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Do we need plants in the aquarium

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one. Why aquarium? Long since, since the times of ancient China, people were fond of breeding aquarium fish! This is an interesting and exciting experience.

Like any thing, an aquarium has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it seems to me that a hobby for aquarism makes a person kinder and better. Look, please, here are these articles: I WANT TO LEAD AN AQUARIUM!


Typical aquarium questions beginners. And also, AQUARIUM FAILURES: do we really need these fish?

2 Why in the aquarium snails? Snails, along with fish, are full inhabitants of the aquarium. In addition to the aesthetic characteristics, aquarium snails are health workers of the aquarium world – they eat fish waste and waste products, clean the walls of the aquarium and plants.

In addition, some fish are not averse to eating clams, and therefore many aquarists get them as a food. Read the YELLOW SNAIL AMPULARIA IN YOUR AQUARIUM and the SNAIL COIL.

3 Why in the aquarium light? In fact, the light in the aquarium fish do not need.

The person needs him more to be able to observe his pets at any time of the day. Light is definitely needed by aquarium plants that simply will die without it, so if there are live plants in your aquarium, keep this in mind.

To find out which plant, how much light you need, see AQUARIUM PLANTS.

four. Why in the aquarium plants and algae? Plants, both on Earth and under water, are “light” ecosystems!

Do not underestimate the role of plants and algae in an aquarium. They are the main regulators of the normal operation of the aquarium biosystem. In addition, many fish aquarium just need a vegetable feed.

And some fish use plants as shelters and spawning grounds. Cm.


five. Why in aquarium co2? Why carbon dioxide in the aquarium? The co2 system and carbon dioxide are needed by aquarium plants.

With such a system, the plants feel good and grow. See, CO2 for an aquarium: carbon dioxide supply system + CO2 table!

6 Why in the aquarium need a compressor filter? Compressor, filter, aeration – this is the basic equipment that is necessary for the functioning of the aquarium.

They provide the presence of dissolved oxygen in the water, which is necessary for fish, they clean the aquarium water from waste products and other harmful substances. In addition, the aquarium water is circulated through this equipment.

See WHAT YOU NEED TO AQUARIUM: what to consider when choosing an aquarium and which fish to buy?

7 Why defend water for an aquarium? Tap water is defended in order to get out of it excess dissolved oxygen, which is detrimental to fish.

In addition, some impurities evaporate from the settled water — for example, bleach. See WATER CHANGE IN THE AQUARIUM!

WHAT WATER IS NEEDED FOR THE AQUARIUM? How much water should be defended for the aquarium?

What kind of water to fill! and boiled thawed or distilled water for an aquarium.

eight. Why add salt to the aquarium? Salt is used to treat aquarium fish and for some species of fish that love brackish water.

Read the article PUD OF SALT IN THE AQUARIUM: how much salt to add to the aquarium?

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Plant in the aquarium. Living and artificial algae

Breeding aquarium fish – a very interesting, but truly difficult task. Of course, this has a number of advantages. First, the fish do not spoil the furniture, do not leave behind a wool, which is just everywhere when keeping cats or dogs, do not make noise.

Aquarium fish are well suited to those who are allergic to pet hair. In addition, they are interesting to watch.

But breeding them is not as easy as it seems. They, like other pets, need to be fed in a timely manner, and, unlike others, they cannot give you a sign that they are hungry.

Therefore, it is better for forgetful people not to undertake this business at all.

Great trouble delivers the aquarium. First you need to buy it.

The tank must be the right size. It all depends on the number and size of the fish that you plan to have. The aquarium should be cleaned and water should be changed in it.

Also, do not forget about its constituent parts, such as the bottom (pebbles, shells, etc.), algae, and so on. Plants in the aquarium can be very different. There are artificial and living algae.

This raises the question of what option to stay. This article will tell you in detail about the type of algae and help you choose a plant for your aquarium.

Live plants in the aquarium are very popular among razvodchikov fish. Their main advantages – they grow, live and breathe. This means that they favorably affect the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Living plants are able to emit oxygen in the light, absorbing carbon dioxide. Even a good filter cannot purify water as much as plants.

They absorb all the harmful, spoiling the life of the fish. In addition to the algae that you planted yourself, intentionally, other lower algae, the presence of which is undesirable, may also begin to develop in the aquarium. Living aquatic plants are able to survive them from the aquarium, hinder their development.

Without live algae, some species of fish cannot reproduce. For them, plants are a place where they lay their offspring (caviar).

As already mentioned, algae – food for fish. As you know, aquarium fish are shy pets.

Living plants in an aquarium are a way to hide if they are afraid.

They have drawbacks. If there is a lot of algae, especially in winter, when the light day is reduced, then the fish may suffer from lack of oxygen. Because algae can produce it only in the light.

If a living plant in an aquarium has died, then it begins to rot and poison water. The process of decay is even faster than on land.

Various parasitic organisms that cause damage to aquarium inhabitants can breed on living plants. In addition, plants often do not grow in the aquarium.

The most likely reason for this is that the conditions created are not suitable for them.

The normal life of aquatic plants and living beings is directly dependent on the quality of light. And every novice fan of aquarium fish will certainly have questions: do we need light in the aquarium and why is it needed?

Let’s try to find answers to these questions.

In the old days, fish lovers put their aquarium next to the window for better lighting. However, they soon noticed that if the light from the window falls on the fish house at an angle, then its walls begin to overgrow with algae.

Later, with the advent of modern lighting, natural light for fish in aquariums was replaced by artificial.

In addition to the decorative function, the light in the aquarium also performs an important physiological load. After all, for the proper development of the light is necessary for all living organisms, and its absence causes them to be stressful.

Almost all aquarium fish and plants originated from the tropics, where the light day lasts about 12 hours, regardless of the time of year. Therefore, for their aquarium pets it is better to organize the kind of lighting to which they are accustomed to in nature.

There is still no single answer to the question: do you need to take breaks in the lighting of the aquarium? You can turn on the lamp at about 10-11 am and in the evening turn them off at the same time.

And it is better if the duty to turn on / off the light in the aquarium you will provide a special timer that will do this even in your absence.

Many aquarists are advised to set the intensity of illumination based on one liter of water – a lamp with a power of 0.5 watts. Do not forget to take into account the depth of your aquarium: for fish that live at a depth, you need less light than for shallow ones.

As practice shows, it is possible experimentally to pick up the light in your aquarium, starting from the average 0.5W. If there is an excess of light in the aquarium, the water in it will begin to bloom, and the walls will overgrow with algae.

Under insufficient light, the fish will breathe heavily, small-leaved plants in the aquarium will begin to die, and brown spots will appear on the walls.

The most demanding spectral illumination underwater plants. In order for photosynthesis to occur in them, a violet-blue range of light and an orange-red are necessary.

Conventional fluorescent lamps cannot achieve this. But modern LED and fitolampy cope with the task perfectly.

Lamps for aquariums come in several options:

  • incandescent lamps – the worst option, they shine badly, but very warm;
  • fluorescent lamps do not fully provide the required range of light;
  • phytolamps provide the desired intensity of light, but their cost is quite high;
  • LED lighting closest to the sun. It maintains a stable water temperature. With their help, you can adjust the brightness and the spectrum of light illumination in the aquarium.

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