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How to choose an aquarium – a couple more tips for beginners

Hello everyone!) Finally, I have time to lay out the second part of the article “How to choose an aquarium.” I would have done it the day before yesterday, but since I had a birthday, I started spinning and there was no time left.

And yesterday a friend arrived and we drank a little beer with him for my health 🙂 Who did not read the first part of the article about the choice of an aquarium, read, perhaps you will learn something new. And now let’s continue 🙂

If you have installed the wrong aquarium, then later it can give a leak, or just burst. In order to humanly install the aqua and then there would be no problems, the surface on which the bank is placed must be reliable and flat.

For these purposes, serves aquarium cabinet, which performs several important functions: it contains all the necessary equipment for the care of the aquarium, the cabinet serves as an excellent addition to the interior of the room, and, most importantly, the cabinet is a support for the aquarium.

Since the weight of the jar with water and decorations will be substantial, you must select the appropriate cabinet for it. As an example, I will cite the following figures: an aqua liter of 200 or so with water, soil and stones will weigh about three hundred kilograms. Proceeding from this, think about the strength that a pedestal should have so that it can withstand such a weight and does not sink somewhere in the center.

In the shops, you can choose together with the aquarium and a cabinet for it. Basically it all comes in the kit. But there is an option as follows: order an aquarium and a cabinet for craftsmen or shops specializing exclusively in these types of activities. But before ordering the cabinet, the craftsmen need to be warned about how much weight will stand on the surface of the stand.

You can also make a cabinet with your own hands, but again, if you do not have the necessary material or you do not have certain skills in the manufacture of furniture, and even more so by such responsible furniture, it is better not to take it.

When installing an aquarium, sometimes a thick sheet of plywood is placed under the cabinet to evenly distribute the load on the floor. This option is also suitable if you have uneven floors in the room.

If the surface of the pedestal has irregularities, they are eliminated by placing an elastic pad 10 millimeters thick under the bottom of the aquarium. In my case, I put a plate of two centimeter foam under the jar.

Even for these purposes it is perfect not tear packaging foam rubber. When you install an aquarium, make sure that the area of ​​the lining under the aqua is the same as the area of ​​the bottom of the aquarium.

Otherwise, if you miss such a moment, then voltage will begin to concentrate in any wall, and this is not good. If part of the bottom of the aquarium stands for the lining, then this is an unacceptable point.

If your underwater garden is long, the pedestal inside should have vertical partitions so that when you install the aquarium and then start it, the top plate will not bend under the weight of all this mass. When installing the pedestal for the future place under the water, be sure to control the accuracy of the installation.

The level must be maintained in two perpendicular planes. If, however, there is a bias, when you pour water, it will immediately be evident, and in the appendage there will be more pressure on one of the walls, and you will only have to pray for the normal quality of the seams in the aquarium.

Also the cabinet under the aquarium should not be low. The optimum height is no more than a meter, so that when an aquarium is installed on it, it is at eye level of a seated person.

Too high pedestal height is also not suitable, since it will be difficult for you to take care of a can and during cleaning you will dive into an aquarium with a stool to get this or that plant from the back wall to shorten it or attach it.

An aquarist can use a cover glass in his aquarium, or he may not, this is a purely individual case. The lamp with the top panel and the cover glass is directly related to the aquarium cover.

I recommend that you use a cover glass, because in this case the evaporation of the aquarium water will be minimal, dust will not get into the aquarium and at night you will not jump to the floor, as is often the case.

The advantages of using a cover glass include the absence of condensation on the lamps and the absence of salt deposits on the lamps, which are very and very problematic. Disadvantages may be the following: the radiation spectrum from the lamps of the lamp varies slightly, you will not be able to maintain the aquarium without removing the cover. It is desirable that the cover glass consists of several parts and there is a slot for feeding the fish.

It will be very inconvenient to feed your pets if you have to take out a 1.5-meter cover glass from the aquarium each time.

Often, aquarium equipment and inventory place the cabinet. What exactly will be in it depends on the volume of banks and the local population. What is useful to you from aquarium equipment?

For a start, the heater, which are of two types: with built-in thermostat and without it. It is advisable to get yourself a heater with a thermostat that will automatically turn on or off at a given temperature of aquarium water.

As a rule, heaters are attached to the rear wall in the corner and covered with a long-stem plant.

In addition to the heater, you will also need a compressor that will saturate the aquarium water with oxygen. Basically, for compressors they take a tubular spray and place it under the aquarium soil below its surface for a couple of centimeters along the entire back wall of the water.

This way you can kill two birds with one stone: create additional decoration for the aquarium and the aquarium water will be enriched with oxygen.

As you know, aquarium water must be constantly filtered. Aquarist is now a choice of two types of filters: internal and external.

As a rule, external filters are used for aquariums with a large volume, they are more expensive, and, naturally, the quality of cleaning they have exceeds their internal relatives. I will not dwell heavily on filters, since this is a topic for a separate article.

When growing aquarium plants, light plays a key role, unless of course you use plastic plants in an aquarium. When you buy a new jar, the light in the luminaire that comes with it is not enough for plants, but enough for aquarium fish. It is desirable that the cover had a place in which you can later add a couple of lamps.

A superfluous attribute in the lid will be a reflector, which will increase the efficiency of lighting several times.

As a rule, fluorescent lamps are used as the light source. If you want the aquarium to have live plants, not plastic, then the lighting should provide the following proportion: 0.5-1 W per liter of aquarium volume.

And even better if you can buy specialized lamps that have a special emission spectrum, ranging from warm yellow to purple and blue. About the quality of lighting, we will talk in more detail later in another article.

And on this note, I finish the second part and wish you success in your endeavors.

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