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Features of the design of a freshwater aquarium in the style of Pseudo

Seascape is one of the most beautiful views. An aquarium with marine life will always attract attention and please the eye. But the real marine aquarium is expensive.

Its design in the style of psevdomore will help create the illusion of the underwater world in the office or at home. This style of aquarism is now popular.

After carefully studying the instructions, even a novice can make a pseudo-aquarium with his own hands.

Such an aquarium is the creation of the illusion of a marine aquatic environment with special decorations and its underwater inhabitants. Instead of salt water, it contains fresh water and, accordingly, fish and all living things will be freshwater.

The use of special techniques will help to achieve such a great fit with the natural seascape that only a specialist can notice the difference. For a real marine aquarium, expensive maintenance is required.

It is necessary to maintain the parameters of water, to ensure the growth of corals, vegetation and fish. The pseudo-sea aquarium is easy to maintain.

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Tone for psevdomorea can be both warm tropical and cold. It directly depends on the interior.

In the house or apartment, it will look great in the living room. If you have a large bathroom, you can put it there.

It is great for the office, creating a benevolent emotional background. You can arrange it in the common hall.

Its shape can be rectangular or round, oval or square. But the capacity should be chosen more, not less than 100 liters.

The design of the pseudo-sea aquarium provides coral decorations, and their size is quite large.

In addition, their inhabitants most often become cichlids, which require their own part of the territory.

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Lighting in such an aquarium is different from the usual. It plays just a decorative role.

The main lamp is installed directly at the front wall, so that the interior decorations look in a winning perspective.

Most often prefer fluorescent lamps. Experts recommend Power-Glo, Marine-Glo or Sylvania Coralstar. The use of halogen lamps, giving directional light.

In this case, the scenery will look spectacular. Adding a neon light will visually make corals even more attractive.

Two lamps are enough to decorate the Pseudomore aquarium. Intense lighting should be avoided so that the walls are not overgrown with algae.

Experienced aquarists are advised to turn on the light for no more than 5 hours.

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Begin design should be with the background. You must choose a wallpaper or photo film for the back wall.

Usually stop at any shade of blue. The picture may be different, but necessarily related to the maritime theme:

  • coral reef;
  • sea ​​bottom;
  • sunken ship;
  • the inhabitants of the depths.

In order to cause a background, the following actions are required:

  1. It is necessary to clean the tank wall from contamination and organic sediment.
  2. Apply glycerin to the film.
  3. Smooth it and get rid of the bubbles using a ruler.

For ground usually take marble chips, but may come up and glass beads. The sand of a large fraction will also look good. Decorations should not overload the aquarium.

Large shells, corals, large rocks and grottoes will look great. In the center have the main element, around which parts are already distributed.

To make the landscape look natural, they are arranged chaotically.

Products made of clay are not recommended to use, because of them the degree of water hardness increases. Such an element of decor as a bridge will perfectly decorate an aquarium in a marine style.

With a great desire and imagination, you can create a wonderful marine area in your home.

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African cichlids are a great choice for a marine-style freshwater aquarium. They feel great in the water of increased hardness. Specialists recommend, along with this type fish the aquarium with fish such as:

  • red atherine;
  • swordtail
  • aulonocar;
  • golden leopard;
  • pindani;
  • Australian iris;
  • lombardo;
  • guppy

The brighter the color of the fish, the better the aquarium will look. It should not overpower.

We must proceed from this calculation: one individual per 7 liters of water. Be sure to add antsitrusov and snails, which will serve as cleaners. Snails of unusual breeds, such as “Devil’s Thorn” or “Pagoda” will be the most demanded.

They will not only cope with the role of nurses, but also add zest to the pseudo-aquarium and will perfectly fit into the marine design.

Living plants usually do not land because they do not grow well in hard alkaline water. In addition, cichlids will completely gnaw them.

This fact should be taken into account when designing a pseudo-sea and a design for cichlids.

It is wiser to use artificial plants that can not only revive the underwater kingdom, but also disguise aquarium equipment. You can create an amazing composition that will radically transform the interior.

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Caring for an aquarium in the style of a psevdomore is not very different from the usual The accumulation of organic matter in water should be prevented.

It is not necessary to often include lighting, so as not to contribute to the appearance of lower algae. There are several requirements, which must be done:

  1. Replace about a fifth of the water weekly.
  2. Twice a month siphon the ground and clean the glass.
  3. Every three months it is necessary to clean the scenery and corals from pollution and algae.
  4. Once a month to whiten the stones.
  5. In the presence of Kenyan stones, bleach them twice a year.
  6. To bleach all soil once a year.

All types of work can be done in parts as pollution. Do not overfeed fish, as the remnants of food will settle on the corals and get clogged in their pores.

To maintain the purity and transparency of water can be using a good filter with mechanical and biological treatment. Experienced owners recommend Professional 3 or Eheim.

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