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How to equip an aquarium for the red-eared turtle

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Aquaterrarium for the eared turtle – content care photo description.

A properly equipped aquarium with adequate size is necessary for keeping domesticated turtles at home. It would be more correct to call it aquaterrarium, since such a reservoir contains not only water space, but also an island of land.

Buy housing for turtles can be in the spec. stores or do it yourself.

Since the reptile is quite demanding to the place of residence, you need to know how to properly equip an aquarium for a red-eared turtle. Your pet’s home should be as close as possible to its natural habitat.

Only in this case, your ward will be healthy and happy in its own way.

Approach to the choice of an aquarium should be based on the size of your red-eared pet or (if you have a young individual) take immediately “for growth”. Keep in mind. that in a few years a tiny little turtle the size of a peach seed will turn into an adult individual the size of a saucer.

The optimal size of the aquarium, depending on the size of the turtle:

  • babies from 3 to 10 cm – 50 liters;
  • young turtles from 10 to 16 cm – 80 liters;
  • big turtles from 17 to 25 cm – 150 liters;
  • adult animals – from 150 liters.

In order to prevent the runner from escaping, the top of the aquaterrarium should be covered with a lid that allows air to pass through well.




There are aquariums in which red-eared turtles cannot be categorically maintained:

  1. Little turtles up to 50-70 liters. They can only be used for temporary housing. If a turtle lives in such a capacity for a long time, then it develops skin infectious diseases, dystrophy and softening of the shell.
  2. Aquariums in which the land is made of plastic.
  3. Aquariums in which it is impossible to set the desired temperature, as well as ultraviolet and filtration. The absence of all these conditions leads to disease and death of turtles.

Thus, the care of the red-eared turtle, as well as any other pet, requires some effort. But a terrarium in which the water is clean, the bottom is picturesque, and the animals are healthy – this is a fascinating sight that is worth the time and effort.

How to equip a terrarium for a red-eared turtle, tell the leading channel “Carousel”:

Aquaterrarium for these creatures can be made of glass or plastic, and it should consist of 30% of the land. The remaining 70% is a body of water.

The size of the aquarium for small turtles should be selected taking into account the fact that they can reach a size of 30 centimeters in a few years.

The size of the aquarium based on the size of the turtle:

  • the smallest 3-10 cm – up to 50 l;
  • medium size 10-16 cm – up to 80 liters;
  • large up to 25 cm – up to 150 liters;
  • for adults – 120 – 170 l.

Registration of an aquarium for the puppy can be started from the ground. Different glass pebbles do not fit, because the pet can simply bite them. Sand and small pebbles can enter the intestines.

It is best to collect large shells, which will make your aquarium beautiful and at the same time a little saturate the water with calcium. Also suitable and a variety of special blocks of minerals.

From the equipment it is necessary to purchase an incandescent lamp to maintain the temperature, which is located above the shore and include it for 10-12 hours. The temperature in this zone should be about 20 degrees.

The temperature of the water is maintained with a standard aquarium heater. You need to add a water filter and a compressor to it to saturate it with oxygen. Still acquire ultraviolet lamps.

Their light contributes to the production of vitamins D3 and the normal growth of the shell.

The shore in the aquarium for the red-eared turtle is made inclined with a small ramp. It can be made of plastic, plastered with stones or pebbles.

It is possible to use various branches for decoration. Here your pet will sunbathe under the lamp, which we have at a height of 30 cm from the coast.

If young individuals are predators, then adults belong to omnivorous animals, eating and vegetable food. Low-fat small fish suit for this completely, the turtle will eat it entirely. It is good to take hake, perch, cod or crucian, but it is better not to use capelin, sprat or sprat for frequent feeding.

They are very fond of fish roe. Adults eat fish with their heads, and young people need to cut it into pieces.

If young turtles need to be fed every day, then large animals – only 2-3 times a week. Fish can be alternated with seafood: crabs, shrimp, octopus, squid.

