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Content piranhas in the home aquarium

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At the word “piranha”, the majority is something terrible and very dangerous. It would seem that this fish does not put a finger in its mouth.

But it turns out she can live at home.

Fashion for predators is gaining momentum. More recently, it was difficult to imagine that they would move from a South American river to Russian apartments.

People keep medium-sized individuals – red-bellied, flag and dwarf, as well as a variety called red pacu. They live from 4 to 12-15 years, unpretentious, and care for them is quite simple.

In captivity, he sits in the corners and caves, among the algae, pebbles and shells. Therefore, there are many shelters for her to make her feel comfortable.

Accommodation needs a roomy, with a volume of about 100 liters, because the smaller the space, the angrier those who inhabit it.

Do not forget about lighting. It is necessary to provide pets more light (preferably white).

Aquarists are fond of not only the content, but also the breeding of predators. To this process was successful, they give high-quality food with the maximum number of animal feed.

To prepare for spawning, the pair is placed in a separate container of 300 liters. For more comfort, future parents will need a cleaning filter pump.

It gives the effect of flow, and reproduction occurs as if in a natural environment.

At the bottom of the ground poured a thickness of about 5 cm. In it, the male digs a hole where the female will begin to spawn.

Water temperature should be plus 28-30 degrees. Every day it is changed by about a quarter of the total volume.

After the birth of the offspring of adult fish is deposited so that they do not eat their own children. Malkam fed nauplii and daphnia, gradually adding pipelines and bloodworms. 3 weeks after the appearance of the babies they are sorted.

So, the stronger will not start eating the weak.

After 3-4 months they are transferred to a standard feed.

Owners in one voice say that piranhas are amazing and interesting. For hours you can watch them hide and hunt.

The guest from Amazon ceases to be a wonder and becomes familiar. One of the main advantages of its content – unpretentious and easy care.

Common piranha has many variants of the name – red-bellied, red or Natterer. If you apply one of these names to piranha, you will not go wrong.

The first predators appeared in aquariums lovers of exotic more than 65 years ago. They were brought to our country in the middle of the last century from the waters of the Amazon and Orinoco.

It is worth noting that the most beautiful appearance of the aquarium piranha becomes at the time of full puberty. The photo clearly shows the play of colors from the steel back to the silver body and red belly, throat and anal fin. Red-bellied reaches about 30 centimeters in length in the wild and 25 in the aquarium.

In their natural environment, they live in flocks. The minimum number of individuals in one group is 20 tails.

They are combined to facilitate the search for food. Piranhas are brutal predators, so they choose a victim and attack it in a flock.

This species is considered the most ferocious of the inhabitants of the waters of the planet.

Despite the fact that piranhas are not difficult to maintain and are hardy enough, they are best kept by an experienced aquarist. Do not underestimate her sharp fangs and deadly grip. Inexperienced breeders can get to her tooth out of ignorance and negligence.

In no case can not put the aquarium with predators low, if you have small children.

Piranhas are not suitable for aquariums with several types of fish. They prefer the company of “their own”, but even there tragic cases are not excluded. If you carefully look at the habits, you can find a leader.

He always eats first, takes the best places, shows who is the master in the home aquarium, and, most often, is the largest in size. It is not uncommon that scuffles may occur during clarifications. It is not excluded aggression and cannibalism.

The only option with which you can try to settle piranha is a black pacu, provided that the latter has not reached puberty and is considered a teenager.

One piranha will live in an aquarium, but it is better to start several individuals at once. For large fish, you need to choose the right volume of the aquarium.

There is about 150 liters of water per individual, the same parameter should be taken into account if you decide to settle several fish in an artificial pond. Piranhas are very voracious, and, as a result, produce a lot of waste, so be careful about the choice of filter and its power.

Active killers live in aquariums for at least 10 years, this should be taken into account before the organization of the aquarium.

Water requirements:

  • 150 liters per individual;
  • A large number of shelters;
  • Pure water and daily substitution;
  • Powerful filter with active filter element.

Carefully monitor the behavior of pets and regularly do tests to determine the ammonia content of water.

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