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How to decorate an aquarium with your own hands

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After buying an aquarium, the first question is how to decorate the aquarium. To create a stunning design you need imagination, careful planning, diligence and, of course, the desire to create a miracle.

I will give examples of the design of aquariums, talk about styles, materials and give useful tips that can help you in the future. I wish your beautifully decorated aquarium became the center of attention!

Earlier, in the period of the beginning of aquarism, there was no suitable equipment and specific information about the design of the aquarium. Most kept their fish in ordinary jars, not even dreaming of more.

But time passed and everything changed. The world of modern technology has brought automation and new trends in fashion. There was a whole direction in the design of aquariums, called aquascape.

Now in the tank you can recreate any natural environment, landscape, even be fantastic. It all depends on the idea and the right material.

Pet shops dazzle with an abundance and a variety of artificial plants for an aquarium. Here you can buy everything. By biological properties, artificial plants, of course, are inferior to natural ones.

But with the help of them, a beginner can quite quickly and originally decorate an aquarium. In addition, artificial plants have many advantages:

  • quickly and easily cleaned from algae;
  • will never be eaten by denizens;
  • always look new;
  • tolerant to the composition of water.

You can combine artificial and natural plants. So you will visually expand, enrich the landscape, make it brighter in perception, and at the same time you will maintain biological balance in the aquarium.

To the decorative design of the background proceed first. This is usually the back wall. Two side walls can also be decorated.

It all depends on the wishes and initial ideas.

To create the background, you can use sheet backgrounds printed on a strong film. Photowall-paper of different themes, colors, shades are sold by the meter of different widths.

It is better to take with a margin of several centimeters.

Fasten, as a rule, from the outside. If a thin base, you can simply moisten with water and carefully level.

If you plan to frequently change the background, it is better to use scotch. If desired, the wallpaper for the aquarium can be glued on the inside with a special sealant designed for this.

But here there are certain inconveniences – the film, no matter how you stick it tightly, will be peeled off in water.

It is possible to add volume to the back wall using the embossed background. Recently, he has gained great popularity. The price for it is quite high, but still it is in considerable demand among aquarists.

Mounted inside the aquarium with silicone glue.

As a background, you can lay stones or put cork tiles.

The easiest way is to paint. And you can any.

As you paint the outside of the aquarium, it will in no way affect the quality of the water and the health of the fish. But this method has its drawback.

If you decide to remake something in the background design, then after painting it will be more difficult.

What else you need to know about the aquarium:

Scenery in the aquarium do it yourself: underwater waterfall

A beautiful and fascinating sight will be the highlight of any aquarium. Before decorating, it is better to immediately write down all your wishes on a sheet of paper, draw a detailed drawing, decide how high and where the underwater waterfall will be.

The role of falling water, we will perform the sand. Only a very small and clean suitable for a good visual effect.

Here you will need to experiment with the selection. Still need a tube with a spray.

Waterfall will work on the principle of injection. Air bubbles rise.

From the pressure, small grains of sand are drawn into the tube and, rising up, fall. In order not to form a hill of loose sand, you need to experimentally select the amount of material, air pressure and the diameter of the holes of the underwater waterfall.

River and seashells, of course, look natural and beautiful. But before you put them in the aquarium, they need to be processed. Small shells are thoroughly washed with water, and large shells boil for at least 30 minutes.

No need to put in the aquarium shell, treated with varnish or other protective material. To avoid injury to fish, it is better not to choose specimens with sharp edges.

Remember that shells and corals increase the hardness of the water.

Aquarium: do-it-yourself design. Styles and design options aquarium

Nowadays, a beautiful and fashionable design of an aquarium for a person engaged in keeping and breeding fish is not just entertainment, but a matter of prestige and simply aesthetic pleasure from contemplating the results of his labors.

Psychologists say that an aquarium with fish in an apartment can calm nerves and normalize a person’s mental state. To do this, simply organize a recreation area with an aquarium and watch the fish for at least 30-60 minutes. in a day.

The most fascinating and laborious task for all of us in the process of installing and filling the aquarium tank is its correct and beautiful design in the same style with the design of the room.

To date, there are a huge number of accessories that can be placed in the aquarium. Making your own hands will allow you to recreate as precisely as possible the exact setting that you want to see there.

Just do not forget that the main inhabitants of the aquarium are fish. And they need the maximum amount of free space in order to be able to swim freely.

The main components that allow for the design of the aquarium (200 liters and all others) are:

  • stones;
  • natural and artificial algae;
  • pebbles;
  • various wooden elements;
  • artificial decorative elements such as locks, chests, etc.

How is the design of the aquarium stones and grottoes? These parts selected for decoration should be made only from natural, natural materials.

They should not contain harmful or poisonous impurities that, if released into the water, can lead to the death of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

In the case of self-collecting elements of the decor in the aquarium, the decoration with your own hands is made only after pre-processing of all previously collected material in order to disinfect and check for the absence of all elements harmful to health of the reservoir.

