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How to calculate the volume of liters in the aquarium

Before people who decide to engage in aquarism, there is always the question of how to calculate the volume of the aquarium in liters and find the optimal size of the decorative pond. At first glance, this may seem insignificant, but in fact the volume of the reservoir is very important for the normal functioning of the fish. Some species of fish grow very quickly and require a large area.

Therefore, the first task of an aquarist is to choose the right displacement capacity.

For normal life of future pets need an aquarium of a certain size.

Of course, if you need to calculate the aquarium in liters, you can always contact the seller in a specialized store for help. The numbers shown on the labels are approximate.

In the aquarium there is an actual volume and a useful one, which is always smaller than the first one, because no one fills it to the brim (due to the lamps on the cover). In addition, a layer of soil is always poured on the bottom, snags are laid down and plants are populated.

It is necessary to distinguish the volume specified in the documents and the useful volume of the aquarium

Measure the capacity can be on the inner and outer wall. These measurements will be different, as the glass is quite thick.

The number of pets that can be placed in it depends on the size of the reservoir. And also their number depends on the stress tolerance, aggressiveness and size of fish and other inhabitants.

In pet stores there are various options for the care of the reservoir: fertilizers, destroyers of algae, water softeners, drugs for fish. All of these additives are strictly based on the displacement of water in the aquarium.

Therefore, it is very important to independently calculate the value to determine the exact dose of the drug and prevent overdose.

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To measure the displacement of the tank, you will need simple tools. Need to prepare:

  • Ruler. In this role can also be a building tape measure or a centimeter.
  • Calculator. With it, you can make a final and accurate calculation.

In addition, school knowledge of physics and geometry will be needed. The easiest way to calculate the size of a cubic aquarium. Before calculating the volume in liters You need to write down its dimensions in centimeters:

The resulting numbers need to be multiplied, and the result will be the volume in centimeters of cubic. To translate them into liters multiply the resulting result by 0.001, i.e. the calculation formula is as follows: A * B * C * 0.001.

Cylinder-shaped containers are very popular today. They are used as marine reservoirs. To calculate the size of the aquarium, you need to measure the base radius in centimeters (denoted as R) and the height of the tank (H).

The radius is squared, multiplied by Pi and height. The result will be the volume value in cubic centimeters. Multiplying the value by 0.001 will give the capacity in liters.

The formula is as follows: πR2 * H * 0.001.

The volume of the ball-shaped reservoir is also can be calculated by the finished formula. It is necessary to determine the radius of the ball (denoted as R), build the resulting value into a cube, multiply by the number Pi and ¾. Next, you need to remember to translate the resulting value into liters. The formula for this capacity is: πR3 * 0.001 * ¾.

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Sometimes it is impossible to figure out how to calculate the volume by the formula. You can divide a complex figure into simple ones, fit into a cube or a circle, calculate the volume, cutting off the extra liters. Fortunately, there is a simple way to determine the value.

This will require any dimensional packaging. It is not difficult to guess that the measured volume of water that filled the aquarium is equal to its capacity.

In this way, you can more accurately find out how many liters are in an aquarium. This will take into account the amount of scenery, soil and appliances that are in the water.

The result will give only the volume of water.

In order to find out the size of the aquarium by size, you can use the services on the Internet. The network has various online calculators to determine the displacement of an aquarium of any shape.

It is enough to specify the required parameters.

The biggest mistake for a newbie is buying a reservoir that is too small. An aquarium is an ecosystem in which plants producing oxygen, fish, eating algal plaque, shrimp, feeding on food debris, develop.

The larger the displacement of the aquarium, the fuller the ecosystem in it.

The main thing in choosing an aquarium so that it is not too small

For this reason, it is not recommended to buy a capacity of less than 50 liters in an apartment – care for it will be quite problematic. The best option would be a 100-liter reservoir. It is better to refuse round and intricate forms of the aquarium, as the fish in them feel uncomfortable and are under stress.

Moreover, in such a reservoir it is difficult to plant plants.

For the fish, the low parallelepiped is preferable, with a base height of up to 70 cm. The height of the reservoir for fish is not a fundamental factor, but the plants will receive the necessary light.

Considering all the recommendations, you need to responsibly choose the shape and size of the tank, because the correctly chosen reservoir will bring much less trouble to care for it.

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