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How aqua design helps transform a home aquarium

Hello dear blog readers, Andrew Selitsky is in touch again and I have another post for you. And today’s post will be devoted to aqua design.

After all, every aquarist would like to have a beautiful aquarium from which it is difficult to tear his eyes off.

Aqua design is an integral part of aquaristics in general, as in any bank you can see a wide variety of landscapes. Some in their aquarium arrange whole mangrove forests from plants, some rocky mountains, and some even plan mountain valleys.

I think aqua design is a way to express yourself. Significant success in aqua design can only be achieved if you repeatedly stuffed your bumps in the layout of aquariums, if you made aquariums to order, or if you cared for someone else’s aquarium for a fee.

But you will agree, if you do not have at least a small amount of artistic taste, then it will be problematic for you to create a design in aquariums. In this case, you need to be creative, from the bay of wading nothing good will come of it.

To create masterpieces of aquarium design, you need to know how to properly care for aquarium plants, because without this knowledge, you will never become a serious aquarist.

Let’s discuss how you can design an aquarium with your own hands, so that it will turn out to be not just a vessel with fish and green grass, but a work of art. Now they just don’t put them in aquariums: clay pots, skulls, coconut shells, various treasuries and sunken galleons.

If you do not want to bother about caring for aquarium plants and do not know how to care for aquarium fish, shove plastic plants into the aquarium and throw crucians into it. However, the question is brewing: who needs such an aquarium?

What value will it represent? Absolutely no value, he will not carry in himself.

Honestly, even kill me, but I do not understand how some people put plastic plants in aquariums and say that it is aqua design. Either I do not understand, or I do not know what to think about this.

Now forget about these plastic plants and try to create a creation from living organisms and living vegetation. You will immediately feel the difference.

It even looks completely different after all. You have no idea how nice it is to hear when someone enters your house and you have a beautiful aquarium in which you put your soul, cleaned the fish shit, cut each plant in order to give the whole aquarium a decent look. Already warm in my heart is getting 🙂 Oh, something I philosophized 🙂

Try to create a design aquarium with your own hands, put your heart into this activity and you will be rewarded for your work, your work will be appreciated in any case, believe me. Let’s now think about what this aqua-design should be in the aquarium itself.

Well, firstly, it should be natural and beautiful, there is not even any talk here. It would be best if all elements of the aquarium design are of natural origin. If you plan to recreate the river landscape in your aquarium, take round stones for this.

If you want to imitate rocks, large stones of various shapes are perfect for this. It looks very nice if the aquarium has a large branching snag on which plants that live in the water column are strapped with the help of a fishing line.

With the help of snags and such plants in the aquarium, you can create impenetrable jungles.

As a rule, if an aquarist is determined to create a unique design in his aquarium, without a special decorative film that is glued to the back wall, he cannot do. Rather, you can get along, you can perfectly, but as to my account, it will be more aesthetically pleasing. Drawings on these films are just a huge amount.

I think it’s easy to choose the right one. If you have a lot of various plants in your tank, a film with a picture of plants and trees is perfect for you. If the design in your aquarium is rocky, there are wallpapers with pictures of rocks.

If you wish, you can find everything.

Some make the wallpaper themselves. To do this, they take a large sheet of paper and paint it either in green or in blue.

Give the paint a little dry and then install it on the back of your aquarium.

Alternatively, in the center of your aquarium, you can put a large beautiful lush plant, such as Echinodorus Amazon, which is widely popular among aquarists around the world. I have a Kubyshka in the center of the aquarium, it also looks very impressive.

Plant ribbon-like plants along the edges of the aquarium; elodiea is perfect for this role.

Echinodorus Amazon

Land the highest plants in the background – Ambulia, Cinema, Vallisneria spiral and so on. Once I grew Lemongrass, but for some reason it does not grow in a new aquarium, and that is all. As a result, I had to give it up.

The only thing I do not advise is to use plants floating on the surface of the water, for example, Pistia. Yes, it looks beautiful, especially if the large plants, but they cool other plants pritenyut and they may not have enough light.

Vallisneria Spiral

The advantage of stones in forming the design of an aquarium is simply indisputable, since with the help of stones you can easily arrange a shelter for fish, which mainly postpone playing in stones, with the help of stones you can attach some plants. Large stones can be used to shield devices from our eyes.

With the help of stones, walls of artificial terraces are strengthened.


The most suitable rocks for the formation of aquarium design are: porphyry, gneiss, granite and basalt stones. If there is hard water in the aquarium, limestone, dolomite and sandstone will work fine. It is necessary to experiment with the laying of stones, however, as with the planting of plants and the placement of snags.

Aqua design in all its beauty

Before putting the stones in the aquarium, clean them thoroughly, boil well and immerse them in a solution of potassium permanganate for a long time. Before performing all these procedures, carefully examine the condition of the stones with a magnifying glass.

The stones may contain metallic inclusions, which often form toxic solutions that negatively affect the condition of plants and aquarium fish.


What is the role of snags in aquarium design? With the help of snags in an aquarium, you can recreate a distinctive look, where the fish will feel fine, preferring to hide in snags.

If there are plants in your tank in the water column so that they do not emerge, they can be fixed on the snags with the help of a thin fishing line.


If you choose a snag for an aquarium, make sure that the tree is already dead, so that there are no vital juices in it. The roots of trees that have lain for years in peat are best suited.

The roots of willow, alder, ash, maple and beech will also work, but only if they have lain for five years in some body of water. Immediately throw away the snags with mold or rot, they do not need you in the aquarium.

Before placing a new snag in the aquarium, clean it from dirt, and if there is bark, it should be stripped, then properly cleaned in boiling water and potassium permanganate to kill all unwanted bacteria and expel all air from the pores, since with it a snag can swim and have to press a stone.


When boiling snag is best to add salt and leave for an hour to boil it 🙂 After that, put the snag in running water for a week. If there is none, place it in the basin and change the water in it as often as possible, and remember, the water must be cold. If you do everything the way I told you, then there should be no problems.

Thanks to this treatment, the wood is well disinfected and its structure becomes more dense. After cooking the snags become significantly denser and heavier. Perhaps a pebble and not useful :))

Well, that’s basically all for today. We must go to sleep. it’s already one in the morning.

Here is a useful video on the theme of aqua design. Browse, post your comments on the post and subscribe to blog updates, as a series of posts are planned that will be very interesting.

Bye everyone!

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