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Chinese aquarium Jebo at a decent price

At all times, people of different states, professions and ages are fond of and continue to be engaged in growing and just watching ornamental fish. An entire industry is developing at their service, allowing aquarists to facilitate the selection of equipment.

Now there is no need to make containers yourself. Among the many companies that produce them, you can highlight aquariums Jebo, known in different countries.

The company’s founders were Chinese and Canadian investors, as well as entrepreneurs from Hong Kong. Products related to aquarium, sold in many countries around the world.

This is the first company from Asia that has become one of the market leaders due to modern technologies and equipment that are developed and manufactured in Germany, Japan and Italy.

Cooperation with recognized authorities in the industry has been continuing since 1994. The areas occupied by industrial production exceed 30 thousand square meters. Due to the fact that the entire range of goods is produced in the Middle Kingdom, prices for Jebo aquariums are democratic with a fairly high quality.

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Over the thirty-year history of the company managed to develop its own technology, which distinguishes its products from similar ones. Especially carefully approached the choice of supplier of raw materials.

Ordinary glass is not suitable for such purposes; a special material that is resistant to high pressure and mechanical stress is required.

The design of the model of any price category is thought out to the smallest detail. The owner should not worry about anything during the operation. At his disposal the whole range of necessary additional equipment.

It is included in the package or purchased separately. For the convenience of the client, a personal opening is provided in the lid for installation.

In the Jebo catalog there are products for both beginner and experienced aquarist at a very affordable cost.

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In addition to the tanks for fish, the company produces a full range of equipment for them. There are branches in other countries.

Thumbnails for aquariums are made in Russia. New techniques and designs are being widely introduced.

The main difference between Jebo products from competitors over the years has been the lack of connecting seams and edges. This was achieved through the use of acrylic glass and a special method of joining the walls. Such aquariums provide an optimal panoramic view.

It is possible to observe the vegetation, fish, mollusks and other inhabitants from any side and at a different angle.

Fans appreciate the products of this company for high functionality. The company provides an opportunity to buy a complete set of equipment for breeding fish and algae. The equipment includes:

  • backlight system with protective plastic cover to prevent moisture ingress;
  • back cover, equipped with a biological filter;
  • intake pump, through which the water supply. It is mounted under the cover on a special bracket.

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Of particular importance is the content cleaning device.. It includes:

  • suction cup set;
  • hoses up to 2.5 meters in length with attachment overboard;
  • easily installed and dismantled cranes;
  • intake and drain pipes.

The filter consists of 4 parts in the form of baskets of soft plastic with handles for easy installation and replacement. Each of them contains filter elements.:

  • synthetic wool (fine cleaning);
  • large pore sponge (coarse mechanical cleaning);
  • ceramic filler;
  • Activated carbon.

Among the models of aquariums Jebo for the price you can choose individual parameters and indicators. Different configurations may include:

  • additional equipment;
  • cabinet for installation;
  • spare filters.

In addition, the company provides a wide range of tank geometry. They are:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • hemispherical;
  • corner;
  • multifaceted;
  • made in the form of countertops.

Stands are made from various materials. The largest ones are made of metal or high-strength plastic. Finishing is made of paints that are resistant to external influences.

The breadth of the range allows you to select the desired color.

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Like any equipment, Sino-Canadian firms have their own advantages and disadvantages. Among the positive properties are noted:

  1. Simplicity of a design and small weight. Moving the tank to the right place is not difficult.
  2. A complete set of everything necessary makes aquarium convenient hobby with the optimal ecosystem inside.
  3. Removable cover, pan and stand make maintenance easier.
  4. Democratic price.
  5. Among a large number of models, you can choose your own equipment for the required dimensions.

However, there are negative reviews that keep people from buying. Clients allocate such:

  1. Silicate or acrylic glass is a rather capricious material. Improperly selected cleaning products and tools cause microcracks, leading to leakage and destruction of the aquarium. Therefore, care for capacity should be as delicate as possible.
  2. Inconveniently located lighting equipment does not provide sufficient comfort for the existence of the inhabitants of the aquarium.
  3. Too noisy pump. Many owners are especially sensitive to this shortcoming.
  4. Unsealed hoses require periodic sealing.

Jabo’s aquariums are suitable for settling all types of algae, fish and mollusks in both sea and fresh water, with different hardness and acidity. To extend the life of the equipment and the life of the inhabitants you need to fulfill several prerequisites:

  • the volume of the tank must meet the requirements of the flora and fauna living in it;
  • rinse the container with running water before first use;
  • do not install equipment near heating and heating devices;
  • Do not place near electronics and acoustics. All such radiation adversely affect the fish;
  • direct sunlight must not fall on aquariums, therefore it is better to place them away from windows;
  • Settlement of the finished container takes 2-4 days after pouring. During this time, the necessary microorganisms appear in the water;
  • first of all plants are placed in an aquarium;
  • conduct periodic inspection for leakage.

Jebo products are worthy of the attention of customers. Due to the unique characteristics and diversity of the range, it is possible to meet the needs of a wide range of aquarium fans.

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