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Features aquarium Juwel, the advantages of models Juwel aquarium

Juwel aquariums today are very popular. They are produced by the German company Juwel Aquarium, which has world renown.

The range includes more than 40 diverse models, differing from each other in color and shape, as well as volume. Jewel aquariums are manufactured using the latest technology, so there’s no doubt about their high quality.

Juwel aquariums one of the most popular on the market

The firm Juvel has a rich forty years of experience in the manufacture of aquariums, as well as accessories for them. The models are made in the following colors:

You can find aquariums in volumes from 60 to 450 liters, which will allow everyone to choose the most suitable option. Each model Juvel is made with great care.

Various forms of products are offered:

Safety during operation is a priority for Juwel manufacturers. It is not difficult to achieve this thanks to modern manufacturing technology, the use of exclusively high-quality glass, the strictest adherence to accepted standards and German pedantry at each of the stages of technical control.

Safety is a priority in the production of Juvel aquariums

The components of the Juvel Aquarium have the TUV / GS quality mark. This applies to all, without exception, heaters, pumps, lighting systems used in models of the popular German company.

Each item is certified and has a quality mark.

Products Juwel aquarium – integrated systems that provide the livelihoods of the underwater world. For each of the models there is a suitable stand, ideally corresponding to the required dimensions.

Such pedestals have a special surface that provides protection against splashes.

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Various accessories are also offered., allowing to decorate the aquarium and improve the quality of its operation:

  • reflectors;
  • lighting lamps;
  • lining;
  • decorative backgrounds;
  • filter systems.

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Each model is equipped with a filter element, a lighting lamp, a heater. Having bought the Aquarium Juvel, you no longer have to purchase additional equipment to improve the functionality of the product.

If you open the package and get the contents, most likely, immediately noticed the excellent quality of materials. The lid is trimmed with pleasant-to-touch plastic, the glass is distinguished by well-finished ends, which are very pleasant to touch. Docking parts are also high.

No additional fit required. Elements are clearly put in their place, so that the installation of internal systems is not accompanied by any difficulties and does not take much time.

Each Yuvel aquarium is equipped with everything necessary for an aquarist.

Inside the aquarium is disassembled equipment, which is mounted after installing the product on the stand. Technical data of lighting and filtering systems may vary depending on the model.

The same applies to the characteristics of the heater.

So that the filter system lasts a long time, some rules need to be followed. Cotton wool should be replaced at least once a week.

If the fish are large, it is worth reducing the time interval, then less dirt will get into the filter tubes.

Replacing the carbon sponge is done every 3-4 weeks. You can perform this procedure more often if there are a lot of fish in the aquarium or their sizes are large. With long-term presence of activated carbon in water, its toxic substances again absorb the liquid.

It is very important to change the carbon sponge in a timely manner so that particles of dirt do not fall into the water.

To maintain water in good condition, it is necessary to maintain the filter almost weekly.

To improve the quality of the liquid, it is necessary to change the anti-nitrate sponge every 6 weeks. This will minimize the amount of nutrients for lower plants.

As for the replacement or cleaning of the blue filter sponges, such procedures are carried out once every 3-6 months. Experts advise to change the filtering filler and sponge in turn.

In such environments, a small sediment forms, including many nutrients that positively affect the biological balance in the aquarium.

Read more: how to install a filter in an aquarium.

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The lighting system with which the products are provided, allows to receive up to 150% more light than lamps of the classical plan. Thanks to the tightness of the lamp it is quite possible to care for the house for fish with full lighting.

The system also includes a beam and flap valves with a fixed mounting for an automatic feeder.

It will be useful to make sure that the cartridges are firmly seated, because only under this condition the lamp will retain its waterproof qualities. Convinced of the quality of fastening the cartridges, you can put the hinged covers and connect to the network.

If the lamp fails – you need to turn off the lamp, turn out the cartridges that protect against moisture, put a new lamp, screw the cartridges well and turn them on again.

Special lighting lamps give 1.5 times more light than ordinary ones.

The German company Juwel produces aquarium equipment, time-tested. The company has been producing aquariums since 1966.

The model range is presented by the most interesting design decisions, each aquarium differs in esthetic appeal and high functionality. This is an ideal choice for beginners, as well as for those who are looking for a high-quality aquarium at a budget price.

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