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Some people come to the delight of cats and dogs, while others just do not like souls in aquarium fish. They can have fun, standing idle for hours in front of a large glass wall and admiring these creatures.

Even more emotions can be experienced if you get into the largest aquarium of the world, which amazes its guests not only with its incredible size, but also with its unusual inhabitants.

The largest aquarium in the world is located in the USA in the state of Georgia. Its volume is 23.8 million.

In total, this capacity is inhabited by 120 thousand individuals, the total cost of which is about 290 million dollars. Called a large aquarium Georgia Aquarium.

This giant structure was created in 2005. and boasts a rather interesting history of its construction. The richest man in Georgia in those years was Bernie Marcus. He decided to donate $ 250 million to the government of the city of Atlanta.

Those, in turn, were confused, not knowing what to put the donated funds on.

And then Marcus himself put forward the idea of ​​building the largest aquarium in the world, which should be located in his staff. The fact is that Bernie himself from childhood loved to watch the animals in the aquarium.

And he wanted the people of his hometown to be able to admire these creatures too.

Before the appearance of the aquarium in Atlanta, the largest in the world was the one that was in Japan on the island of Okinawa. But the area of ​​Georgia Aquarium was 200 thousand square meters and it became much more Japanese.

The construction of this facility took 27 months.

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The form of the giant oceanarium of Atlanta resembles a large cruise ship, divided into 60 separate chambers. In the center of the building itself is the bust of a man who initiated the construction of this miracle.

All cameras are divided into separate thematic areas. They are very few:

  1. The underwater world of George, built mainly for small children.
  2. The inhabitants of the cold waters, where you can meet very interesting representatives of the fauna.
  3. Tropical zone with penguins, crabs and sea lions.
  4. Outing on the river, where the representatives of local rivers are concentrated.
  5. Ocean zone – a real living reef with corals.

In total, the entire capacity of the chamber has 34 million tons of water. There are also departments filled with only salt or fresh water.

In addition, in the aquarium there is a tunnel laid 30 m deep into the glass structures. When a person walks along this corridor, you can see a 7 meter long whale shark above his head.

Guests can even feed this creature on their own, which, by the way, eats only plankton. When people feed a shark, arrogant little fish swimming near, the size of which is several times smaller than a giant fish, calmly eat its food.

The shark does nothing at the same time, only wickedly wags its tail. If a small fish accidentally swims into her mouth, she simply chokes.

And for $ 300 you can even swim near the whale shark.

On the territory of the facility, various large-scale exhibitions and events of the highest level are often organized to promote the conservation of the aquatic environment.

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Anyone who wants to visit the aquarium in Georgia will be interested in, what is the cost of tickets. The price for an ordinary adult is almost 30 dollars. To get into this building retiree, he will have to give $ 21.

The cost of a children’s ticket is 19 dollars. Despite such a low price of visiting the aquarium, he paid for himself in record time – literally 3 months after the opening. During this time, it has already been visited by one million visitors.

In the summer of 2009, the Georgia Aquarium met a 10 millionth guest. After this event, the building administration no longer began to keep records of visitors.

In addition to the usual inhabitants of the oceanariums, You can also find very exotic sea creatures there:

  • large sea bass;
  • white whales;
  • whale sharks, which have never been met outside of Asia.

In total, more than 500 species of creatures inhabit the aquarium, so people can always see something new for themselves.

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The aquarium was designed in such a way that all guests could get the maximum of positive emotions and retain the memories of this visit for the rest of their lives. One of the goals of Georgia Aquarium is to increase the education of visitors, regardless of their type of activity or age. Here, guests explore the diversity of marine life, receiving a huge amount of interesting and useful information about these individuals.

In the largest compartment live two whale sharks, which are the focus of visitors.

The administration organized an exhibition of artifacts found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after the collapse of the famous airliner Titanic. In addition, visitors to Georgia can see various informational videos, displays and about 200 items raised from the ocean floor.

The interior of the ship that drowned in 1912 was completely copied.

Guests are presented the entire chronology of the life of the ship. The exhibition was helped by the New York firm RMS Titanic, which has the right to pick up the items found from the dead ship, as well as officially take photos and video.

Employees of this company organized 7 expeditions at a depth of about 3 kilometers.

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There are also other huge aquariums, which annually attract a lot of tourists. Each of them is unique in its own way.

