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Equipment for the aquarium – a list of necessary things

Good day, dear colleagues! Andrei Selitsky is still with you and I want to share with you a new post.

But first, I want to explain myself!) A week has passed since my last post of Snail in an aquarium – usefulness or uselessness, but I still have not written a blog article. This is all because I have now the last 2 weeks of graduation and I am busy now fitting my sides in the diploma.

I will defend on June 12, so you need to be in time.

It seems to be a little podmarafetit, but it’s all the time, and as you know it flies very quickly. And I wanted to share a post on the subject of aquarium equipment, because the equipment for an aquarium is like a Kalashnikov assault rifle for a soldier.

Without it, alas.

Let’s think about this topic! You have already bought an aquarium, picked up a primer for an aquarium, learned how to care for aquarium plants, and so on.

Everything seems to be ready for you. However, do not rush to fill it with water and let the animals live there.

You probably guessed for without special equipment aquarium can not exist in principle. Rather, he can, but it will not be very long.

There is a special equipment for the aquarium, which will make life easier for you and your dear pets.

For example, the human body will quickly become accustomed to strong temperature drops, but the aquarium inhabitants do not have such an opportunity, they live in the tropics, and what is the sudden change in temperature, but in general, where will there be cold water? Right from nowhere.

If you are far from the tropics, then you can not do without an aquarium heater. Modern heaters are so comfortable that in addition to the heating element, they also contain a thermal switch.

What is it for? And you need it to ensure that your aquarium heater does not oil constantly heating the aquarium water, and that it maintains the set temperature. Do you want for example the temperature in the aquarium +25 degrees – put this parameter on the heater and that’s it.

At first, it will work until the water reaches the set temperature, and then it will turn on and then off, thus maintaining a constant water temperature.

Just do not think that if you push a heater into an aquarium, it will surely short there and you will arrange an electric chair for your fish. Aquarium heaters are enclosed in hermetic flasks that will not leak.

During operation, condensation may form inside the flask. This is quite normal, do not think that he has covered himself and need to buy a new one.

This heater will serve you more than one year.

Well, with the heater, it would seem like they figured it out, let’s go further. Kohl fish live in the tropics, thanks to the heater you will create the necessary conditions. Stop, do not create!

In the tropics, the water is clear, and what is yours? Most likely with a crane? Well, naturally from him darling.

And as we all know, the quality of tap water leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is just the time to get an aquarium filter, because the fish are not as stable creatures as “homo sapiens”.

As a rule, the filter for the aquarium is selected based on its volume. You can purchase both an internal filter and an external one. If your aquarium is 60 liters, then you do not need any external filter.

Go to the store and buy a small internal filter and rejoice.

External filter for aquarium

As a rule, external filters are used if the volume of the aquarium exceeds 200-300 liters. Here for the 500-liter aquarium external filter will be most welcome. What is the difference between these two types of filters?

The internal filter has a nozzle and a flask in which a filter element with a drive is located. The filter itself is attached with suction cups to the glass inside the aquarium.

External filters are a kind of canister from which two hoses go to the aquarium. One leads to the filter, and the second already filtered water sends back to the aquarium.

Despite the fact that the internal filter will be much more convenient and economical, your pets are unlikely to enjoy the constant flow.

Internal filter for aquarium

So, we have created more or less suitable conditions for aquarium fish, now one more important detail. As you know, water must be enriched with oxygen, so we need a compressor, or the so-called pump.

The compressor is an extremely necessary equipment for the aquarium. Without it, your fish will suffer from a lack of oxygen in the water and float to the top of the belly.

To prevent this from happening, aquarium water needs to be aerated, especially in summer.


There are two types of aquarium compressors that you can purchase – external and internal. Before you buy, consider how you should choose the most suitable option. External compressors are less decorative and in the aquarium it takes no place, but the only flaw in its work is noise.

Almost no internal noise compressors are created, but they need to be placed in an aquarium, and this does not always look aesthetically pleasing. But there is a way out of this situation – plant tall plants in the background and they will eventually cover this occasion and live peacefully.

In my aquarium, I put the internal filter and compressor – they are in my one unit. I thought that there was no need to tinker with a bunch of aquarium equipment and put the harvester)

So, the water was filtered, the compressor with the heater was set, what else do you need? Well, of course, the sun! As without him darling.

That’s just not in the literal sense of the sun, and the lighting for the aquarium (artificial). You can not allow direct sunlight into the aquarium, because it will greatly affect the microflora, and twilight is also not a very good option for the inhabitants of the underwater world.

Exit this situation, we can thanks to artificial lighting in the form of a lamp.

Flexible hose with funnel

For an aquarium lamp you need to use not only fluorescent lamps, but also incandescent lamps that are built into the aquarium cover. However, when buying incandescent bulbs, you should remember that these lamps, in addition to lighting, will heat the aquarium water.

Fluorescent lamps will not warm up, they are much more economical, and as a top light, they fit just right.

In general, the equipment for the aquarium is designed to facilitate the care of the aquarium, keep it clean and tidy. In addition to the filter, cleanliness in the aquarium is also created by improvised means: scrapers, hoses for pumping water during the substitution and a bucket.

Using a scraper, you will clean the walls of the aquarium from various algae, which spoil the entire aesthetics of the aquarium. This is best a magnetic scraper, but I still use the old Savdepovsky scraper made by my father from a metal rod, at the end of which there is a mount for an ordinary blade.

To change the blade, just unscrew a couple of gadgets and insert a new one.

Net for aquarium

In addition to the scraper you need a hose for pumping water during the substitution. It is best to do this thing once a week, but you can do it once every two.

In general, this is a topic for a separate post, you better subscribe to new blog articles and you will not miss this material. I will say briefly: the larger the volume of the aquarium, the less it is necessary to poke around.

Small-sized aquariums require much more maintenance than larger ones. This is due to the fact. that in a small ecosystem it is very easy to break biological balance, unlike a large can.

Well, that’s all the equipment for the aquarium that is useful to you. Although no, I forgot about one more moment. Fish catching how are you going?

That’s right, net, without it in any way. Fish net for fish can either be bought or made independently. The length of the net you need to choose such that they could easily get to the bottom of the aquarium.

If you choose a short net, then you will constantly dip your hands in the water, and this is not good, you never know, some sort of crap.

Aquarium Thermometer

And finally, another important attribute – a thermometer. Earlier in the aquarium suction cups cling alcohol thermometers to control the temperature of the water.

Now the technique has stepped forward, and at present the thermometer is a narrow strip that is glued outside on the glass of the aquarium. This option is the most optimal thermometer – aesthetics do not deteriorate and control the temperature.

That’s probably all for today, I think I have not forgotten anything from aquarium equipment. I think the post will be useful for you, and if not, then I invite you to BATL in the comments 🙂 Until we meet again, my friends are on the pages of my blog.

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