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Crab vampire content in an aquarium

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Aquarium crabs maintenance care breeding compatibility feeding description photo video.

The content of armor-clad is acceptable in an aquarium with a volume of 50 liters and a height of 10-15 cm. Tropical crabs living in fresh water are accustomed to constant movement. It is desirable that the tank was a lot of inputs and outputs.

For example, the “vampire” likes when there is sphagnum moss at the bottom of the house for convenience. Many crustaceans need clean water, free from heavy metals, ammonia and nitrates. There must be a slow flow in the tank.

Water parameters for the nursery: the temperature is 24-26 degrees in water and 25-28 on land, the acidity of water is 7.0-7.5 pH, hardness – 10-20о on average.

For each type of crab you should select individual decorations and the type of ground coating. Some arthropods prefer sand, others – silty bottom. Tropical representatives like a vampire and a reddish mantle can live in a thin layer of sand.

Stones and snags, stile-leaved plants must be present, as the crabs are used to taking food from them.

Compatibility with fish is possible, but you need to experiment. More suitable active species of fish, for example, cichlids and tetras.

And it is unlikely to get along with the bottom fish.

Crab compatibility

It is better to acquire one crab, having thrown off conjectures that it will be boring for him alone. The males crabs are very territorial and the appearance of a fellow on the square with it can end in tears, they will definitely fight for food, power, females, etc.

In these battles, they often lose either claws or other limbs, which later grow back during regular shedding.

The content in one aquaterrarium of a pair – male + female is quite possible, although they will not breed in captivity anyway. How to distinguish the female from the male, if you still decide to contain a pair. It is necessary to gently turn the crab up the abdomen (abdomen) and consider it.

In females, abdomen is wide, in males narrow. In addition, males are larger and brighter than females.

Favorable content in clean water and enriched with nutrients feeding does not guarantee the appearance of offspring. This is due to the fact that crabs – territorial animals, are prone to conflict.

Even the owner can pinch the finger.

In the natural environment, arthropods breed for three summer months, when the weather becomes warm and comfortable. Breeding females simultaneously monitor the older brood, bearing new spawn.

Fry in the first months of life often molt. Breed in the prepared shelters.

Due to their nature, they are very sensitive and aggressive during this period.


What crabs eat: make up a pet menu

Crabs are not only a tasty dish in a restaurant. Today, a new and rapidly growing trend has become the equipment of aquariums with sea water. Therefore, crabs have become favorite pets.

Interesting and clever enough, with a peculiar behavior, they attract the attention of fans of the underwater world. By the way, crabs exist a great many, there are freshwater individuals, which can be hooked into the most ordinary aquarium.

However, today we will talk about what crabs eat.

From technical equipment you will need a filter and aerator, as well as a set of lamps. It is advisable to immediately choose a large aquarium, so that each individual has at least 0.3 square meters, because these amazing creatures love to travel. In the water you can inhabit small fish, like guppies.

But larger fish crabs caught and eaten. In captivity, crabs grow to 10 cm and live for 5-7 years.

To multiply them is difficult, they need special conditions and sea water. They have a planktonic larval stage, so it can hardly be expected that you will admire small crabs. However, mating behavior in the aquarium is observed quite often.

This is not surprising, since almost all species behave when the conditions of detention are close to ideal.

On the one hand, it is still exotic, and there are practically no experts in the field of crabs. On the other hand, they keep the same house frogs and newts, turtles and other creatures that once seemed completely inappropriate for an aquarium.

And they also peacefully coexist with fish.

Speaking about what crabs eat, it is worth remembering that in nature these creatures are completely omnivorous. They are happy to have breakfast with insects, cubs of other crabs, berries or algae.

Almost everything that they come across on the way, they will definitely check for edibility.

Let’s now pay attention to our countryman. He lives in large numbers on the Black Sea coast.

A lot of tourists decide to grab one with the other. If you can bring your pets home alive, you can settle them in your aquarium. What do Black Sea crabs eat?

In principle, everything is the same as crayfish. Will be happy to eat moths, any live food, chopped meat, that is, everything that falls to the bottom of the aquarium.

However, it is very difficult to maintain a sea crab at home, because it needs special conditions. Therefore, it is better to buy in the pet store freshwater, adapted crab.

You will also be offered specialized food for these arthropods.

The most important rule here is not to overfeed. In principle, we have already listed what sea crabs eat at home.

Any fruits and vegetables, berries, meat and specialized food. The most important thing is not to overfeed the pet.

Daily feeding is the greatest evil for arthropods. You need to give food three times in ten days.

That is, once every three days.

In this case, protein products can be included in the diet of the crab no more than once a week. The quantity for one individual is about a large pea.

You can change food from time to time, it can be a shrimp or a piece of raw meat, a little fish. On major holidays (in the literal sense, stick to the calendar, so as not to be confused) you can give mussels and oysters.

Be sure to give your pet mineral supplements. It can be shredded eggshells or chalk for parrots.

It should always lie on land. In the water is to add a little sea salt, which is bought at the pet store.

Add will have to the eye, so it is better to less than more. This is important in order to preserve the integrity of the shell.

Do not use sea salt for bath, it has a lot of dyes and flavors.

Regarding this concern unnecessarily, your pet will definitely not starve. In nature, they can go without food for several months, and a week without food will not cause him any discomfort.

It is overfeeding that causes various problems with your pet’s health. The crab begins frequent and problematic molt, which is a great stress for his body.

