.

For example, discus is a heat-loving fish, a comfortable temperature for their maintenance is 28-31 ° C. But the Goldfish family, on the contrary, prefers cooler water at 18-23 ° C.

Thus, speaking of the temperature regime in an aquarium, one should take into account the comfortable temperature parameters for a specific fish. It should also be noted that the temperature of aquarium water directly affects the lifespan of some species of fish.

For example, neons at a temperature of 18 ° C live 4 years, at 22 ° C – 3 years, 27 ° C – 1.5 years.

Perhaps the most important rule for an aquarist is to prevent sudden changes in temperature (2-4 degrees). Such vibrations are extremely harmful.
for fish.

Today, there are virtually no problems with maintaining the temperature regime in an aquarium. Therefore, when on the Internet you come across articles about the Soviet methods of “boiling with a kettle” involuntarily you are touched.

Only one thing is frustrating – after all, articles on this topic are usually looked for and viewed by novices or young aquarists who are so easily confused with unnecessary, unnecessary information.

The nuances covered in this article for an experienced aquarist will not inspire innovation, but beginners will be noticed.

So, to maintain the required temperature regime of aquarium water, you need to buy two things at the pet shop:

1. Thermostat heater.

2. Thermometer with suction cups.

Regarding the temperature control of the heater for the aquarium – it is chosen based on the volume of the aquarium (its power must be appropriate). They fix it, as a rule, on the back wall of the aquarium, near the filter with aeration, so that it is completely immersed in the input.

IMPORTANT: when setting the desired temperature on the scale of the thermostat, the first time (6-12 hours) watch the level of heating of the aquarium water. This is due to the fact that often the scale of the thermostat does not always correspond to the actual temperature of water heating (especially in Chinese thermostats) or the thermostat does not quite fit the volume of the aquarium.

Failure to comply with this rule may lead to the fact that in the morning your aquarium may turn into “a pot with a good, elite ear.”

Well, the second thing to which you should pay attention – the heater for the aquarium should be completely immersed in water. Do not allow it to be in the on state in air (in whole or in part).

This will lead to its rapid overheating.

Regarding thermometers for aquarium – here everything is simple! They are:

glass (ordinary)

in the form of a self-adhesive strip thermometers for the aquarium

(I do not recommend. creatively — yes, it is practical — no, especially since this strip “fades” over time);

and electronic thermometers for aquarium $ 12;

When buying a thermometer should pay attention to the quality of suckers. If they are weak – the thermometer will often fall to the ground.

In addition, there are fish that pathologically may not like the thermometer and they will deliberately drop it (I have suffered from these gays blue).

I think that with the heating of aquarium water everything is clear: – set, adjusted and forgot.

Let’s now talk about what to do if the temperature goes over the top (from overheating or “summer in August”). Nowadays, this is also not a problem – the air conditioner will not only cool the room, but also lower the temperature of the water in the aquarium.

Another question is what to do if it is not? Or if you need to urgently lower the temperature? Ice from the refrigerator will come to the rescue.

At one time, I poured water into plastic 2-liter bottles (carefully removing the bottle from the label and glue beforehand) and frozen them in the refrigerator. After lowering them into the aquarium and thereby lowered the temperature of the water to the desired.

This method of lowering the temperature has two minuses: firstly, the frozen bottles and ice heat up quite quickly – they often need to be frozen, and secondly: sudden, frequent temperature drops are poorly tolerated by aquarium fish. If the temperature is “tolerable” it is better not to add an ice bottle.


Video about the temperature and care of the aquarium

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