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Do you need light in the aquarium at night

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The normal life of aquatic plants and living beings is directly dependent on the quality of light. And every novice fan of aquarium fish will certainly have questions: do we need light in the aquarium and why is it needed?

Let’s try to find answers to these questions.

In the old days, fish lovers put their aquarium next to the window for better lighting. However, they soon noticed that if the light from the window falls on the fish house at an angle, then its walls begin to overgrow with algae.

Later, with the advent of modern lighting, natural light for fish in aquariums was replaced by artificial.

In addition to the decorative function, the light in the aquarium also performs an important physiological load. After all, for the proper development of the light is necessary for all living organisms, and its absence causes them to be stressful.

Almost all aquarium fish and plants originated from the tropics, where the light day lasts about 12 hours, regardless of the time of year. Therefore, for their aquarium pets it is better to organize the kind of lighting to which they are accustomed to in nature.

There is still no single answer to the question: do you need to take breaks in the lighting of the aquarium? You can turn on the lamp at about 10-11 am and in the evening turn them off at the same time.

And it is better if the duty to turn on / off the light in the aquarium you will provide a special timer that will do this even in your absence.

Many aquarists are advised to set the intensity of illumination based on one liter of water – a lamp with a power of 0.5 watts. Do not forget to take into account the depth of your aquarium: for fish that live at a depth, you need less light than for shallow ones.

As practice shows, it is possible experimentally to pick up the light in your aquarium, starting from the average 0.5W. If there is an excess of light in the aquarium, the water in it will begin to bloom, and the walls will overgrow with algae.

Under insufficient light, the fish will breathe heavily, small-leaved plants in the aquarium will begin to die, and brown spots will appear on the walls.

Lamps for aquariums come in several options:

  • incandescent lamps – the worst option, they shine badly, but very warm;
  • fluorescent lamps do not fully provide the required range of light;
  • phytolamps provide the desired intensity of light, but their cost is quite high;
  • LED lighting closest to the sun. It maintains a stable water temperature. With their help, you can adjust the brightness and the spectrum of light illumination in the aquarium.

Should I turn off the pump and aeration of the aquarium at night?



Do I need to turn off the light and compressor in the aquarium at night?

It’s me

The air cannot be turned off, the fish will not die from this, but a sharp jump in oxygen does not benefit the fish (it cannot be turned off and on, it must either always work or never). And turn off the light, if there is no timer on the lid, then buy a special outlet with a timer, so it will be more convenient for you.
For example, the sound of the compressor annoys me, so I did without it. I had plants that saturate the water with oxygen, and the water in any case is saturated in the upper layers, it is enough to make the drain from the external filter create current (waves) on the surface, so the water is saturated with oxygen in the aquarium and in nature.

Vladimir Torov

Water-borne plants emit oxygen in the light, but in the dark they do not — on the contrary, they only absorb it, so blowing through the night is even more necessary than during the day.
And to shine round the clock, too, is impossible – the fish will go crazy … 🙂 They also need to rest.


The simplest time relay is a little over a hundred rubles. Go broke and buy! In a tropical aquarium, light is desirable 10-12 hours a day.

The relay can be set so that during the day, when it is light, the light does not burn in order to save. From compressors long ago refused, the movement of water from the filter is enough for aeration.

The filter should not be turned off! The flow is good for fish, there will be no obesity!

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