Aquarium decoration with the right background

Registration of an aquarium by different types of plants: live or artificial

In order for the aquarium not to look like a banal tank with water in which the fish is swimming, it should be “revived” using these or other means. And to get from this also creative satisfaction, make the decoration of the aquarium with your own hands. You are confused by the question of how and how you can decorate the interior of the underwater house?

There is nothing problematic, there is a huge variety of design ideas for the aquarium.

Some options for beautiful design of the inner world of aquariums are proposed in this article.

First of all, it should be noted that in many respects the decoration of the aquarium will depend on its shape, volume, type of inhabitants and, of course, on your individual preferences and tastes. The most traditional and favorite method of decorating aquariums is placing plants in it. But do not be too zealous, do not put in the aquarium, especially small, all known or liked plants.

For example, an aquarium in the form of a glass, decorated with one, but quite lush plant, will look very impressive. It only emphasizes the elegance and grace of the inhabitant of such an aquarium.

The same principle of minimalism is used in the design of round aquariums. Aquariums of specific forms include angular aquariums, the design of which should take into account their peculiarity – due to the fact that the front glass in them (aquariums) is curved, the visual effect of increasing the size of internal objects and the additional depth of the internal space is created.

Another method of decorating aquariums, no less beloved by aquarists, is the use of snags of the most bizarre forms. Although the content of certain species of fish (for example, cichlids), their presence in the “pond” is even mandatory. In this design, you should also follow the rule “better is less, yes better,” do not be zealous.

The only thing you can focus on is that when you design, for example, a high enough aquarium, the snags can be proportionally high.

And snags, and plants – these are all elements of the design of the bottom of the aquarium. For the same purposes, sand (large river), all kinds of stones and pebbles, artificial grottoes and castles, figurines, and shells are used.

An excellent decoration of any interior will be the so-called thematic aquariums – designed in one particular, specific style, for example, Dutch. Such aquariums are not designed for fish, they grow plants.

And not the last role in the design of “Dutch” aquariums assigned mosses. Especially beautiful and spectacular marine aquariums – in their design are used not only plants and fish (sometimes the most exotic colors), but also other inhabitants of the seas – stars, shrimps, hedgehogs, crayfish, corals.

Some aquarists, to further emphasize the decorativeness of the “home pond”, resort to such a design technique as decorating the back wall of an aquarium. This type of design must necessarily correspond to the general style of the aquarium.

Aquarium and its inhabitants

And, of course, the design of an aquarium depends on its inhabitants, because they contain not only fish, but also, for example, reptiles, in particular, the red-eared tortoise. The peculiarity of the design of an aquarium for the maintenance of the red-eared turtle is that the aquatic environment and a piece of land are necessarily settled.

Create a small island or rock – these turtles love to soak up on land in the sunshine (ultraviolet lamp).

Today it is easy to embody the design decisions of the internal and external design of turnkey aquariums. Modern studios offer the most unusual variations in the artistic design of hidden depths.

However, if you wish, you can create your own design project, making a truly unique aquarium. The design, realized with your own hands, will allow to realize any idea, making the created underwater world a basic element of the interior of the room.

Thanks to the unusual beauty, modern aquariums can become a real gem of any interior. The variety of styles and forms is simply amazing.

Aquariums can be suspended, floor, built-in. Aquariums-dioramas create a stunning effect in the room, their form seems to contribute to immersion in the exciting water world.

The handwritten version improves well-being and improves mood. Today, even a dry aquarium is not uncommon.

The design, realized with your own hands, allows you to give yourself an unusual creative concept of the sea landscape. Many solutions can be created due to the incredible flight of creativity.

It is definitely simple and incredibly interesting!

The scenery for the subject environment of the underwater world serves as a safe decoration for the aquarium. But the main component of the internal design is its thriving biosystem.

According to their purpose, aquariums are divided into decorative and special (spawning, selection, nursery, quarantine and others). The most popular of them are species and biotope.

Species aquarium will not only decorate the interior of the house, but also give a unique opportunity to observe a certain type of fish or their closely related species. Its inhabitants have a significant impact on the design of the aquarium.

It’s not difficult at all to do it yourself, but before embodying the idea, you should seriously familiarize yourself with the habits of selected fish in their natural habitat.

Biotope aquariums reproduce the imitation of a natural biotope with a characteristic type of fish, plants, and certain parameters of their habitat.

For novice naturalists, the best option for decorating an aquarium will be the collector style. This is an ideal option that allows you to “get a hand”. Everything is allowed here.

You can mix plants, use their artificial imitations, choose any aquarium. Design, embodied in your own hands, allows you to create interesting compositions from plants of different textures and decorative elements.

It is possible to experiment with different storylines. The choice of plants should depend on the subject.

For a start, the preference is recommended to give unpretentious and hardy plants.

Many people today are keen on breeding marine fish. Preparing a biological environment for them is more difficult, especially with the use of living corals that are quite demanding on water parameters.

But experienced naturalists are quite able to create such an aquarium design with their own hands. 200 liters is the optimal average volume for enjoying the contemplation of the underwater sea.

