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How to choose a suitable aquarium?

A huge range of products available to the buyer, can drive anyone into a dead end, especially if we are talking about the acquisition of things about which a person knows very little or nothing at all. After all, the choice is unusually wide, and the experience through which you can make a successful purchase on your own is completely absent. This also applies to the selection and purchase of an aquarium, which for beginners can turn into a real test.

But in order for the acquisition to be worthwhile, it is important to figure out what parameters the aquarium should meet in your particular case. For this it is necessary to take into account several important factors.

Not always the high price serves as a guarantee of good quality. That is why, making a purchase, take a good look at the product.

Pay special attention to the glue seams and glass thickness, it says a lot about the quality of the aquarium. Spacious aquariums for 100–200 liters are usually much more expensive than small ones and are often the best acquisition for an office or apartment. In such an aquarium it is easier to maintain cleanliness and create suitable conditions for the fish.

However, if the financial situation does not allow you to fork out for a purchase, then you can purchase a small tank of 10–20 liters.

A high quality cabinet with a beautiful finish, made of expensive wood, as well as an exquisite lamp are the perfect complement to a home aquarium, made by a foreign company, and look good in homes with an expensive, sophisticated interior. However, the purchase of such a kit can cost several times more than a regular domestic-made aquarium.

A product of this kind, released by German companies – Sera, Dennerle and Tetra and Italian – Ferplast and Juwel, is available on the market. With regard to aquariums manufactured in Poland or China, in this case, it is possible to note a very reasonable price, but the quality of such a product should be checked very carefully.

Also now are becoming popular with biodesign aquariums, prices for which correspond to their quality. Panoramic and angular tanks, which are distinguished by a more complex configuration, are, like imported ones, much more expensive than conventional rectangular aquariums of the same capacity, since more time and material has been spent on their production.

In a small apartment, you can hang a wall-mounted aquarium, which will not take up much space. Aquarium-screen or aquarium-picture is the best fit for this purpose.

The first one is more convenient to use and comfortable for fish, and the second one will decorate any wall like a beautiful picture. However, such models differ in relatively small thickness (up to about 15–20 cm), which makes planting, design and selection of suitable equipment that maintains biological balance in an aquarium difficult.

You should also take into account that not all types of fish and aquarium plants will feel comfortable in such a tank.

A small aquarium can be installed on a bedside table or desk. Large models require a stable stand.

Large aquariums with a capacity of 100 liters, as a rule, are sold complete with a pedestal. But no matter where the aquarium will stand, make sure that the stand is strong enough and not loose.

Rectangular tanks can be installed not only along the wall, but also perpendicularly, in the middle of the room. In this case, the home aquarium will serve as a partition dividing the room into two zones, for example, a working one and intended for rest.

With a free corner in the room, an ideal solution would be to purchase a corner aquarium, which, despite its small size, is quite roomy, which opens up possibilities for decorating original multi-faceted compositions.

When choosing a suitable aquarium model, it is important to consider not only your financial capabilities and the availability of sufficient space in the house, but also how much time and effort will be spent to maintain cleanliness and to ensure proper care for it. If choosing a shape and a suitable place for an aquarium, you can be guided by your personal taste, then when determining the size, you should carefully weigh everything. Although today, aquarium manufacturers can offer roomy models with a depth of one and a half meters, made of special tempered glass, which is highly durable, it is still worth thinking about some of the nuances:

How to systematically care for such a deep reservoir?
Will the stand be able to withstand a heavy aquarium, which will also be filled to the top with water?
Doesn’t it make it difficult to replace the fifth part of the water in the aquarium with a fresh one every week?
Who will be engaged in planting and pruning plants, cleaning the soil, design and decoration?

When you make an aquarium with a volume of 100–500 liters, it will take much less time for all these procedures, which greatly simplifies the care and allows you to arrange a cozy home for your beloved pets with great enthusiasm. In such an aquarium, it is easier to maintain cleanliness and provide comfortable living for its inhabitants. Moreover, medium-sized aquariums are in perfect harmony with the surroundings and fit into any interior decorated in a different style.

Thus, the best option for a home is an aquarium with a depth of no more than 70 cm. With such a depth, it is easier to reach the bottom in order to better fix the plant or fix the decoration, and it is much easier to provide the required lighting power that can reach all corners of the aquarium. without causing the formation of green deposits on the equipment and the walls of the tank.

This question is no less important than all the others. Someone likes to watch small exotic fish with a bright color, which keep a flock, and someone prefers large measured swimming individuals, reaching 15 or more centimeters in length.

Some believe that small-sized fish are rather boring and uninteresting, while others perceive large individuals as aggressive and instilling anxiety. Therefore, before making a purchase of fish, it is important to understand what you like exactly.

So, for the maintenance of large-sized fish, the aquarium should be more spacious. The best option – an aquarium of 200 liters.

After all, it can contain as a flock of neons, the size of which is no more than three centimeters, and two or three astronotus, reaching 20-30 cm in length. But remember that many large-sized fish species destroy aquarium plants: they break down the stalks, break down the root system or tear the leaves.

In addition, they need to provide a lot of space for free swimming, so the aquarium can not be cluttered with all sorts of decorations. Having decided on the choice of fish, you can think about what aquarium design will be suitable for them.

Important: the design and design of the aquarium should always meet the needs of its inhabitants. However, it is possible that you first want to arrange the aquarium so that it fits your tastes and preferences, and then decide to purchase fish for which these conditions will be suitable.

For example, if you want to place beautiful plants in an aquarium, then you should refuse to buy large species of fish that eat or spoil living plantings, for example, some members of the Cichlow or Haracine family.

Fortunately, many species of fish do not harm living plants, so you can always find individuals who will not be disturbed in this regard. Some pets, in particular goldfish, eat plants only with delicate and soft leaves, but do not touch hard-leaved species, such as Ludwigia, Anubias, Echinodorus or Lagengenra. And barbs are interested only in young shoots of peristisolistnyh plants, while they are completely indifferent to other species.

Considering this, when arranging an aquarium, you can not only provide suitable conditions in which the fish will feel comfortable, but also enjoy watching them.

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