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How to handle driftwood for aquarium do it yourself

The use of kryag for aquarium is important in decorating the underwater world in the home. Now inappropriate sunken pirate ships or castles look.

Bamboo, stones and snags – these decorations are borrowed from nature, so they look organic and beautiful. It is not difficult to make decoration: the roots can be found in natural reservoirs, and after the necessary processing, placed in an aquarium.

Placing snags into an aquarium is not only aesthetic, but also useful. The tree maintains a natural balance in the water microflora, which has a positive effect on the health of many fish.

Snags, soil and filter contents provide the necessary beneficial bacteria. They are important for the balance of the aquatic environment, because they are involved in the decomposition of harmful elements into safe components.

The tree helps to strengthen the immunity of the fish, because the snag placed in the water gradually begins to secrete tanning components, forming a weakly acidic environment in which bacteria and viruses do not live long. Many aquarium owners add fallen leaves to the bottom to sanitize water.

From the leaves the color of the water turns dark brown. If in an aquarium alkaline environment, then placed snag lowers the pH of the liquid.

Under natural conditions, fish are accustomed to living in a weakly acidic aquatic environment, therefore the addition to the container of fallen leaves and driftwood has a positive effect on the health of aquarium inhabitants.

Branches of trees contribute to the creation of a natural environment for pets.

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Snags can be found in any lake, pond or river. Often, such items are used by fish as shelter from predators, for feeding or spawning. Aquarium snags are used by antsistrus (catfish species):

  1. For good digestion of food.
  2. For the use of salts formed on the tree to restore the proper functioning of the digestive tract.

Parts of the tree that are suitable for decorating an aquarium can be found anywhere: in a park, in a forest, in a courtyard, on the bottom of a natural reservoir, or bought at a market in a special pet shop. But when choosing a decor is taken into account that not all tree species are suitable.

For example, it is undesirable to use conifers – pine or cedar. They are amenable to processing, but in time it will take 4 times more, and there will be a risk that the wood is processed poorly and not completely.

Deciduous trees are best suited: maple, pear, grapes, beech, oak, willow, apple. The most common among amateur hobbyists are decorations made of oak and willow.

If soft woods are used for decoration, they quickly disintegrate in the water. Such snags will last only 2 years.

You can choose those trees that do not grow in Russia: iron, mangrove, mopan, etc. Such decorative elements are strong, they will last for a long time, but they have a significant disadvantage: the water after such bark overshadows. Even prolonged soaking will not save from such a side effect.

What you need to do to prepare the boar for the aquarium by yourself:

  1. If there is rot or fungus on the tree, they are carefully removed.
  2. The bark is removed, because if it is not done, then over time it will disappear when it is soaked in water and spoil the whole look.
  3. Left rot on the tree threatens the death of aquatic inhabitants.

If the wood has a strong bark that is difficult to remove, then the snag should be soaked in water for 12 hours, then boiled. This will help remove the bark without problems.

The use of live branches is prohibited. To make a snag for an aquarium with your own hands, only dry branches or tree trunks will do. A branch in the courtyard for decoration is cut and dried in a well-ventilated area.

If the decoration is prepared in the summer, then it is better to dry it under the sun – so it will be possible to avoid rotting, and the pathogens will die under the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Aquarium decoration snags carried out depending on the taste of the owner of the home “pond”. Most beautiful look large and textured decor elements.

Aqua designers often use the roots of trees, as they have a beautiful volumetric shape, they can be placed on the bottom to your liking, all branches are conducted from a single point, which is very convenient when placed in a tank.

If there is no experience in decorating the aquarium with snags, then you can get confused how best to put the decoration. In addition to wood, plants, bamboo and stones are used for decoration. If the owner of the aquarium wants to better decorate the tank, then you need to look at how the natural decorations are located in lakes or ponds.

Often it is the natural design of the residence of the fish looks the most advantageous and spectacular.

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