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DIY crafts for the aquarium

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As a rule, aquarists are very enthusiastic people who, for their silent pets, are ready to do anything, including creating an exclusive decorative design for a water house. Decorating an aquarium is a creative process, entirely dependent on the aesthetic taste of its owner, and each person is particularly proud if the unique decorations are made with their own hands.

Wanting to decorate your aquarium, creating a unique atmosphere in it, an aquarist can use individual elements and parts sold in stores, as well as natural items and materials. Scenery can be both the most simple and complex.

For example, it can be models of ancient buildings of ancient times or knightly castles, a simple hill of neatly folded stones, or a fancy cave with several entrances. It all depends on the person.

Of course, these or other decorations must necessarily correspond to the character and habits of the aquarium inhabitants.

No matter how much you want to decorate your aquarium with various crafts, do not overly clutter up the interior space. It must be remembered that its inhabitants need more space for swimming.

It is recommended to place home-made decorations in the background or on the sides, since the basis of any aquarium is its inhabitants, not crafts. In addition, such an arrangement will help to hide technical devices from the eyes to ensure the vital activity of the fish (filter, aerator, thermometer).

In the central part of the aquarium composition it is desirable to leave only low decorative elements.

In pet stores you can easily buy almost everything you need to design a house for fish. But only well-hand-made decorations can serve as the object of pride of any aquarist and give the internal space a unique look and beauty.

If you want to create a unique aquascape in the walls of your home aquarium, you need to create your own aquarium decorations. For crafts, you can use both special materials from the store, as well as handy, but safe and pre-treated.

Homemade décor can be made from natural or artificial raw materials; these can be simple or complex blanks. Simple decorations include simple grottoes, caverns or wooden decks.

To difficult – “sunken” ships, chests, underwater cities, fancy underwater reefs.

A background composition made in the form of an imitation of a rocky bottom, a coral reef or thickets of thick plants can recreate a colorful perspective on the walls of an aquarium. Proper lighting and decoration of the back wall of the aquarium will attract the attention of not indifferent admirers of marine aesthetics.

Of course, the whole matter of taste, because some prefer a completely darkened background, while others want to see something exciting.

The second option is more appropriate because it provides an opportunity to dream. Beautiful patterns on the ocean theme can be applied to the back wall of the tank, in which a special self-adhesive film with a print can help. An important aspect is to attach the material well to the glass.

To do this, you need to degrease the surface of the glass with a special solution, then moisten the glass with water from a spray bottle, and carefully stick the sticker. Then with a plastic card align the pattern by removing air bubbles under the cover.

You can make a background using foam. The material is completely harmless and easy to use.

It is necessary to burn one side of the part until small bubbles appear. When it cools down, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of cement to the surface of the abrasive.

The result is a gray relief, a semblance of an underwater rocky reef. It is attached to the back wall of the aquarium with a scotch tape.

Looks nice and natural.

See how to make the background for the aquarium.

Psychologists say that the aquarium allows a person to relax and get rid of stress. And if the design of your aquarium is also close to the natural sea or river bottom (this means that it does not contain artificial ships, skulls, chopped vases, colored gravel), then such a piece of nature helps to relax even more.

To make yourself such a corner of nature, you do not need a lot of costs. Everything that can be decorated with an aquarium is under our hands.

And the process of creating jewelry for the aquarium is quite fascinating. Today is very fashionable natural and natural decoration of aquariums.

You can buy such jewelry in the store, but why spend money if you can make it yourself?

Aquariums are a whole universe for such small living creatures of the water element as fish, skates, crustaceans, snails, snakes … Their number is pleasantly shocking in any artificial pond. DIY crafts for the aquarium are an exclusive creative process depending on the talent of the owner. Aquarists have great pride in the wonderful creations they have created.

These masterpieces are beautiful and at the same time convenient for aquatic inhabitants of aquariums. How many species can be embodied in the manufacture of a magnificent brainchild!

You can create a mythical tale from any beautiful moment of life. Someone remembers a vacation in the mountains and uses a rock sculpture in the manufacture of scenery.

Someone can not forget the scuba diving to the bottom of the black sea with numerous strange seaweed bottom. The scenery in the aquarium can be created using a black tint. Thanks to this color is the visualization of space.

At the same time colorfully laid out mosaic of stones with color illumination gives the magnificence of the beauty of the water kingdom.

Background decorations for aquariums can be created by painting the surface and applying decorative patterns. You can use self-adhesive film, glued to a sheet of plywood.

It is applied to the pattern created by artists. It must be firmly attached to the back wall of an artificial reservoir.

The glass surface is wiped with wipers and degreased. Otherwise, the film may fall off and scare the aquarium dwellers. The surface is moistened with separated water, smoothly applying a plywood sheet.

