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Grotto for aquarium do it yourself

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Without decorations the aquarium looks empty, devoid of attractiveness. Of particular interest such aqua design (or rather its absence) does not cause. It is desirable that the design elements carry not only an aesthetic load, but also be functional.

One of these elements can be a grotto made by own hands.

How to make the grotto itself in the aquarium

Aquarium is no longer just a place where tropical fish live. Now this is an original interior detail and the opportunity to have a small piece of the South Sea at home.

Increasing attention is paid to the design of the aquarium. Nice grotto will make your aquarium unlike any other, and will be an excellent hiding place for fish.

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  • Polyurethane foam
  • Several large stones
  • Epoxy resin
  • Sand
  • Black, gray, brown and green spray paint.
  • Knife
  • Soldering iron or device for burning wood.
  • Cement M500
  • Piece of pvc film

1. Lay the stones on the PVC film in the shape of a horseshoe. They will be the basis for your grottobut.

In addition, stones are needed to give stability to the whole structure in order to grotto did not float to the surface.

2. Apply a slide in the form of a hill on the stones. Let it be a free form, let the foam flow in all directions.

Your grotto should most resemble the natural accumulation of stones. Leave the resulting structure to dry.

If you are thinking big grotto, then drying can take quite a long time, up to two weeks. Foam should dry out completely.

3. Cut the PVC film, try to remove it completely. But if this does not succeed, do not be discouraged. This film does not decompose in water and will not harm the inhabitants of the aquarium.

4. Take a sharp knife and start cutting grotto. Cut off all the extra slack that does not fit into your composition.

Draw the cracks. Cut yourself grotto. The distance between the ends of the horseshoe made of stones will be the place where you will enter grotto.

Unleash your imagination, you can do in grottoe few entrances, or add a few more niches to the structure. You can make small notches for further planting in them of aquatic plants.

5. Using a soldering iron, make a surface. grottoand more even. Smooth carelessly trimmed edges, add pits and grooves.

6. If the primer is in your aquarium sandy and you want to grotto Was made from a material resembling sandstone, use epoxy resin and sand. Cover the surface grottoand with epoxy resin and, without waiting for it to solidify, simply sprinkle the entire structure with sand.

After the resin hardens, whisk away the extra sand.

7. If you want to grotto resembled a piece of rock or a pile of stones paint grotto cement diluted with water. Apply the mixture in several layers just like paint.

Pre-dry each layer.

8. After that grotto can be painted with colors. Mix different colors trying to achieve similarities with other decorative stones in your aquarium.

It is best to use automotive enamels in aerosol packaging. Be sure to dry each layer.

9. Now you can install grotto in the aquarium. Plant water plants, add soil so as to hide the base grottobut.

Take care of safety. Polyurethane foam can release hazardous substances when heated.

Work outdoors or have good ventilation.

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