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Frozen feed – nutrition and benefits

Many aquarium fish can only eat dry food, but even for them regular inclusion in the diet of frozen or fresh food will be useful. Experienced aquarists prefer frozen feed, as they are much safer compared to live.

Store frozen food should be at low temperatures in the freezer.

Frozen feeds have several undeniable advantages:

– shock freezing of natural raw materials allows preserving the natural concentration of nutrients in the feed, which ensures high nutritional value and good digestibility of the feed;

– frozen food, when properly stored, retains its nutritional qualities for a very long time, about a year, thereby allowing to diversify the nutrition of aquarium fish year-round. Live foods are available only in certain seasons;

– deep freezing kills almost all of the bacteria that infect the fish, but dried under the sun and live food is the cause of infection in the aquarium;

– Frozen food is available in a large assortment and allows you to choose the appropriate food to meet the nutritional needs of any kind of fish.

In nature, fish feed on a wide variety of live food and feeding only one type of living organisms will negatively affect their health. Frozen food allows you to make a diet as close as possible to the natural, although there is no universal ice cream suitable for all fish.

It is best if the diet of fish consists of a properly selected ratio of dry and frozen food of several species.

In order for feeding frozen food to benefit the aquarium dwellers, it should be selected taking into account the types of fish living in the aquarium, their nutritional needs.

Frozen food must first be thawed in a net and rinsed well. If you throw frozen pieces of food immediately into the aquarium of the fish, internal organs can be overcooled or pieces of ice that did not have time to melt will pierce the intestines of the small fish.

Pre-defrosting prevents excessive water contamination.

Avoid re-freezing of feed, it negatively affects its consistency, the content of vitamins and proteins.

When feeding fish exclusively with frozen foods, multivitamin preparations should be added to them.

The advantages of frozen feed for aquarium fish

A diverse and full-fledged diet for fish is no less important than for other pets, because it affects the health and life of aquarium fish.

Frozen feeds have long taken a strong position in the assortment of ready-made feeds due to many advantages: high nutritional value, ease of storage and natural appearance.

In aquarium conditions, fish are limited in movement, so the right approach to their diet takes on particular importance. The most natural and therefore healthy fish food is live food.

However, any of its species is seasonal in nature, storage of live food is difficult, it remains fresh for a very short time, and sometimes dangerous bacteria causing fish diseases sometimes get into the aquarium.

In the manufacture of high-quality frozen feed used fresh raw materials of natural origin. With the help of special technologies, the feed is disinfected, and shock freezing and modern packaging methods are used to preserve all the nutrients of live food.

– easily digested fish;
– diverse in composition;
– contains the natural amount and ratio of minerals and vitamins;
– has a natural appearance.

Many fish refuse dry food due to differences in appearance and smell from food in natural conditions. Frozen feed is best suited to natural food and therefore eaten with fish with pleasure.

Usually frozen food is divided into groups depending on the type of fish for which they are intended.

Table of approximate correspondence of different types of frozen food to different types of aquarium fish.

The composition of frozen food includes: brine shrimp, tubule, gammarus, daphnia, bloodworm of different types, koretra, etc.

Some foods are saturated with a complex of vitamins.

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