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Cover for aquarium do it yourself

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Getting to the equipment of the aquarium, you can not underestimate the importance of such an element as the cover. Special ready-made design can be purchased at the pet store, and even make an order for a model that corresponds to the size of the container.

But the cover for the aquarium with his own hands, made of safe materials, will serve no less good service.

Aquarian cover – a necessary attribute of any full-fledged aquarium. It isolates the aquarium from the ingestion of foreign objects and contributes to the creation of a microclimate.

Lamps that provide lighting are attached to the cover, and it is very convenient to fill in fish feed through the hole.

However, aquarists face problems when choosing a cover. Factory products are produced in standard sizes, which sometimes do not coincide with the size of the aquarium. In addition, manufacturers place in the covers no more than 2 lamps, which in the end is not enough for full lighting.

If your aquarium has a non-standard size or you do not trust the conveyor production, then a homemade cover for the aquarium will help you out. Its production will take a little time and will require certain skills, but the result will be worth the effort.

Before you make a cover for the aquarium with your own hands, you need to stock up on materials:

  • plastic 5 mm thick;
  • assembly knife;
  • glue for plastic;
  • 4 furniture corners;
  • screwdriver / drill for screwing;
  • acrylic paint;
  • ruler and pencil for layouts.

After purchasing these materials you can get to work.

  1. Cut the sheets and cut into necessary pieces with a knife (4 side walls, part of the cover). Plastic is well cut and does not crumble.
  2. After cutting the plastic, you can proceed to gluing the lid. Attach the side walls to the base of the cover. Need to glue in a circle. Use cyanoacrylate adhesive as a sealer. Remember that the glue dries instantly, so you need to apply it very carefully.
  3. As a result, you will receive such a box.
  4. Back away from the edge of 3 cm and glue the plastic corners. Their main function is to prevent the lid from falling into the aquarium and fix it in a certain position.
  5. On a level with plastic corners, glue another piece of plastic to make the cover more stable.
  6. If there is excess material, you can make patches of it. They will make the cover more durable and prevent premature wear. At this stage, you can attach the electronic ballast (electronic ballast), which is needed for the lamp.
  7. Cut out the hatch for falling asleep feed. It is better to place it away from the cover glass.
  8. Cut openings for external filter tube.
  9. Paint the outside of the cover with acrylic paint. Glue the inside with food foil.

Cover for the aquarium do it yourself.

You can leave the lid in the original condition, or you can embed the lamp. Illumination will ensure the normal course of biological processes and turn the aquarium into a bright spot in your apartment. For the manufacture of lighting will need to purchase:

  • 4 electronic ballasts for 18 volts;
  • switch;
  • 10 m of white wire (cross section 0.5);
  • 3 m of red wire (cross section 0.75);
  • 8 lamp holders;
  • cartridges for fluorescent lamps;
  • Clem, plug for euro socket.

After purchasing all the attributes, you can start mounting the backlight.

  1. Cut a hole for the switch at the top of the structure. Place the hole for the wire in the back wall.
  2. Lamps are connected very simply: one electronic ballast connects to one lamp. Lamps attach to the bolted holders.
  3. Lamps can be placed in parallel, but you can be creative and position them at an angle.
  4. As a result, the cap will look like this.

As a result, you get a cover that fits perfectly to the size of the aquarium. Experts advise to experiment with the independent manufacture of rectangular and square caps. The cover for a round aquarium is problematic in manufacturing, as it requires precise calculations and special bending structures.

It is better to buy complete with an aquarium.

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