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How to heat the water in an aquarium without a heater

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How to heat the water in the aquarium :: do-it-yourself aquarium heater :: Aquarium fish

For the most part, aquarium fish are tropical inhabitants. Water at room temperature is not suitable for them.

The aquarium must be heated. This can be done in several ways.

The question “opened a pet store. Business is not going. What to do? “- 2 answers

  • – aquarium;
  • – water thermometer;
  • – thermostat;
  • – incandescent lamps;
  • – reflector;
  • – aquarium heater.

1. The oldest means of heating water is a reflector. It can be made by yourself in the form of a tin semi-cylinder.

At the end secure the cartridge with an electric incandescent lamp. The lamp must be inside the reflector. Hang the unit to the end of the aquarium so that the upper edge of the reflector is below the water level.

This is necessary so that the glass heats evenly and does not burst. This method is suitable both for heating and for lighting small rectangular aquariums with a capacity of not more than 30 liters.

2. Immerse the bulb directly in water aquarium. At the same time, attach the cartridge to the cover in a special hole so that only the bottle is in the water. Water should not touch the cartridge.

The efficiency of such a system is much higher than that of a reflector. The power of this heater is equal to the power of the lamp.

But with this method, the flask is overgrown with algae.

3. The most advanced method is heating with a special heater. You can buy it at the pet store.

This heater is a long tube in which an electrical coil is placed. The test tube is filled with fine dry quartz sand.

Hermetically closed helix pins are located in its upper part. In the network of such a heater is turned on with a cord.

4. Heaters can be different in height and power. Choose such that when immersed in an aquarium, the upper part with the leads of the wires is above the water level for at least 2 cm. At the same time, the lower end should not rest against the bottom.

To maintain the required temperature, a ratio of 10 liters to 10 watts can be kept.

5. Secure the heater in aquarium using rubber suction cups and plastic rings. If you can not find them, you can use metal wire as an attachment.

This mount should be above the water level.

6. Simultaneously with the heater, use the thermostat. They are also sold at pet stores.

Control the temperature of the water in the aquarium by the thermometer immersed in it.

7. For even heating of the aquarium, ensure the circulation of water – install a filter. You can arrange aeration with a compressor.

The main disadvantage of heating with a reflector is that the device has to be turned off at night, and the water temperature drops to room temperature. The second drawback can be considered the increased overgrowth of the lower algae glass, located on the side of the reflector.

In addition, this device has a rather low efficiency.
There are salt heaters. As a rule, they are homemade.

Do not use them. Salt in the water for some fish and plants can be fatal.

PROMPT, it is necessary to urgently warm the water in the aquarium, is it possible to heat it on the stove in a saucepan and pour it into the aquarium?


If you heat strictly to the desired temperature – please. But the fish will drop off even in a jar – they will have a thermal shock from a sudden change in water temperature.

Pour in from the side, little by little, gradually stirring from the bottom up.

Natalia A.

You can heat up to 70 grams and cool to the right pour, only from such procedures the fish runs the risk of getting a temperature shock, is it necessary ?. And then the water temperature then drops, if the room is cool, and then you will continue to torment the fish with irregular temperatures?

Buy a heating pad with a thermostat in any pet store and do not reinvent the wheel.

Does the aquarium water heater need to be completely placed in the water or is it necessary that the tip sticks out above the water?


It’s okay So it works. The light is on when it is warm, it goes out when it is hot.

Set next to the wash so that the heated water circulates in the aquarium. Immerse completely, you can so that the adjustment knob sticks out of the water, if it is on it.
It is better to have in addition a thermometer – it determines in general the need for water heating and the necessary temperature for your pets.
When cleaning. Unplug
let cool in aquarium.
Wash gently with warm water and a soft sponge.
From personal experience do not put on the sink (split). Better on the mat. Good luck girl. ! and not to write twice the following
recipe apple charlotte-4 eggs, beat with a mixer + add a glass of sugar (200gr) + whisk + a cup of flour (200 gr,) + whisk. we get something similar to sour cream, cut the apples into pieces from 2 to 4 depending on the size,
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30-40 min (check with a stick or in appearance. We serve to the peanuts with milk. And look at the clock as it is all eaten)) Good luck


everything is fine! As a rule, such devices are equipped with internal thermomiters and a temperature regulator (a twist with numbers on top of the device). The lamp burns. A pack of vada in the aquarium will not reach the outside temperature and then it will go out. As for the steppe of loading into the water, there is a line below which the water level should not fall, but you can no longer, so feel free to put it into the water entirely

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