Air is squeezed out of the film using even strokes or punctures of the surface. Plywood quality fix tape.

When creating decorations for the aquarium, you can use a sheet of foam. It will serve as a screen, which at any time can be replaced by another decor.

A rock is cut out of the material, a castle, a waterfall … The front side is burned with fire until small bubbles appear. On the hot side put alabaster, plaster or cement. After complete drying, the surface is painted with gray or gold paint.

Attach art crafts face to the aquarium. The decoration for the aquarium will serve as a wonderful background for its inhabitants.

The scenery of the splendor aquarium waterfall is created the mythical fall of the swirling stream of water. A powerful effect is achieved by the skillful construction of a falling stream of sand. Such an action is created by an air compressor that creates a vacuum.

With the help of the injection, the sand rises through the tubes, and then smoothly descends, creating a wonderful illusion. With a sinking heart with delighted eyes, observing the life of the water element will appreciate the beauty of the picture.

Scenery for an aquarium in the form of a wonderful waterfall can be created by yourself using a compressor. It will take:

  1. A support whose height will serve as a size.
  2. Transparent adhesive tape.
  3. Hose diameter up to 15 millimeters.
  4. Plastic bottle of mineral water.
  5. Silicone glue.
  6. Purchased hoses from droppers.
  7. Decorative pebbles.

The decoration of the aquarium is created with the support. For the necessary stability it is necessary to attach a rectangular base. Several decorative pebbles are glued to it, which create the necessary weight and additional stability.

A hose is attached to it so that the top edge is 1 centimeter above the water. At the bottom of the hose is cut a hole for the cumulative bowl of sand. Such a vessel is made of a plastic bottle.

The top of the neck is cut, which is cut lengthwise, in the form of a scoop. The bowl is inserted into the hose and tightly fixed with transparent tape.

All joints are sealed with silicone glue. The decoration for the aquarium does not tolerate the depressurization of the seams.

Otherwise, the injection will not work. To the lower edge of the hose join the tubes from the droppers. Air is supplied through this device.

At the bottom of the hole is cut through which all the sand will fall out. The design can be decorated with small pebbles, plaster, cement.

From it, you can create a beautiful fascinating castle or a mysterious cave. Aquarium decoration will be a great addition to its aquatic inhabitants.

The architecture of a small form can be replaced by the knots and roots of trees found in the forest. True connoisseurs of exclusive jewelry grind various caves, ships, holes, and also various inhabitants of the water kingdom from wood.

The decorations for the aquarium in the form of natural trees look great. Viewers are presented with a panorama of the dragon’s fairy-tale world, among scattered colored treasures near a wooden chest and a sunken ship.

Such shelters will become a favorite place for home inhabitants.

In the manufacture of crafts material is soaked for 30 minutes in salt water. Then, the future harvesting must be boiled and bark free. From the side it is necessary to cut a hole that will serve as an entrance.

The edges are burned on the fire and cleaned of delaminated particles. Then the decoration of the aquarium should lie for 7 days in boiled water.

Only after all the procedures, the tree is laid on the bottom of the aquarium, fixing it with silicone glue or decorative pebbles. Do not use rotting wood. Particles of this material will fall into the aquarium water and adversely affect the health of the inhabitants.

It is not recommended to use oak. Its substances secrete organic acids that are harmful to fish.

Due to the content of resins, decorations for aquariums cannot be created from coniferous trees.

Skilful craftsmen make treasures of the sunk ships from ordinary small pebbles. Special love and demand are flat stones of small size and regular rounded shape.

Making decorations for aquariums is made according to the plan and fantasy of the master. Bonding of stones is created by special silicone according to the artist’s drawings.

It can be a stone fortress or cliffs, a stone bridge or a mysterious cave.

Scenery for aquarium in the form of small pebbles goes well with sand waterfall and wooden crafts. Natural stone is easy to use and has global opportunities to create unusual figures.

You can use a smooth pebble, which is well fixed with silicone glue. It is forbidden to make decorations for aquariums from alkaline materials.

They change the chemical composition of water, creating unsuitable conditions for existence. In such a situation, aquatic inhabitants may die. To check the stones for the presence of alkalinity, apple cider vinegar should be dropped onto their surface.

When sizzling bubbles appear, the use of such pebbles is prohibited, since an alkaline reaction has occurred. Such material contains calcareous molecules and is unsuitable for use.

With a neutral reaction pebbles stacked on the bottom of the aquarium or glued with glue.

The decoration for the aquarium in the form of stones combines well with shells and corals. Such material is loved by African cichlids living in such natural conditions. For other types of marine life is better to use the types of stones:

You can not use decorations for aquariums with strongly pointed edges, as fish can get hurt. Stone figures are indispensable for home and office aquariums.