Top 10 largest aquariums in the world:

  1. Georgia Aquarium. It holds about 30 cubic tons of seawater. Several whales, four young sharks, four belugas and a large number of rare representatives of the marine fauna live on the territory of this structure. In order for all animals to feel comfortable, experts have created familiar living conditions for them. The aquarium is divided into 60 thematic areas corresponding to certain types of marine life. Several years ago, an exhibition was organized in this aquarium where one could admire unusual frogs. One of the favorite guests of the exposition is the Mesoamerican Reef, where 100 thousand diverse representatives of flora and fauna are represented.
  2. Aquarium in Dubai. The capacity of the facility is 10 million liters of water. This miracle is located on the territory of The Dubai Mall. More than 30 thousand different sea creatures live here. The Aquarium was listed in the Guinness Book of Records, thanks to its glass panel, which is 75 cm thick. However, in 2010 a small crack appeared on the surface, which caused a panic of viewers, but evacuated everyone and filled up the gap.
  3. Okinawa Aquarium Churaumi. The volume is equal to 7.49 million. It is located on the territory of the Park-Ocean Expo, built in Japan. The opening took place in 2002. The main reservoir is the sea Kuroshio. To prevent water from pushing through the glass, it was made very durable. Thickness is about 60 cm.
  4. Aquarium L’Oceanografic. The capacity of this facility is 7 million liters. On the territory of the “City of Arts and Sciences” complex, located in Valencia, not only scientific exhibits are concentrated, but also a huge aquarium, which was designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava. It is inhabited by more than 45 thousand marine inhabitants.
  5. Turkuaz Aquarium. Capacity is 4.9 million liters of water. A Turkish aquarium was opened in 2009 on the territory of a shopping center in Istanbul. It is divided into several zones in which more than 10 thousand inhabitants of the oceans and seas live. There is also a large tunnel passing right under the water.
  6. Monterrey Bay Aquarium. The volume is 4.5 million. This facility is located on the territory of an already inactive plant, which was once engaged in the manufacture of California canned fish. The aquarium is known for its huge reservoirs, the volume of which is 1.2 and 4.5 million.
  7. Sea World Ushaka. Volume is 3.8 million liters. The theme park is located in the city of Durban. Here, guests can admire the inhabitants living in a huge aquarium, divided into 32 zones. The most vivid impression will be the sharks swimming next to the guests during a dinner in a cozy restaurant located inside the reservoir.
  8. Shanghai Oceanarium. The capacity of this building is 3.8 million liters. It can be attributed to one of the largest aquariums located in Asia. The structure is divided into 9 thematic areas, which include the Australian, Antarctic and Chinese areas. However, the most memorable part is the underwater tunnel with a length of 155 m.
  9. Aquarium of Genoa. The volume of construction – 3.78 million liters. This aquarium was built for the opening of the famous exhibition Expo. It contains 70 reservoirs in which different marine inhabitants live. The total number of sea creatures has more than 6 thousand individuals. All of them were brought from different hidden corners of the Earth.
  10. The Western Australian Aquarium closes the ten largest aquariums in the world. Its volume is 3 million liters. It is located on the ocean coast of the Australian town of Perth. Externally, the structure is similar to a large vessel 40 m long and 20 m wide. Inside there is a long underwater tunnel 98 m long. Here you can also swim with scuba gear.

It is worth noting that only those that can hold more than 200 liters of water are called large tanks. It is on the territory of such a space that you can create an ecosystem of absolutely every corner of our planet.

At the same time, the eco-balance will be maintained by itself, without causing any trouble to the organizers.

In a large oceanarium should not be empty and boring. In such a structure should live a whole family or at least a few large fish that will always be visible to visitors.

It should also be borne in mind that some species of large creatures lead an active lifestyle only at night and during twilight. During the day, such individuals, as a rule, hide.

These inhabitants include the original black legs or black ghosts.

In large oceanariums, several species of fish of small size can live peacefully, preferring to swim in the middle water column. But the small ones are recommended not to be hooked up to large ones, so that they do not become a delicacy for large individuals. The main rule in the aquarium: if the fish can fit in the mouth of its neighbor, it is not a tenant.

In addition, the selection of inhabitants is carried out not only on the basis of size, but also regarding the characteristics of behavior, habitat conditions and temperament of individuals.

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