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How long do you need to defend the water for the aquarium

If aquarium fish are chosen as pets, then it is very important to properly care for them, to know how many times a day to feed them, how to clean the vessel from contamination. You also need to figure out how much to defend the water for the aquarium.

Preparation of fluid for future inhabitants is one of the most important stages of work, as the fish are very sensitive to water quality and can often die due to non-compliance with necessary standards.

Aquarium water is very important to defend, as the fish can die in poor-quality water.

Most people who have recently acquired aquarium fish, neglect the process of preparing the liquid in view of the fact that it requires time and physical costs. They are not quite clear why this is necessary. In some cases, you can not understand how negative the impact of inappropriate water on the fish.

The newcomer will not immediately realize that poorly growing pets or plants are the result of keeping them in a bad environment.

Severe contamination of tap water can lead to the extinction of all aquarium fish. This happens because the water from the tap contains various impurities that pets can not move, so upholding is necessary before running the fish.

Malicious components can be divided into the following:

  • solids that precipitate;
  • liquid dissolved in a liquid;
  • gaseous that volatilizes from a liquid to air.

Settling has an effect on solid and gaseous constituents, but liquid components are not affected in any way.

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It is necessary to find out not only how much water should be defended for the aquarium, but also how to do it correctly. In order for chlorine to evaporate, you must follow these rules:

  1. It is necessary to collect liquid with a powerful jet directly into the container for settling.
  2. The dishes should have the largest possible area and minimum depth in order for chlorine to evaporate faster.
  3. Do not cover the container cover, as this will prevent the volatilization of gaseous substances.

In order to get rid of liquid impurities (chloramine, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, nitrite and many others), you can use special conditioners. Normal settling in this case will not be productive, but the addition of air conditioning will contribute to the binding of molecules of harmful substances.

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There should be no solids in the tap liquid. But in the event that the pipes are old, rust may be present in the liquid.

When settling solids precipitate.

How much water should be defended for an aquarium – the question is very important, as it is necessary to figure out in advance how long the liquid will completely settle and will be safe for the inhabitants. On the Internet, aquarists often talk about different periods of settling. These are mainly the following values:

  • stand one night;
  • one day;
  • seven or ten days.

Defended water for fish recommended one day

The best option for settling can be called one day. As known, solids settle almost immediately, and if after a day the draft is not visible, then it will not appear.

Disposal of gaseous impurities occurs already at the moment of a set of liquid in a container. They quickly evaporate and with intensive stirring for a few minutes.

How much water should stand for the aquarium depends also on the capacity in which it was taken. Container should be voluminous and open so that the process of releasing harmful components is completed within 24 hours. For these reasons, leaving the liquid to stand for a week or more is not advisable.

If the water is extremely polluted, has a high chlorine content and a large amount of solid impurities, then it is possible to extend the settling to two days.

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As a result, the answer to the question of new aquarists about how many days to defend the water for the aquarium is very simple. It is enough to defend it within 24 hours, which is not so long, but necessary.

Even when there is confidence that the liquid does not contain harmful impurities, it is still necessary to defend it during the day. It is also necessary to follow general guidelines, about which should know especially novice aquarists:

  • there is no need for frequent changes of water, as this may adversely affect the fish;
  • turbidity of the liquid in the aquarium indicates a non-observance of the biological balance, which most often goes away after 3–4 days;
  • when replacing the fluid with a new one, leave 2/3 of the old;
  • if you plan to completely clean the aquarium from pollution, then after this procedure, you can fill in fresh water;
  • if you still have to fill in not separated water, then you can add no more than 1/5 of it, but it is very undesirable.

It makes no sense to doubt the importance of water settling for an aquarium, because the health of its inhabitants and vegetation directly depends on it. And if you ignore this rule, soon you can simply lose all pets, which the responsible owners, of course, will not allow.

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