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Choosing the best internal filter for the aquarium

Usually, an internal filter for an aquarium is chosen by those who do not have a large body of water, and there are not that many fish and various vegetation. High-quality modern models are characterized by compactness and the ability to purify water, while simultaneously saturating it with oxygen.

But when choosing an aquarium filter, you need to take into account some of the nuances in order for the purchase to be really beneficial.

The device of internal aquarium filters is so simple that even a beginner can easily figure it out. This is a cylindrical plastic housing, in which there are special openings for drawing in water.

Inside the case there are sections where the filter elements are located. Usually used:

  • special modules (ultraviolet, ceramic);
  • biological sponges;
  • filler (mainly from activated carbon).

When the pump is running, water from the tank is drawn into the filter, then passes through a stepped cleaning system. The purified water then returns back to the aquarium.

On the market, you can find more expensive analog filters that have additional functions, for example, a heating element, pump power.

When choosing, you must take into account various factors:

  • the number of aquatic inhabitants;
  • feeding frequency;
  • the presence and number of plants (both real and artificial).

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Also important is the performance of the model. It is desirable that it was at least 5-7 volumes.

For a tank of one hundred liters, select options that pump at least five hundred liters per hour. Too small devices are not recommended to choose, since small dimensions negatively affect the amount of filter material.

The advantages of such devices are many. The best internal filters for an aquarium are usually distinguished by the following criteria:

  1. Availability. They will cost at least two times cheaper than an external device with approximately the same performance.
  2. Full security. Eliminates the possibility of leakage, because the filter is located inside.
  3. Reliability. Only the pump can fail, but as practice shows, devices can work without interruption for the entire period stated by the manufacturer.
  4. Service. Regular cleaning of the filter material is not time consuming. For a couple of minutes, you can remove the sponge and just wash it in water. At this procedure is considered complete.
  5. Bandwidth. It depends on the specific model and can reach more than two thousand liters per hour. Due to this, there is no doubt about the excellent circulation of water in the tank.
  6. Power usage. Aquarists highlight the high energy efficiency of such compact devices.
  7. Silence. Large external filters can emit vibrations and hum, here is achieved complete noiselessness.

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But any device has its drawbacks. In the case of flow-through filters for an aquarium, these include:

  1. Aesthetic component. The device will take up space in the tank, disrupting the harmony with an unsuitable appearance.
  2. Performance is limited. You can find an option for an aquarium of more than two hundred liters, but aquarists with experience are advised to take a filter with a margin.
  3. Satisfactory water purification. In a compact product can not accommodate a lot of filter material.

If the aquarium contains a lot of fish demanding care, it is better to stop the choice on external multi-stage devices. But for beginners aquarists who do not plan to breed a large number of fish at home, internal filters are preferable.

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In the market for aquarists in the list of leaders is the company Aquael. Its products are attractive to customers due to time-tested quality.

In addition, one of the advantages is to highlight the compliance of the declared information, the availability of a wide audience and reliability. Among the best developments of the Polish company, the filters from two lines are in the greatest demand:

  1. UNIFILTER. The model is considered universal. Compact size paired with high performance like many aquarists. Filter Aquael Unifilter suitable for oxygenation of water in tanks of 30-300 liters. The manufacturer gives a two year warranty. The device can perform its functions in a horizontal position. The price is quite affordable. Option UNIFILTER 500 will cost 2 thousand rubles. It is designed for a tank with a volume of 100-200 liters.
  2. TURBO FILTER. This series has an increased pumping capacity. Water is saturated with oxygen even at great depths. Models from this line are equipped with shock-absorbing silicone suction cups, due to which the work is completely silent. Model Aquael Turbo 1000 is designed for a volume of 200 liters. Its cost is up to two and a half thousand.

The company has existed since 2013. Predominantly domestic customers choose it, since it is Chinese-Russian.

The range is quite rich – there are options for both large and small aquariums. But the Barbus wp filter is in the greatest demand.

He has a flute for a uniform flow of water into the tank.

Option Barbus wp 310f created for scrubbing aquarists. It is ideal for an aquarium with a capacity of up to forty liters.

Model budget and costs about five hundred rubles. It has a system for adjusting air and water.

The sponge is dense enough, so there is reliable filtering.

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Tetra is a German company that can rightly be called a leading manufacturer of equipment for domestic water bodies. Many professionals choose it.

The Tetra IN plus line is distinguished by its compactness, modern design, technical reliability and high performance. It is equipped with the following functions:

  • airflow direction control;
  • water flow regulation;
  • convenient quick-detachable design.

There are two cleaning cassettes in the filter, which allows for successive flushing, thereby reducing the loss of beneficial bacteria. The device itself is not required to pull it out of the aquarium. In the lineup, the most popular model is IN 600.

It is designed for a tank of up to one hundred liters and costs about two thousand.

There are many internal filters for a home aquarium. If you are guided by general advice on the choice, then it will not be difficult to choose a device that will serve its owner for a long time without any complaints.

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