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How to determine the volume of the aquarium

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The guidelines for breeding aquarium fish usually indicate how many liters of water are needed per pair. There are species of fish that will never grow to their normal size in a small vessel.

For some guests, a too-tight “home” can be disastrous. Therefore, the volume of the aquarium must be calculated in advance.

You need to know it in the event that the fish are sick. Doses of drugs are also calculated on the volume.

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  • – ruler, tape measure or measure tape;
  • – measuring vessel;
  • – calculator.

1. Decide which volume you need – geometric or actual. The first is calculated in the same way as the volume of a geometric body of the corresponding form.

Measure the length, width and height of the aquarium and multiply them. For measurements it is most convenient to use a tape measure or a measuring tape. This method has several drawbacks.

Thus it is convenient to calculate the parameters of a rectangular or square vessel. But modern aquariums have the most bizarre form, and this method is not always suitable.

In addition, water to the brim in the aquarium is never poured. And there are stones and shelters for some fish, and they also take volume.

2. Get measured dishes. You will need it in the future. This can be a vessel with tick marks or even an ordinary bucket or can, the volume of which you know.

Measuring vessel allows you to determine the volume more accurately. Before settling the fish, you will still fill the aquarium with water. In many cases, this needs to be done several times.

For example, when testing a homemade aquarium for tightness. But it is more convenient to calculate the volume immediately before settling the fish, when you have already processed the soil, stones and decorative elements.

3. Place the soil, shelter and bulk jewelry. You can put on one of the walls mark, to which you will pour water. Type water into the measuring dish and gently pour it into the aquarium.

Fill your reservoir to the desired level, not forgetting to count how many times you have emptied the measuring vessel. Multiply its volume by the number of times.

The advantage of this method is that it allows you to accurately calculate the volume of water in a vessel of any shape.

Usually the volume of the aquarium is determined in liters, so it may be necessary to convert the units of measurement, if suddenly there are other data on the measuring dish. In the international system, these are cubic meters or cubic centimeters. Use the table of units of measurement of physical quantities.

Pints ​​or cubic inches can stand on English or American dishes. Such measuring vessels are not found every day, but sometimes they come across. The very method of calculating the volume of this does not change.

Calculate the number of units and translate it into the international system using a table and a calculator.

If the aquarium is very large, take a bucket as a measuring dish. You can pre-determine its exact volume using the same measuring utensils. Mark the height you poured

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An aquarium in a house is not only very beautiful. It has been proven that observing the underwater life calms the nerves, improves mood and puts thoughts in order.

But in order that the underwater life not only looks harmonious, but also does not cause inconvenience to underwater inhabitants, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for them, namely, to choose the right size. aquarium.

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  • calculator or the ability to count in the mind, aquarium scenery and soil, fish

1. First, think carefully about which fish you plan to place in the aquarium. It should not be very closely, otherwise internal wars are inevitable and, as a result, the death of tenants. And this is not what you want to put the aquarium.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how much internal space this or that individual requires. As a rule, a peaceful small fish of medium size (5-8 cm) requires 10-15 liters. Accordingly, the larger the fish and the more aggressive it is, the more space it needs to get along peacefully with its neighbors.

2. Decide which interior decorations you want to place, which plants in which soil you plant.
We must not forget that the scenery, plants and soil occupy a certain amount of internal space of the aquarium. The thickness of the soil layer depends on the size of its particles and ranges from 3 to 8 centimeters.

That is, the larger the particles, the thicker the soil should be in the aquarium. The background can also be voluminous (although more often it is not), so do not forget to take this into account.

3. Taking into account all the selected positions, calculate the volume of aquarium you need. As a rule, the volume is already indicated in the stores, and with the purchase you will know for sure whether this or that aquarium will suit you. But if you do not know exactly the volume of this particular aquarium, it can be calculated by the formula.

To do this, multiply the length, depth and height of the aquarium in centimeters. We get the volume in centimeters cubic.

This value must be multiplied by 0.001 to get liters. By choosing the right aquarium, you can create a beautiful corner in your own home and ensure a joyful happy life for its inhabitants.

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