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How to glue the background on the aquarium

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Aquarium decoration – how to stick a film on the aquarium

How to attach a background for an aquarium :: how to make a corner aquarium :: Aquarium fish

Every aquarist wants to have at home not just a jar of water and fish. I want the aquarium to complement the interior, making it unusual and unique. Let it be an imitation of the bottom of a tropical lake or seabed to admire the colorful fish in their native habitat.

To complete the illusion, in conjunction with different plants and snags should use the volumetric background.

  • Sheet polystyrene or foam
  • Black, gray, brown and green waterproof spray paint.
  • Knife
  • Soldering iron or device for burning wood.
  • Aquarium silicone sealant.
  • Cement M500

1. Decide on the design. To do this, conduct an audit of the already existing large stones, ornamental snags and any other things that can decorate your aquarium.

After that, decide what will be background, so that the existing elements in it successfully fit. You can pre-draw this background on a computer or just on paper, marking where it is better to plant water plants, where it makes sense to make a cave and similar things.

2. Take a sheet of polystyrene and draw on it a preliminary layout. The thicker your polystyrene sheet you have, the more voluminous you can make your background.

The width of the sheet may be slightly shorter than the back wall. aquarium, This option can also be interesting to beat, but the height should correspond to the distance from the bottom to the stiffener (otherwise, how then to drown the whole structure). If the size of the sheet is too small, you can glue together the necessary for the block of several pieces.

To do this, use an aquarium silicone sealant. It is safe for fish. Cut with a sharp knife (you can use a kitchen knife or a paper cutter) on polystyrene background.

Turn on the fantasy and portray everything your heart desires. Giant stones, flooded ancient masonry, the roots of ancient trees. Do not forget to make a notch on the back side. backgroundAnd, there you will put an aquarium heater.

You can make a cave for especially shy fish or dredging, in which you plant plants.

3. Now with a soldering iron, smooth all edges, remove uneven cuts, deepen holes, create cracks on the stones.

4. Start painting. For priming, use cement diluted with water. Apply it with a brush in several layers, letting each layer completely dry.

Before applying the next layer, wet the surface of the previous one so that cracks do not form. Paint also apply in several layers, and each time let’s dry.

Make the first layer black, then apply other colors to achieve a natural shade. Try to keep your background was the same color as the stones you already had.

After thorough drying, it remains to drain and install ready background in the aquarium. If you made a cave through, put a piece of black paper or film in this place on the back of the glass to create the illusion of depth.

Now fill the soil, plant the plants and install the existing stones.
Your absolutely unique aquarian interior is ready.

Polystyrene during melting and heat treatment emits toxic gases, so it is better to work outdoors or take care of good ventilation.

For painting, you can use another option – epoxy resin and sand. After the epoxy has dried, simply brush the excess sand with a brush.
A soldering iron or a burner can be replaced by a regular spoon heated with a lighter. Just be careful, do not burn yourself!

If you buy wallpaper for the aquarium, but do not remember exactly the height and width of the aquarium, it is better to take with a margin than in the shortage.

Backgrounds for aquariums are very different, one-sided and two-sided, they can be depicted anything. Classic themes for aquarium photo wallpaper – this is the underwater world, but there are also options such as masonry. In general, the drawings are very different.

Most often there is something on the marine or underwater theme.

How to stick a film on the aquarium :: how to properly stick a film on the aquarium video :: Equipment and accessories

Looks original aquarium with darkened backside. First, the amazing inhabitants of the underwater world are better seen on a dark background.

Secondly, by itself aquarium looks more aesthetic. Such an effect can be achieved by sticking a film on the back wall of an artificial reservoir.

  • – vinyl film;
  • – scissors;
  • – ruler;
  • – pencil;
  • – water;
  • – rags;
  • – spray;
  • – shampoo or liquid soap;
  • – plastic card.

1. Prepare aquarium: if it has already been used, drain the water. Then measure the back wall aquariumand transfer the resulting dimensions to the reverse side of a vinyl self-adhesive film (it is sometimes also called an oracal film or simply an oracal).

After that cut film on the outlined contours.

2. Vinyl film stick on the outside aquariumbut. But before you stick it, oracal recommended to reduce from two sides to three millimeters.

3. Wash and wipe dry the outer side of the back wall. aquariumbut. Type soapy water in the sprayer (you can use liquid soap or shampoo) and shake it several times.

After that, spray a large amount of the solution over the entire surface being prepared.

4. Gently remove the protective layer from the vinyl self-adhesive film and attach the oracal to the outer side of the back wall of the artificial reservoir. If suddenly from the first time it did not work out to apply a self-adhesive one film, try again (this is possible due to the fact that the surface is moistened with soapy water).

5. As soon as you level the top edge of the glued vinyl film, you will need help (one cannot cope with the subsequent operations). Pull the bottom of the adhesive tape, not letting it stick.

At this time, your partner with a plastic card should evenly smooth film, expelling from under her excess water and air.

6. Do not be afraid to click on the card: it will not scratch the vinyl film. Smooth movements expel air and water from the center to the edges, from top to bottom.

In general, the whole pasting procedure aquariumit will take from five to ten minutes.

Make no mistake in size, because you have to either sharpen pieces of self-adhesive film, or cut a new piece.

You can create a dark background by setting a black screen behind an aquarium or painting the outer side of the back wall of an artificial reservoir.

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