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How to choose plants for the aquarium

Fans of indoor plants, in which the entire window sill is filled with lush vegetation, are very enthusiastic about choosing aquarium plants. At the same time, they assume that their experience in breeding domestic plants will help them to choose the right greens for the aquarium, but in reality everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Among the aquarium plants sometimes there are such specimens that are much more capricious than the fish themselves. Therefore, the choice of aquarium vegetation should be taken seriously.

Novice aquarists should give preference to unpretentious and hardy plants, for example, rotall, dwarf anubias, lyudvigii, wallisneria, Javanese moss and various echinodorus.

In some cases, artificial aquarium plants – ideal. If it is assumed that African cichlids, leporins or catfish that feed on greenery will live in the aquarium, artificial plants are the best choice.

Artificial vegetation has its undeniable advantages:

  • no need to feed;
  • always bright and juicy color;
  • no need for light;
  • plants do not grow;
  • 100% survival rate;
  • a huge selection of exotic plants.

At the same time, plastic vegetation does not bring any benefit to aquarium fish and can never become alive.

A reasonable balance between inanimate and living plants will not only create a unique decoration of the aquarium, but also benefit the underwater inhabitants.

Vallisneria is well suited for draping the back wall of an aquarium. She is considered the most enduring aquarium grass. In addition, it easily takes root, multiplies quickly and shows good growth rates.

In a short time the entire aquarium will be filled with layering of vallyseria. To care for this plant is quite simple: you only need to periodically thin out its rows.

Different types of Vallisneria get along well with each other, so it will be possible to plant them side by side.

In the middle part of the aquarium, you can plant a creeping Ludwigia, Bacopa or Rotall. It would be nice to place a snag covered with Javanese moss among them.

In the foreground can accommodate dwarf anubias or echinodorus. The first is a plant that resembles a liana with its large leaves.

The second will delight the novice aquarist not only with its greenery, but also with flowering. White tender flowers will bloom on the water surface or in the dark depths of the aquarium.

Green aquariums need care, just like any other. If plants grow poorly, it means there is little carbon dioxide in the water or they lack nutrients.

To solve this problem, it’s enough to apply to any pet store where you can buy fertilizers for plants.

The correct lighting of the aquarium is crucial. If it is missing or insufficient, then instead of consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, the plants will use oxygen, which is so necessary for fish.

It is best to place the aquarium at the window so that in the morning and in the evening the rays of the sun fall on it. In winter and autumn, the plants in the aquarium need additional lighting, which includes 3-5 hours. The lamp should be positioned so that the light falls on the plants from above.

In that case, if the green began to turn pale lighting increase.

Often, the concentration of iron in aquarium water exceeds the allowable value because of what the vegetation becomes ill. An unsuitable company can lead to the same result.

The desire to plant in one aquarium plants of different species can lead to the fact that they will oppress each other. Therefore, it is best to limit your choice and focus on several types.

The water temperature of 24-26 degrees is considered optimal: it is ideal for both heat-loving fish and for the well-being of vegetation.

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