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How to choose an aquarium

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Error 1. Wrong choice of aquarium for the intended purpose

Aquariums are divided into spawning, nursery, quarantine and decorative. Which aquarium to choose?

Small aquariums with low walls and a large bottom area are designed for breeding fish. These are spawning aquariums.

They create special conditions for breeding fish.

Spacious aquariums with low sides (up to 20 cm in height) are intended for rearing fry, and not for adult individuals. Such aquariums are called nursery.

Quarantine aquariums may vary in size, but their purpose – the isolation of sick fish.

The aquariums described above are mainly used by experienced aquarists and fish breeders; they are not used for home keeping of fish.

For breeding fish at home you should choose decorative aquariums. They can be frameless (that is one-piece, without joints and using a metal frame) and frame, of different size and shape.

Frame aquariums are usually rectangular in shape, with a metal frame. Frameless aquariums are usually round.

Error 2. Choosing an unsuitable size aquarium

How to choose the volume of the aquarium? Small is an aquarium up to 25 liters, large – more than 100 liters.

In choosing an aquarium, you need to focus on the type of fish that you plan to settle there. Some fish prefer to live in the middle water layer, some prefer to be closer to the bottom or even bury themselves in the sand.

Active fish, even small ones, should move a lot, so a large area is also important for them.

But for small fish a small aquarium can be a problem. The death of one fish in a large aquarium will not bring much harm to other inhabitants.

In a small aquarium, the death of even one fish can significantly affect the well-being of other fish.

Another drawback of a small aquarium is that it needs to be cleaned more often, because the water in it is more quickly polluted by fish waste. In general, care for a small aquarium is much more difficult than for a large one.

Before you choose a large or small aquarium, also remember that in a large aquarium the difference in conditions, in the temperature of the water and its contamination is smoothed out, while you will have to regularly monitor the parameters of parameters in a small aquarium.

Conclusion: for active and large fish only a large aquarium is suitable. For a small number of fish, calm in nature and sedentary, you can choose a small aquarium.

Error 3. Improper aquarium shape

No wonder in the popular cartoon “Tom and Jerry” in the small round aquarium there lived only one small and very calm fish The only possible composition of a natural material in such an aquarium is a shelter for one single fish.

The water in the round aquarium will need to be changed regularly, since the filter cannot be installed in it. Therefore, it is necessary to do without plants and soil.

The most important thing is that fish have a glazing eye in a round aquarium. Therefore, experts advise to put guppies in such an aquarium – they are quite calm.

Tips to keep in a round aquarium goldfish are not very appropriate, since these fish are very active and love to play with stones, they will be a little space round.

❶ How to choose fish :: aquarium fish itching :: Aquarium fish

A beautiful aquarium with unusual fish today can be found in many public places. The desire that such beauty was in your home is quite doable.

If you did not have a fish tank in your childhood, then before you buy it, you need to collect all the information of interest. Which aquarium to choose and whom to place in it.

Before you buy fish, you must decide on the amount that you are willing to spend. There is a large assortment of aquariums.

When choosing it, you need to know exactly where it will stand. Would he spoil the interior of the room?

If there are other animals in the house – cats, dogs, parrots, then be sure to purchase an aquarium with a lid, which already has lighting for the aquarium.
Modern aquariums are made of silicate and acrylic glass. Acrylic glass aquariums are less traumatic.

The thickness of the glass depends on the height of the aquarium and its value. Purchase an aquarium in pet stores, where you will be given a guarantee on the product.
There are ready-made aquariums with stands or stands, where you can remove all the additional accessories. Their advantage is that this ready-made design is specially created for this aquarium.

After all, a filled aquarium has a lot of weight, a simple table can not stand it.

Beginners in aquarium recommended to acquire unpretentious views. These are gambusia, swordtails, gourami, rerio, mokropod, guppy. These fish do not need a lot of oxygen.

They belong to warm-water species. Therefore, the temperature regime in the aquarium should range from 18 to 20 ° C.
For more fastidious species include: high-fallen mallinesia, cichlids. These fish should be abundant in water (approximately 2 liters for 2 fish), the more plants the better.

And do not forget about good aeration.
When buying pets, pay attention to their appearance. Deformed fins, inappropriate color, violation of the integrity of the integument indicate that the fish is unhealthy.

Be careful and then you will protect yourself from buying a sick individual.
Do not settle peaceful species of fish with predators, small individuals with large ones. Use food suitable for this type of fish.
For feeding fish, use special feeders, this will help to prevent contamination of the aquarium. If the water emits a putrid odor, dimmed or turned white – this is a sure sign that urgent general cleaning is needed.

To control the temperature regime, purchase a thermometer. Some fish do not like temperature drops, therefore, do not put them in water with a different temperature.

Adult fish are beautiful, they have already well-formed fins and tail, bright saturated color. But it is still better to buy young individuals, because there is no guarantee that a mature fish will delight you for a few more years; most likely, it has not so much left to live.

Before acquiring a tank for fish, it is necessary to carefully consider its design and shape so that it fits into the interior of the room as naturally as possible, does not interfere with its basic purpose and is located in a place convenient for viewing.

By design, aquariums are on a stand, on legs, suspended, angled, frame and frameless. In form, they are represented by more than a wide choice, the main of which are:

  • spherical (round);
  • cubic (square);
  • parallelepipedal (rectangular);
  • parallelepipedal with convex viewing glass (panoramic);
  • prismoidal (with a regular polygon of the bottom, as a rule, high, for a floor installation);
  • pyromidoidal (triangular, for closed-type aquariums).

The main parameters for choosing a tank for keeping fish in a novice aquarist are the following factors:

  • correct installation, which should allow various manipulations during operation (removal or installation of the cover and backlight, feeding fish, planting plants, cleaning the filter, bottom siphon, etc.);
  • the exclusion of direct sunlight on its surface;
  • the number and size of the aquarium population (the required volume of the aquarium depends on this. If there is no certainty for specific fish, then take at least 1 liter of water per 1 cm of adult fish, i.e. if you want to contain 10 fish 8 cm long, you need an aquarium more than 80 liters, it will avoid overcrowding and allow it to develop well and feel comfortable for its inhabitants).

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