But they need to be heated to room temperature. Additional food may be insects: locust, grasshoppers, mealworms, snails, washed earthworms, bloodworms.

Be careful with the tracks, they can cause poisoning.

Dry food can be included, but fish and seafood should be required. In the second year of life, the turtle can also be fed meat.

Fatty varieties are better to exclude, but poultry and beef are sometimes suitable. But in meat there is a lot of protein and not enough calcium and vitamins.

It is better to give it a little, just once a week. Useful for turtles chicken or beef liver, rich in vitamin A. Vegetable food is best given to grown turtles, who have already gained a little weight, throwing it in thin pieces directly into the water.

But not all turtles love it. Leaves of lettuce, cabbage, dandelion or dried sea kale will do.

You can cut into thin slices vegetables and fruits, but spicy herbs (dill or parsley) are preferred by only a few specimens.

It is quite simple to equip an aquarium for a red-eared turtle, and the maintenance of such a pet will not bring much trouble. Only for more than an hour without water, do not hold them so that the skin does not dry out.

If you start taking them from your very young age, they will get used to the person and do not bite. You can even get a couple of turtles at home so that they have more fun.

If you did not find a terrarium turtle in the pet store and you do not have the opportunity to make it to order, an ordinary glass aquarium is the best thing you can give to the red-eared turtles. He will replace the animal external reservoir.

The shape of the aquaterrarium should only be rectangular, since turtles do not swim in depth.

Do not forget the covers for aquariums. Perfectly fit those where there is a built-in lighting.

Since the whole area is not always well lit in an apartment even during the day, UV lamps for reptiles will be needed. And you need to change this lamp once every six months.

Red-skinned turtles grow very quickly and in the first year of life can grow up to twenty-five centimeters. Therefore, purchasing an aquarium, calculate so that all your pets feel comfortable and convenient.

And we must proceed from the fact that a thirteen centimeters baby needs a capacity that holds a hundred liters. Fill the aquarium with water so that its level reaches two or three lengths of the turtle, but there would be a place where your pet can sit with its head sticking out, and if it was suddenly on its back, it could easily turn over.

In order for the turtle to feel comfortable, the aquaterrarium must be filled with water two-thirds of the area, and one-third must be given to land. To combine the two “elements” will require a rough, but not scratching bridge.

In order for the animal not to fall out of the terrarium, the bridge must be located at a depth of more than thirty centimeters.

Do not forget to take care of water filtration. A good filter not only does not leave a chance to microbes and bacteria, but also makes it easier for you to constantly clean the terrarium.

Usually, for these purposes, a structure designed for a volume of water two to three times larger than that used in an aquarium is used. But still do not be lazy to change the water once a month.

Get an immersion heater for aquariums. It resembles a glass tube, the thermostat is embedded.

This type of heater is practical, and thanks to it you will be able to maintain a constant water temperature – twenty-five or twenty-eight degrees.

The turtle will not sit all the time in the water, she likes and “sunbathe”. So take care of the place where it will go “warm up.”

Heat supports the entire immune system of the red-eared turtle. Try to ensure that it does not freeze on land.

To do this, purchase an incandescent bulb of sixty watts.

The aquarium must be constantly cleaned, because the animals are emptied right there, and this is an excellent breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria.

If you want to create not only favorable living conditions for the turtle, but also an aesthetically attractive corner, make sure that all the objects that later end up in the terrarium are safe for the health of the animal.

Plants should be non-poisonous, as turtles love to taste everything. For the same reason, plastic elements in the decor are strictly prohibited.

If you want to add some stones, make sure that they are not sharp. Do not use small gravel, the turtle will start to “eat” it, which will cause intestinal problems up to obstruction.

Only stones larger than the pet’s head size will not be able to swallow them.

The walls of the aquarium can be beautifully decorated with colored materials. Apply paper of different colors and patterns. The bark of the tree favorably shade the inner part of the reservoir.

Sometimes mats come into play. All this is attached with glue or with screws.

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