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How to choose a compressor for the aquarium

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In the compressor there are tubes for oxygen supply – through them it enters the water. Air pressure is regulated by special valves and clamps.

To effect aeration of the aquarium, several nozzles must be attached to the air tubes, which are usually made of an abrasive substance or a white grinding stone. Being at the bottom of the aquarium, the sprayers emit a lot of air bubbles, creating a beautiful decorative effect.

These bubbles are very fond of guppies, danios, neons, scalar and mollies.

The smaller the size of the bubbles, the greater their total area, which is favorable for intensive aeration of the reservoir. Aquarium pump you need to choose a powerful (from small bubbles – strong pressure).

Air bubbles at the surface burst, resulting in the destruction of the bacterial film, and there is an improvement in aeration. In addition, the bubbles mix all layers of water, aligning its temperature in the aquarium.

See how to install the compressor in the aquarium.

The compressor for the aquarium are of two types: piston and membrane. If you want to choose an aeration device that makes little noise, then a piston compressor will do. When you need multiple compressors, you can choose two types at once – piston and diaphragm.

The first can be included at night, the second – in the daytime. To avoid strong noise, you can put foam rubber under the compressor.

Otherwise, you will have to move the device to another room and take it to the aquarium using a strong air duct. However, this risk requires a very powerful reservoir.

You can choose a membrane compressor if you want to save electricity in the house. Such a device is allowed to be connected at once to several aquariums, it has a long service life, it does not need to be repaired often. The disadvantage of such a device is that it makes a lot of noise.

Unfortunately, there are no silent compressors – their principle of operation is based on vibration. The compressor, which is under water, will not be so noisy, but it will work around the clock.

You can put the aquarium in a separate room, where no one sleeps – then you can connect a membrane aerator to it.

The aquarium pump will help to create coordination of air flows in tanks of different capacities, and will help to carry out water supply to the filter, also is the driving element of a filtration. The pump has 2 functions – it saturates water with oxygen and cleans it. If you have a large aquarium, it is advisable to purchase a pump that will help ensure the circulation of water in the pond, which is very useful for all its inhabitants.

This device does not make a lot of noise, because it is placed in the water, not outside.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of branded aquarium compressors, you can do it yourself. However, such a device will work well only if you have the skills to create such mechanisms.

Self-made compressors can cause a short circuit in water, which is very dangerous for life. Waterproofing in this case – a very necessary part of the aerator.

See how to make a compressor with your own hands.

The choice of compressor is based on several criteria:

  1. Noiselessness Often the aquarium is placed in the bedroom where people relax. Given this fact, it is best to buy a silent compressor, because this device must be switched on all the time. To reduce noise, the unit can be removed in the cabinet. However, in this case, you need a fairly long duct. The best option is to purchase an air compressor for the aquarium, it is he who is considered the quietest.
  2. Existence of smooth adjustment of a stream of air. If you can change the speed and force of the air supply, you can easily adjust the aerator for a different number of nozzles and filters.
  3. Compressor power. Optimum performance can be calculated by the formula: 0.5 l / h per 1 liter of water. It is clear that the power depends on the volume of the aquarium. For capacities from 100 liters, which are considered large, it is recommended to use piston compressors with low-voltage power. During a power outage, such equipment for the aquarium can be connected to a car battery.

The compressor will saturate the water with oxygen – this process is called aeration. In their choice aquarists follow simple rules.

First, the aquarium compressor should be as quiet as possible. The design feature of compressors is that they all make noise during operation.

Absolutely silent compressors have not yet been invented, so you have to choose those models that introduce less discomfort at permissible power. Hence the second rule – the compressor must cope with the saturation of water with oxygen – the larger the aquarium, the more powerful the compressor will be needed.

The compressor for the aquarium allows you to create comfortable conditions for the life of the fish. Before you choose this equipment, you need to understand why this device is necessary.

The compressor allows for additional aeration of water in the aquarium. It is necessary for containers of absolutely any size.

Even small round aquariums are also equipped with modern quiet devices. Thanks to this device you can save the health of fish.

That is why the answer to the question of whether a compressor is needed in an aquarium is obvious.

The main requirements that must be placed on the device when choosing it

Installing a compressor in an aquarium is a fairly simple task. Before you install the device in the aquarium, you must determine the place in which it will be located.

The device can be placed both in the aquarium itself (above the water) and in the lid or pedestal.

What type of compressor should be used for a round shaped aquarium?

How to install a compressor for an aquarium :: what is a compressor in an aquarium for? :: Aquarium fish

Like all living things, fish need oxygen. Therefore, when buying an aquarium, you should not forget about purchasing a compressor.

After all, it produces air, which is so necessary for pets and living plants.

The question “opened a pet store. Business is not going. What to do? “- 2 answers

1. The compressor is considered one of the important accessories for an aquarium. It is designed to saturate the water with oxygen.

If you have a large aquarium, then the device must be installed powerful. If there are live plants in the water, they need oxygen at night.

The fact is that all the air they process from carbon dioxide during the day is necessary for them at night due to the lack of photosynthesis reaction.

2. At night, carbon dioxide levels increase significantly. Residents of the aquarium need an additional source of oxygen. The compressor is able to compensate for this loss.

When visually inspected, it is a device that produces a trickle of bubbles rising from the bottom of the aquarium. The smaller the size of these bubbles, the more they give oxygen to the water.

The compressor, which is in operation, significantly improves the circulation of water, thereby creating a uniform distribution of water temperature in the aquarium.

3. The choice of compressors is small. They are external and built into the aquarium. There is almost no difference between them.

It consists only in the fact that it is built-in, does not emit extraneous noise, which is very suitable for a person who appreciates silence during sleep. However, he needs careful care, cleaning once a week and checking the sealing of the joints.

The external compressor does not need such thorough care. There are devices for aeration and batteries, they are designed to ensure that during the transportation of pets, do not leave them without oxygen.

In general, the compressor can not be installed, however, only if you are already a professional aquarist. This is not easy to achieve.

Indeed, in the aquarium it is necessary to create all the conditions for the production of oxygen. You need to choose the right number of fish and plants, and then create the right environment where everything is balanced.

4. The compressor sprayer is best attached to the bottom of the aquarium, or to the wall, but closer to the bottom, on special suction cups. Next, attach the oxygen hoses to the sprayer.

Then output the air tubes through the process opening in the aquarium to the compressor.

5. Install the compressor outside the aquarium as recommended. Do this so that the water level is below the device itself.

If you do not have the opportunity to install the device properly, then put a check valve on the compressor. It prevents water from entering the device.

After all, if the compressor is installed below the water level in the aquarium, then the liquid can get into the device, which will lead to its failure.

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