They fill the inner space well, creating a world of fairy tales.

Decorations for aquariums are especially appreciated when created with their own hands. The beauty of the water element can be shown in all its glory with the diligence and talent of the master. Only with his imagination and skill can we realize and reproduce the mysterious water crafts.

They will attract and delight numerous spectators with fabulous fantasies made of wood, stone, foam plastic, beads, ornamental plants, and sand. The world inside the aquarium will seem real, mysterious and attracts the eyes of others.

The most simple crafts from improvised tools will help beat your aquarium. Making the scenery with your own hands, you will save money and be able to decorate the water space of your pets in the ideal key for you.

Here is another creative idea for the scenery. Intricate shapes can be crafted with foam rubber. So, you will need foam rubber, a brush, mounting foam, scissors, toothpicks, tile glue, silicone and acrylic paint for outdoor work.

Foam rubber can be easily made not only a “pile of stones”, but also various grottoes for fish.

  1. Cut a solid piece of foam that matches the size of the back wall of your tank. Next you have to turn on the fantasy and create the grotto you want it to be.
  2. When the frame is ready, its elements need to be fixed. Use foam and gun.
  3. When the workpiece has dried, dilute the tile adhesive to a thick cream. Apply the mixture on the frame in 3-4 layers with gentle movements of the brush, giving each of them time to dry.
  4. The final step – take a sponge, moisten it in an acrylic composition and apply to the scenery. This will give the design a more attractive look. Since the foam is very light, it is necessary to fix it on a rigid base. It may be a piece of glass.

Place the scenery in the water for 3 days “soak”, then you can move it directly to the fish tank in the aquarium.

Do-it-yourself grotto: some interesting and simple ideas

Anyone, even a beginner aquarist, knows how important the scenery is for an aquarium. They not only make it more aesthetic and harmonious, but also are actively used by the inhabitants for games and recreation.

In specialized stores of similar equipment – the mountains. However, they do not always correspond to the design idea, they are quite expensive, and sometimes they also raise doubts with their safety: the dominance of Chinese handicrafts cannot guarantee non-toxicity of materials and processing sufficient to prevent pets from being hurt. Therefore, literate people prefer to make a grotto for the aquarium with their own hands.

In this case, it will exactly fit into the underwater landscape and will be absolutely safe for fish.

In some cases, a grotto for an aquarium with your own hands is needed immediately: for example, you were presented with beginners, and the “pool” for them turned out to be cramped. In anticipation of improving their living conditions, fish can kill each other.

Save the situation can house “fast”.

A glass bottle of the desired size is taken (for example, from under a ketchup), washed, boiled and dried. Dry aquarium sand crumbles on the newspaper, the container is covered with silicone and rolled around in the ground.

In an hour, when the silicone grasps firmly enough, the pebbles and pebbles glue along the stuck sand. They add aesthetics and give the bottle stability. A similar grotto for an aquarium should dry up overnight so that the silicone will find its ultimate strength.

In the morning it can be placed in the reservoir to the fighters.

Many aquarists are offered ideas for decorating a home for fish using different compositions. This topic is constantly open as the space for imagination is constantly expanding.

The aquarium landscape can be varied with the help of natural materials and plants. What about coconut?

Coconut in the aquarium is an extremely useful and necessary item that will delight your fish. We can assume that the house for the living creatures is ready, one has only to spend a small amount of money and physical effort. Coconut shell is not subject to rotting in water, is easy to process and does not contain harmful impurities.

With it, you can make useful crafts with their own hands.

Coconuts have a negative buoyancy, have a beautiful view, so the fish and crustaceans will be satisfied. As a personal shelter, coconuts for aquariums will be taken by such aquatic inhabitants:

  • Small cichlids (Apistograms, Etroplus, Lilioupi-lamprologusa, Trophaeus, Ramirezi, Nanochromis, Palvikakhromisy and others);
  • Soma Loricarides;
  • Crayfish and shrimp;
  • Botsia;
  • Plekostomusy, Panaki and Ancistrus.

Before putting the sawn coconuts for an aquarium, it should be soaked in water for several days (replacing water every 12 hours), after having cleaned the inside of the pulp residues using a hard kitchen sponge or metal scourer. After lying in water for a few more days, it is perfectly cleaned.

If you leave a nut in water or boil it in water for 10 minutes, it will no longer stain aquarium water, and the material itself will not harm the fish.

There is an opinion that after placing the coconut in the aquarium, the health of the fish deteriorates. This may be due to the chemicals with which the product was processed before serving on the counter.

But during boiling, some of the germs and toxins are destroyed, so there are already prerequisites for trust. In addition, very few people came across such poor-quality coconuts – product managers are well versed in products.

