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How to clean the filter in the aquarium

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The filter in the aquarium is the most important part of the equipment, the life support system for your fish, which removes toxic waste, chemistry, and if it works correctly, it saturates the water in the aquarium with oxygen.

For the filter to work properly, it is necessary that useful bacteria be divorced inside it, and improper care kills them, as a result creating problems with balance.
Unfortunately, most of the filters lack simple and clear instructions for the user to understand.

All filters are different, small ones need to be washed weekly, and large ones can work without problems even for two months. The only correct way is to observe how quickly your filter becomes clogged with dirt.

In general, for the internal filter, the frequency is approximately once every two weeks, and for the external one from two weeks for very polluted aquariums, up to two months for cleaner ones.
Keep an eye on the flow of water from the filter, if it is weakened it is a signal that it is time to wash it.

Just wash the filter may not be the most successful idea, since you can destroy a colony of good bacteria in it. Therefore, it is important not to wash the filter when you make any global changes in the aquarium — a big water change, change the type of feed or frequency of feeding the fish, or launch a new fish.

At such times it is very important that the balance is stable, and the filter is a large part of the stable balance in the aquarium.

All aquarium filters contain impeller. The impeller is a cylindrical magnet with an impeller, which serves to create a flow of water, and is mounted on a metal or ceramic pin.

After a time, algae, bacteria and other debris accumulate on the impeller and make it difficult to work.

It is very easy to clean the impeller – remove it from the pin, rinse it with water pressure, and wipe the pin itself with a rag. The most common mistake is when people just forget about it.

And pollution significantly reduces the impeller’s lifespan and the most common cause of filter breaks is impeller contamination.

Develop your own filter maintenance schedule in the aquarium, record when you last did it, and regularly check the levels of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate in your water.
Source: http://tenrows.com/canister-filter-review/

How to wash the filter in the aquarium :: industrial aquariums :: Equipment and accessories

Construction and type filter determine the effectiveness of water treatment in aquarium. In fact, the filter is a reservoir for special materials that eliminate the impurities passing through the water.

To filterThese materials ensured the cleanliness of the habitat of your pets – fish, snails, frogs, tritons and turtles; you should strictly observe the regime of cleaning and, if necessary, replacing the filler.

  • – water;
  • – brush;
  • – activated carbon for aquarium filters;
  • – bio fill for aquarium filters;
  • – sponge / foam for aquarium filters.

1. The filter element of the stac-type device (as well as the filler of the mechanical cleaning compartment in a biological filter) is an ordinary piece of a sponge, foam rubber or other porous material corresponding in shape and volume to the filtering container. Its main feature is complete inertness to water. The larger the pores in the sponge, the more dirt it can absorb and the less need to wash it.

Clean the filter regularly, it is convenient to do it during the traditional care of the aquarium – replacing water, wiping the walls, shaking up the soil. The frequency of cleaning is chosen individually, it depends on the volume of the aquarium, on the number and types of its inhabitants, on the feeding regime and the quality of food.

2. Disassemble the mechanical filter above the sink, remove the sponge and rinse all the parts and filter material in running warm water, clean the filler with light squeezing movements. Some use for washing the water from the aquarium. Blow nozzles filter, Clean the holes on the plastic parts with a toothbrush.

Rinse again. The device can be assembled.

3. The basis of biological filter, besides mechanical filterbiological base, namely microorganisms, which are also involved in water purification. The structure of bio-fillers is a rough, porous material with a hard surface such as pumice, expanded clay, etc., which provides the bacteria with a substrate for vital activity. Washing of such a device is practically no different from the care of a mechanical filter.

The only feature is that the bio filler is preferably not hard to rub: it is not as durable as sponges. Unfortunately, over time, it will be harder and harder to clean the smallest pores of ceramics clogged with silt, and even the rough surface will be polished with water, which requires regular replacement of the filtering material.

Specific replacement periods are indicated on the bio-filler package or in the passport. filter.

4. The activated carbon filter is also quite effective. Its granules are permeated over the entire surface with numerous pores. But the disadvantage is that the pores of activated carbon are not subject to full ventilation with water and are gradually clogged with a suspension.

You can wash the coal, but here you can hardly clean the small pores. The principle of care of the body of such filter It’s the same as mechanical, and coal, due to the gradually decreasing filtering properties, just needs to be replaced with a new one every 1-2 months.

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