Shedding is a normal physiological process, but in an aquarium the crab suffers from a lack of movement. In nature, it can go up to 3 km per day. As a result, being in conditions of constant growth and lack of movement, he does not have time to go through a cycle of recovery and preparation for a new molt.

And this will lead to the loss of limbs and death.

Aquarium crabs get along poorly at home with their own kind. If you are not a fan of fights and murders, then it is better to put one pet in the aquaterrarium. Despite the peace-loving attitude towards humans, crabs are quite aggressive towards males.

In the wild, serious clashes constantly arise between them for any reason, which often end in the death of the weakest. However, it is necessary to distinguish the content of the house from the wild.

Here individuals have no opportunity to hide from each other and in the end only one will survive.

You can wind up two or more crabs if you have the opportunity to provide everyone with their own territory. Best of all, if the crab will have no less than 50 square centimeters.

He will guard his territory fiercely.

Does not accept the cancer of the neighborhood with fish, snails and frogs. Of course, for a few days you will still be able to watch the full aquaterrarium, but after that the number of the latter will significantly decrease until it disappears completely.

Once a season, crabs molt. The frequency may vary depending on the conditions of detention.

In the first place – the temperature. Molting occurs in salt water (exception Potamon potamios).

The optimum salinity of water ranges from 15 to 45%.

Shedding is necessary for crab growth. Within a few hours, it is in the water and in turn removes all limbs, tail and body from the old chitinous refuge. After that, the crab sits in a shelter for several days and does not eat.

It leaves from there only after the shell becomes stronger. At such moments, he is defenseless and can be easy prey, so the ideal option is to arrange a temporary shelter from the brethren.

Life expectancy at home from 3 to 5 years.

In captivity, rainbow crabs molt in fresh water, sometimes they come to sit on a raft or stone, using it as land. Rather, it is a congenital habit, rather than a sign of his poor state of health.

Indigo crab content is possible in an aquaterrarium with a coastal zone of at least 1/3 of the total tank size. The water is not necessarily deep, it can cover 10-15 cm. It is recommended to mark the coastline with a large tuff or Kenyan stone.

Then a little soil will be able to pass through the cracks, forming an interesting descent into the water. The soil should not be too small, 3-5 mm one grain.

In this case, it will be easier to siphon.

They lead a digging-digging lifestyle, often digging a decent pit with mounds in the sand. To avoid this, a clay tube with a diameter greater than the size of its body is placed at an angle of 45 ° on the coastal part.

The tube should not stagnate water, through it will pass through the draft.

The process of digging up sand looks extremely funny: the crab presses a portion of the soil to itself, goes to the water and throws it there. And then follows the next batch.

Often the picture is repeated – this is a necessary occupation for crustaceans, the desire for which is given by nature.

You can add salt to the aquarium water to the degree of 6-10 ppm per 1 liter. For the soil suitable coral chips or purified sand.

The rainbow crab periodically fades. When the chitinous cover increases, they change the old shell to a new one.

The new molt of the crab is able to influence the temperature range of water, the diet, feed and lighting. Shedding crab in the water.

After molting do not disturb the animals, update the water to fresh in a few days.

Look at the flock of rainbow crabs.

Under favorable conditions of existence, the rainbow crab is quickly restored after molting, not having formations in the form of holes on its shell. Calcium deficiency, reduced water mineralization leads to a decrease in the quality of the coating.

Aquaterrarium advised to plant trees, crabs love to eat greens. So that they do not eat all the plants, you should give the animals food, rich in fiber and vitamins: pears, apples, oranges, bananas, Brussels sprouts, boiled carrots, pumpkin, green peas. The nettle scalded with boiling water, lettuce leaves, dandelions and spinach are also useful for them.

Do not disdain carrion. Sometimes they do not refuse feed for fish, meat and shellfish.

Food must be laid out on the same surface on land. Some aquarists have learned to tame domestic crabs, they themselves asked for hands, joyfully meeting a person.

The following varieties of seedlings are suitable as vegetation: Javanese moss, hornpole, elodea, Indian water fern, bladderwort, duckweed, water hyacinth, nayas. Floating plants will survive, but bottom plants will be eaten.

Recommended water temperature: 24-26 degrees in water and 25-28 degrees on land. The acidity of water is 7.0-7.5 pH, water hardness – 15-20o. Crab fry are prone to frequent molting.

Adults change their shell 1-2 times a year. Install a filter and aerator in the aquarium, low-power fluorescent lamps. For each crab should allocate 0.3 square meters. m bottom area.

Guppies, swordtails, danios, mollies, barbs and shrimps can be lodged in the water to them. It is proved that their crustaceans will not eat.

Oddly enough, crabs can attack large fish.

In captivity, tricolor crabs breed with difficulty, because they need sea salted water, where they develop in the plankton larval stage. Rarely crabs reproduced offspring in aquariums.

Plants, though not mandatory, are an important part of the biosystem. True, since crabs are quite peculiar creatures, it will be rather difficult to pick up plants and, most likely, you will need several attempts. It is not recommended to use plants that will be rooted in the soil – they will be brutally dug out and thrown away by your pet.

Therefore, you need to choose a plant floating on the surface, experiment until you find a plant that does not taste good for your pet. Of course, it will take a lot of time, but for a crab it is important.

In conclusion, I would like to write that crabs are very fastidious to the living conditions of the creature. Therefore, in order for them to feel comfortable, you will have to make a lot of effort.

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