It should not be overpopulated with living beings, since a limited life support system operates in such a reservoir.

Design a marine aquarium is necessary taking into account its type, which not least depends on the inhabitants. These can be predators (sharks, rays, moray eels), non-predatory fish (zebrasomes, angelfish and other species) or corals and invertebrate sea anemones.

Predatory fish are considered the most unpretentious; invertebrates are more difficult to care for and may die from minor deviations in chemical indicators of water.

For the livelihood of such aquariums is to purchase expensive equipment. It will need to be decoded, it is worth considering when developing the design of the aquarium with your own hands.

The photo shows how you can successfully hide all the wires, hoses and tubes, making out the background with picturesque coral reefs, rocks and shelters for fish in the form of mysterious grottoes and caves.

A beautiful background for the design of the back wall of the aquarium is easily created with the help of special films on which images of the underwater world are applied. They can have just a rich blue color, creating the effect of depth and contrast.

But it is much more interesting to include the background, the size and volume of the tank, the decorations used and incorporate everything into your own designed aquarium: 250 liters; by the way.

It is worth noting that the background of the aquarium often gives the whole composition (especially volumetric) a unique charm and naturalness of the aquatic environment. It is easy to create it with your own hands, using, for example, polystyrene foam broken by different pieces, which is glued to the back wall of the aquarium and painted with special paint with intermittent strokes. It turns out an excellent imitation of stone background.

It can be made in a similar way, using pieces of bark from kryag.

The composition can be created from dead coral, stones from the sea reef. Small invertebrates, polyps and other inhabitants will find shelter in the marine aquarium.

The design of the aquarium, designed and executed by hand, allows for a considerable number of excellent ideas for plot aquariums using exotic plants, shells and sea stones. An incredible number of them can be realized by creating their own “rock gardens”.

And then with pleasure to watch the flickering on their background of bright fish with an unusual color.

The main thing – do not overdo it with decorative elements, plants and inhabitants of the aquarium. Everything should be harmoniously combined, to give pleasure to its creator and not to harm the fish.

Without decorations the aquarium looks empty, devoid of attractiveness. Of particular interest such aqua design (or rather its absence) does not cause.

It is desirable that the design elements carry not only an aesthetic load, but also be functional. One of these elements can be a grotto made by own hands.

The simplest option is to create a small grotto with the help of small pebbles, and flat river pebbles are suitable for this.

You can make a frameless shallow grotto, consistently sticking stones to each other so that gradually, row by row, bring a small hemisphere with an open entrance. And let the shape of the fish shelter be wrong, it will even emphasize its naturalness.

There are several conditions:

  • stones should not have sharp edges
  • the construction of the structure should be carried out directly in the aquarium, before filling it with water.

The result is a natural, functional and fish-safe detail of the overall decor, the only drawback of which is the need to glue the very first row of stones directly to the bottom glass of the aquarium.

There is another way – very time consuming. A stone of the appropriate size is selected, in which gradually, using drills of various diameters, a cave is drilled for fish.

The work is dusty, noisy and difficult, but such a cave has its advantages.

  • First, there is no need to use glue and paint.
  • Secondly, such a solid “cave” can be installed anywhere.

Do not, however, put the cobblestone on the glass; it is better to gently put it on the ground for even distribution of the load.

The simplest option is a stump, in which holes are drilled to such an extent and location as necessary according to one’s own design. Naturally, a stump or stump is selected with no signs of rotting or decomposition, it is cleared of bark.

Holes and all other necessary places are polished to prevent fish from getting hurt. To prevent rotting in aquarium water, the wood should be burned with a blowtorch or a gas burner.

Read more about how to handle wood in this article.

For such a natural grotto, a base is necessary, which is dusted with soil in the aquarium. You can, by the way, stick the piece of wood directly to the bottom of the “can.”

As a result of the work done, a grotto combined with a bark is obtained, and such a natural element of the landscape looks quite organic.

Each of us sculpted from clay in childhood. Now you can make the grotto yourself, but only instead of clay you need to use red clay.

From it you can make a grotto of the form that your imagination suggests.

True, the modeling itself is a small part of the work. First, the billet is dried for 3–5 days in the sun.

In the conditions of a city apartment, home craftsmen dry up clay products much faster – in a microwave oven. What is it for?

The main thing is that all the water comes out of the clay, otherwise the product will quickly break.

Then firing is required. If a production workshop with a muffle furnace can be found nearby, the problem is solved.

If there is no such furnace, then firing can be performed in a conventional oven heated to 220 degrees. AT

Roasting time – 1 hour, it is recommended to keep the oven door ajar. There is such a feature: if after an hour the oven is immediately turned off, it will quickly cool and the clay will become brittle. That is why the firing temperature should be reduced smoothly, gradually, over a period of 15–20 minutes.

After cooling, the homemade grotto is ready for use as intended.

Considered by no means all options of grottoes that can be made by hand. In fact, the ingenuity of home craftsmen has no limits, but the main condition – environmental safety – always remains the same!

Video: how to make a grotto for an aquarium with your own hands:

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