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How to glue the background on the back wall of the aquarium

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How to stick an aquarium background :: a background for an aquarium pictures :: Equipment and accessories

Buying an aquarium, each person wants it to be a decoration of an apartment or house, while being an integral part of the interior. In addition to the internal design and the set of fish, an important background is also an important element.

For arranging the background of the aquarium using several methods. The back wall of the aquarium can be painted outside. Alternatively, you can also create a background from a panel or a diorama from the inside.

But the most common way is to create a background using a film that is glued to the back wall of the aquarium from the outside. Such films are easily glued and removed, which, if desired, allows you to change the background.

Before sticking the background to the back wall of the aquarium, it must be thoroughly cleaned. The most commonly used means for cleaning glass.

A brush is used to remove heavy dirt. The main task of this procedure is to clean the glass as much as possible.

Bonding Background Film

Cleaned glass should dry thoroughly. Then a special glue for the aquarium background is applied to it, creating a zigzag pattern.

The edges of the wall are more carefully treated with glue, since it is in these places that the film will lag behind the glass.

In order to properly glue the background to the aquarium, it is necessary to evenly distribute glue over the entire surface of the wall. To do this, use a special spatula.

After that, proceed directly to the procedure of gluing. Initially, the background film on the aquarium is glued to the upper edge, and gradually aligned over the entire surface of the glass. After that, using the same spatula, smooth movements from the center to the edges expel the air from under the film.

Glue that stands out at the edges is picked up with a sponge. To ensure that the edges and corners of the film are well glued, you can temporarily fix these places with clerical tape.

An hour later, the tape can be removed.

After the film is glued, glue residue is removed from the walls.

How to stick a film on the aquarium :: how to properly stick a film on the aquarium video :: Equipment and accessories

Looks original aquarium with darkened backside. First, the amazing inhabitants of the underwater world are better seen on a dark background. Secondly, by itself aquarium looks more aesthetic.

Such an effect can be achieved by sticking a film on the back wall of an artificial reservoir.

  • – vinyl film;
  • – scissors;
  • – ruler;
  • – pencil;
  • – water;
  • – rags;
  • – spray;
  • – shampoo or liquid soap;
  • – plastic card.

1. Prepare aquarium: if it has already been used, drain the water. Then measure the back wall aquariumand transfer the resulting dimensions to the reverse side of a vinyl self-adhesive film (it is sometimes also called an oracal film or simply an oracal).

After that cut film on the outlined contours.

2. Vinyl film stick on the outside aquariumbut. But before you stick it, oracal recommended to reduce from two sides to three millimeters.

3. Wash and wipe dry the outer side of the back wall. aquariumbut. Type soapy water in the sprayer (you can use liquid soap or shampoo) and shake it several times.

After that, spray a large amount of the solution over the entire surface being prepared.

4. Gently remove the protective layer from the vinyl self-adhesive film and attach the oracal to the outer side of the back wall of the artificial reservoir. If suddenly from the first time it did not work out to apply a self-adhesive one film, try again (this is possible due to the fact that the surface is moistened with soapy water).

5. As soon as you level the top edge of the glued vinyl film, you will need help (one cannot cope with the subsequent operations). Pull the bottom of the adhesive tape, not letting it stick.

At this time, your partner with a plastic card should evenly smooth film, expelling from under her excess water and air.

6. Do not be afraid to click on the card: it will not scratch the vinyl film. Smooth movements expel air and water from the center to the edges, from top to bottom.

In general, the whole pasting procedure aquariumit will take from five to ten minutes.

Make no mistake in size, because you have to either sharpen pieces of self-adhesive film, or cut a new piece.

You can create a dark background by setting a black screen behind an aquarium or painting the outer side of the back wall of an artificial reservoir.

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