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How to choose the best lamp for the aquarium

The formation in the aquarium environment, close to the natural, requires compliance with certain conditions. These include maintaining the temperature of the water and saturating it with oxygen.

It is also important to create the necessary lighting. This will help modern lamps for the aquarium.

Aquarium lamps perform the lighting function and have a positive effect on the development of plants and the life of the aquatic fauna.

In the home aquarium is very important to create the necessary lighting. For this purpose, special aquarium lamps are used.

The main parameters when choosing which of the aquarium lamps to give preference – power and color spectrum. Depending on the filling of the aquarium is determined by the power of the device.

If it is planned mainly for the content of fish, it takes from 0.5 W to one liter of water. The color is best green, it favorably emphasizes the color of the fish.

For aquatic flora requires aquarium lamps (for plants) with a capacity of more than 1 W, with a high intensity of light flux. Mostly for plants used blue-red palette. It is recommended to combine these two colors.

They are necessary for photosynthesis. Devices with “warm” colors are set in front of the aquarium, with “cold” ones in the background.

However, this is not enough to understand how to choose a lamp for the aquarium: it is necessary to navigate the principles of operation of devices.

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The most commonly used fluorescent (fluorescent) lamps for aquariums. They are durable and economical.

These gas-discharge lamps give a lot of light, while almost no heat.

Due to the effects of an electric discharge on the gas inside the glass bulb, ultraviolet radiation occurs. The special substance phosphor turns it into rays of light.

Fluorescent lamps are able to perfectly illuminate aquariums.

However, these lamps have disadvantages:

  1. It is possible to start them only with the help of a choke.
  2. Lack of color spectrum required for plants and fish.

The fitolamps will help to solve the problem with color, but at a cost they are not available to everyone.

Using LED devices maintain a constant water temperature.

Another best option for lighting – LED bulbs. They emit light close to the natural.

Using LED-devices maintain a constant water temperature. They have a longer service life compared to others.

There are other types:

  1. Incandescent lamps. The work mechanism consists in heating a metal spiral placed in a glass flask with a vacuum. Lighting with such devices is very close to natural light. Nowadays they are not in demand because of high heat transfer and short service life.
  2. Halogen – A type of incandescent device filled with iodine or bromine vapor. Due to the buffer gas, the lifetime is increased.
  3. Metal halide – This is a subspecies of gas-discharge devices. They added metal halides to expand the color spectrum. They have some advantages over other lamps: low cost, long service life, rich colors. A powerful stream of light penetrates into the depths of the aquarium.

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It is recommended to use the combined lighting fluorescent and metal halide lamps. It is necessary to turn on the last for several hours, the rest of the time fluorescent ones work. At night, the lighting is completely off.

Thus, the daylight mode is recreated. Its duration should not exceed ten hours.

Lighting is measured not only in watts. There is also a light spectrum – the range of human perception of colors.

There are several types of aquarium lighting. The Aqua-Glo mark means chlorophyll absorption spectrum (pink-violet light).

This light well emphasizes the colors of aquarium inhabitants from yellow to blue.

The Aqua-Glo mark on the lamp means chlorophyll absorption spectrum (pink-purple light)

Sun-Glo is similar to a daylight device, white, but brighter.

Power-Glo includes shades of blue. Used in artificially created reservoirs that do not contain flora.

A lamp with this marking is used in conjunction with Aqua- or Flora-Glo in the presence of plants.

Sylvania GRO-LUX. It occupies a leading position among the lighting devices for reservoirs with plants.

May be used indoors with no daylight. These lamps have a beneficial effect on the development of plants, enhance the processes of photobiology, and emphasize all the beauty of the plant and animal world in an aquarium.

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Osram T8 Fluora – best for large aquariums. Osram T8 Fluora has an optimal light spectrum.

Due to this quality, the growth of flora is activated and the brightness of the color of representatives of the fauna is underlined.

You can use these devices in areas that require additional lighting.

Marine lighting fixtures include devices with a capacity of more than 150 watts. They are designed for aquariums with great depth, the radiation from them penetrates to the very bottom.

Some models are equipped with a dimmed light function for use at night. Certain individuals need it for natural existence.

The best light emission is typical of JBL Solar ultra marin day. The device of this brand is the most suitable option for a marine aquarium. The light spectrum is white.

The most beneficial effect on corals. The device perfectly conveys color and has good light output.

Thanks to these qualities an optimal environment is created for the life of marine animals in the aquarium.

The cheapest option is the T5 Hailea Exstra Reef. Fluorescent lamp for aquarium with a predominance of blue and blue shades. It helps to imitate the present coral reef, located at great depths.

Lighting lamps of this type is useful for each individual marine aquarium. It stimulates the development of corals and algae.

The lamp gives brightness to blue and red tones.

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The JBL Solar ultra Natur LT 39WT5-HQ 9000K provides the brightest illumination. Lamps are designed for tropical aquariums. These include marine and freshwater.

Possessing excellent color reproduction, these devices emphasize the saturation of the color gamut. Light spectrum – from blue to red.

Light source ideal for use in freshwater tanks Hagen sun glo. It has a gentle light, similar to daylight.

Most of the representatives of the flora and fauna of the freshwater aquarium will suit this model perfectly. More capricious fish and plants require additional lighting.

The Hagen Sun Glo device has a gentle light, similar to daylight.

The most suitable lamp for aquatic inhabitants is the one that is intended to give brightness to the inhabitants of aquariums. Due to the balanced light spectrum, these devices, as a rule, also have a beneficial effect on the growth of aquatic flora.

Brand is recognized as the leader in this field. Dennerle. Lighting device Dennerle Color Plus T five gives richness to the color of fish, especially blue, orange and red.

The lamp is equipped with a protective film that blocks unwanted ultraviolet radiation.

For aquariums with plants in a dark room, optimal use of the brand lamp Sylvania GRO-LUX.

If the aquarium is large, it is better to place a lamp in it with a lamp of marks Osram T8 Fluora or Hagen Flora Glo.

In the aquarium simulating the sea, it is recommended to install a lamp JBL Solar.

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