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Design and design tsikhlidnika: how to equip an aquarium

Any fish and vegetation aquarium should be equipped in the form of a cichlid that will maintain its proper appearance, and living organisms will not suffer from decomposition of organic matter and turbidity of water. This is what first of all inexperienced lovers of aquarium living creatures should know before equipping a living area.

Cichlid allows you to create optimal conditions for fish and it is interesting to equip the interior of the aquarium

There is no definite concept of what a tsikhlidnik is, since an aquarium with such a name is a container familiar to everyone with fish, among which there is also a special species – these are cichlids. Hence the very name “tsikhlidnik.”

Cichlids are a family of ornamental fish., for which comprehensive care is needed. Such fish should not be kept in the same reservoir with several other species, as the first ones are very aggressive not only to the surrounding living creatures, but even to each other.

Homeland cichlids – South and Central America, as well as Africa, where they live in large numbers.

From the above, we can conclude that the cichlid aquarium is a competent arrangement of a small reservoir, where restless fish and vegetation can live in comfort, and all the necessary conditions for this will be maintained and a certain decor will be maintained.

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Also in such an aquarium you can keep other fish. It is important that they are from the same habitat with cichlids.

It is necessary to understand and what they are, cichlids. For beginners lovers of aquarium life will be interesting the fact that such fish exist in 1900 species, and they all differ from each other in their beauty.

But they are interesting not only for their varied and bright color, but also for very unusual behavior.

Cichlids are a very large group of tropical aquatic vertebrates, which includes about 1900 species

Among the decorative, typically aquarium cichlids, the most common are the following types:

  • discus;
  • Oscars
  • angelfish;
  • striped parrot;
  • julidohromis;
  • handsome chromis.

These fish have a small, flattened on the sides of the body. But there is a commercial tsikhlovaya fish – it is tilapia, which can be found on the shelves of fish stores.

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Immediately it should be emphasized that the design of an aquarium with cichlids involves primarily its large size. This is necessary for comfortable living of fish, since each of them must have its own corner, where it can hide, and where the uninvited guest will not look. The requirements here are:

  • volume – at least 120 liters;
  • shape – only rectangular;
  • length – at least 90 cm.

The creation and launch of such a unique aquarium is based on the habits of its inhabitants.

Data above the length, shape and volume are well suited for African cichlid species that are more calm and livable. And for Amazonian fish, a different tsikhlidnik of at least 200 l is needed. The length here can be up to 2 m, which is not very convenient for a standard dwelling.

As for the registration of a cichlid by vegetation, often inexperienced people rely on the opinion that it is not needed there. That is, if the fish is restless (and such cichlids are), then it will begin to eat aquarium algae or dig them.

Yes, this is exactly the case, but nevertheless, it is not necessary to leave an artificial reservoir empty and lifeless, because a duckweed that will float on the surface is quite suitable for the design of a cichlid. And if you really want to sit the plant inside, at the bottom, then you can first plant it in a small pot.

When planting aquarium vegetation, it is better to select strong representatives of it, with rigid leaves and strong elastic stems.

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To properly equip the tsikhlidnik, you need to immediately abandon the idea of ​​cluttering. Many people like to scatter an incredible set of decorative trifles on the bottom, which in the end do not decorate, but only clutter up the space. Cichlids – fish are very active, and it will be inconvenient to dodge among numerous piles.

This can harm their habitual life. The result – do not put decorative locks, grottoes, snags and stones above the norm.

Also it is necessary to place them in sufficient distance from each other.

Zoning is another important aspect in arranging a pond for cichlids, because each of their species must have its own territory, they will not be able to live together. Otherwise, such fish will not be able to rest and give birth to offspring. Zones can be zoned by bushes or pebbles, as the size of the aquarium allows.

At first the fish will fight for the territories they like, but then they will distribute them among themselves and continue peaceful coexistence.

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It is important to choose the right soil for the bottom of the aquarium. The task is not easy: the fish will constantly dig the bottom of small particles and thus destroy the interior decoration, and large pieces of soil can harm them. There is only one way out – this is the usual river sand, which will consist of small grains of 2–3 mm.

The thickness of the layer of sand on the bottom should be about 5 cm. The thickness of the soil will depend on the type of fish and their size.

In general, the content of cichlids will not be inconvenient if all recommendations are properly followed. Comfortable living fish in your pond will depend entirely on the skills and knowledge of the person who equips this reservoir.

AND always need to remember, that cichlids are very sensitive to changes in habitat, and this must be taken into account when selecting plants, decorative elements and their placement in water.

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