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Favorable habitat in the aquarium should be maintained – before the fish and plants are settled in the “pond”, you need to think about what equipment to buy. The aquarium needs constant aeration and filtration, especially if there are many inhabitants in it.

The more live plants and fish that inhabit an aquarium, the more actively both filtration and aeration should be carried out – therefore, the capacity of compressors and filters will have to be increased. This rule does not apply to aquariums where a couple of other fish live.

The compressor will saturate the water with oxygen – this process is called aeration. In their choice aquarists follow simple rules.

First, the aquarium compressor should be as quiet as possible. The design feature of compressors is that they all make noise during operation.

Absolutely silent compressors have not yet been invented, so you have to choose those models that introduce less discomfort at permissible power. Hence the second rule – the compressor must cope with the saturation of water with oxygen – the larger the aquarium, the more powerful the compressor will be needed.

Compressor and filter for the aquarium – the main elements. Filters are also chosen for their power: a small aquarium is quite simple, for large volumes you will have to purchase an external or external biofilter.

The best option is to buy a filter with several compartments for water purification from unnecessary impurities and contaminants. And the filter is best to buy “for growth”, with a margin of power.

The filter and the compressor for the aquarium will help to establish the instruction, and the instructions for these devices also indicate what volume of water they are designed for. You should not save on such purchases – the health of pets directly depends on their work.

For a person who decides to start an aquarium for the first time, the question arises – what is needed for a home aquarium? What equipment?

In the article you will learn what equipment for the aquarium happens, what types of filters, heaters, etc., and how do they differ? Heaters, filters, and lighting are important parts of a modern tropical aquarium and are now a large selection of different equipment.

Choosing the right way without knowing anything about him is quite difficult, and it’s not cheap and should work long and efficiently.

Some types of aquariums immediately contain everything you need, including a lamp, a filter, etc., but they are quite expensive.

And besides filters and other large equipment there are a lot of necessary trifles – nets, cables for cleaning the filter hoses, glass cleaners and various trifles. However, it is the filter, the lamp and the heater that are the most expensive and important parts of the equipment.

So, what equipment do you need for an aquarium?

There are three main types of filters for an aquarium – bottom, internal and external. The bottom filter passes water through the soil and then pours it back into the water.

The movement of the water controls the pump. Soil serves as a mechanical and biological filter, holding debris and creating an environment for bacteria.

Although it is easy to care for the bottom filter, it is difficult to modernize and is not very suitable for aquariums with plants. Plants do not like the flow of water and oxygen near the roots. The cost of the bottom filter is approximately equal to the cost of the internal filter, but all the internal filters are not inferior at this time, and often exceed the bottom filters, and therefore the popularity of bottom filters is declining.

This is a large copy of the internal filter that works outside the aquarium. The water passes through the hoses into the canister, where it is filtered with various materials and transferred back to the aquarium. Due to the large size, the filtration efficiency increases.

Because external filter is located outside the aquarium, it is usually hidden in the cabinet, in addition, it frees up space inside the jar itself. In aquariums densely planted with fish or where the fish is large, the external filter is the best solution.

The fish in your tank need oxygen for breathing. Oxygen enters the water through the surface, and carbonic acid evaporates from the water.

The rate of exchange depends on the size of the surface of the water and the flow. A large mirror of water accelerates gas exchange, which is useful for fish.

Aquarium Compressor

The main function of the compressor is to supply oxygen to water through air bubbles that rise to the surface. Oxygen in bubbles dissolves in water, in addition, they create the movement of water and accelerate gas exchange.

For most aquariums, the compressor itself is not needed, as the filter performs the same function, mixing water. In addition, many filters have an aerator that adds air bubbles to the water flow.

Compressor It can only be useful if there is oxygen starvation in the water, for example, when treating fish in an aquarium.

It is also a decorative function, many people like the bubbles rising to the surface.

But still – for most aquariums, the compressor itself is not needed.

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