After all the procedures, coconuts can be cooled by gently dropping them to the bottom of the aquarium. You can make a house covered with Javanese moss – it will look organically and attractive.

But consider the moment – large fish can get stuck in a coconut, so be guided by the size of the aquarium living creatures.

Coconuts for aquarium – an excellent decoration, creating the presence of a tropical pond in the room. The small underwater world will delight both the inhabitants of the aquarium and those who love to contemplate it.

Today it is easy to embody the design decisions of the internal and external design of turnkey aquariums. Modern studios offer the most unusual variations in the artistic design of hidden depths.

However, if you wish, you can create your own design project, making a truly unique aquarium. The design, realized with your own hands, will allow to realize any idea, making the created underwater world a basic element of the interior of the room.

Thanks to the unusual beauty, modern aquariums can become a real gem of any interior. The variety of styles and forms is simply amazing.

Aquariums can be suspended, floor, built-in. Aquariums-dioramas create a stunning effect in the room, their form seems to contribute to immersion in the exciting water world.

The handwritten version improves well-being and improves mood. Today, even a dry aquarium is not uncommon.

The design, realized with your own hands, allows you to give yourself an unusual creative concept of the sea landscape. Many solutions can be created due to the incredible flight of creativity.

It is definitely simple and incredibly interesting!

The scenery for the subject environment of the underwater world serves as a safe decoration for the aquarium. But the main component of the internal design is its thriving biosystem.

According to their purpose, aquariums are divided into decorative and special (spawning, selection, nursery, quarantine and others). The most popular of them are species and biotope.

Species aquarium will not only decorate the interior of the house, but also give a unique opportunity to observe a certain type of fish or their closely related species. Its inhabitants have a significant impact on the design of the aquarium.

It’s not difficult at all to do it yourself, but before embodying the idea, you should seriously familiarize yourself with the habits of selected fish in their natural habitat.

Biotope aquariums reproduce the imitation of a natural biotope with a characteristic type of fish, plants, and certain parameters of their habitat.

For novice naturalists, the best option for decorating an aquarium will be the collector style. This is an ideal option that allows you to “get a hand”.

Everything is allowed here. You can mix plants, use their artificial imitations, choose any aquarium.

Design, embodied in your own hands, allows you to create interesting compositions from plants of different textures and decorative elements. It is possible to experiment with different storylines. The choice of plants should depend on the subject.

For a start, the preference is recommended to give unpretentious and hardy plants.

Many people today are keen on breeding marine fish. Preparing a biological environment for them is more difficult, especially with the use of living corals that are quite demanding on water parameters. But experienced naturalists are quite able to create such an aquarium design with their own hands.

200 liters is the optimal average volume for enjoying the contemplation of the underwater sea. It should not be overpopulated with living beings, since a limited life support system operates in such a reservoir.

Design a marine aquarium is necessary taking into account its type, which not least depends on the inhabitants. These can be predators (sharks, rays, moray eels), non-predatory fish (zebrasomes, angelfish and other species) or corals and invertebrate sea anemones.

Predatory fish are considered the most unpretentious; invertebrates are more difficult to care for and may die from minor deviations in chemical indicators of water.

For the livelihood of such aquariums is to purchase expensive equipment. It will need to be decoded, it is worth considering when developing the design of the aquarium with your own hands.

The photo shows how you can successfully hide all the wires, hoses and tubes, making out the background with picturesque coral reefs, rocks and shelters for fish in the form of mysterious grottoes and caves.

A beautiful background for the design of the back wall of the aquarium is easily created with the help of special films on which images of the underwater world are applied. They can have just a rich blue color, creating the effect of depth and contrast.

But it is much more interesting to include the background, the size and volume of the tank, the decorations used and incorporate everything into your own designed aquarium: 250 liters; by the way.

It is worth noting that the background of the aquarium often gives the whole composition (especially volumetric) a unique charm and naturalness of the aquatic environment. It is easy to create it with your own hands, using, for example, polystyrene foam broken by different pieces, which is glued to the back wall of the aquarium and painted with special paint with intermittent strokes. It turns out an excellent imitation of stone background.

It can be made in a similar way, using pieces of bark from kryag.

The composition can be created from dead coral, stones from the sea reef. Small invertebrates, polyps and other inhabitants will find shelter in the marine aquarium.

The design of the aquarium, designed and executed by hand, allows for a considerable number of excellent ideas for plot aquariums using exotic plants, shells and sea stones. An incredible number of them can be realized by creating their own “rock gardens”.

And then with pleasure to watch the flickering on their background of bright fish with an unusual color.

The main thing – do not overdo it with decorative elements, plants and inhabitants of the aquarium. Everything should be harmoniously combined, to give pleasure to its creator and not to harm the fish.

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