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Characteristics of Cirneco del Etna dog breeds

Today the breed of dogs Cirneco del Etna (Sicilian greyhound) is becoming more and more popular. This breed belongs to the aborigines in the classification of FCI.

For its appearance, man did not put any effort, only nature and natural selection for long centuries formed the character and appearance of these animals. These dogs are quite rare, so for their purchase will have to pay a rather large amount.

Cirneco del Etna was officially registered in 1934 by the breeder Agata Paterno, but this does not mean that the breed’s lifetime is counted from this date.

The first description of dogs, similar to Cirneco, is found in handwritten sources that are more than 2500 years old. Originally dogs were used to hunt rabbits.

This is explained by the fact that the Sicilian greyhound has a highly developed scent and can smell rodents from afar, and thanks to its strong paws and hound physique it easily catches small animals. In the old days, rabbit meat and fur were highly valued by poor people, so almost every peasant was present in this breed.

A beautiful fairy tale about the appearance of these animals also came to Russia from Sicily. It tells about the transformation of the lava droplets of Etna volcano into red dogs. But, of course, the real story is more prosaic.

Dogs look like Ethiopian wolves. This similarity indicates a related relationship between the two species.

Most likely, the Ethiopian wolves were brought to Sicily by the Phoenicians. Also Cirneco del Etna resembles pharaoh dogs from Egypt.

Perhaps they were brought to the island.

Sicilian greyhounds are light and graceful, have a square body (height is equal to length). Growth is from 46 to 50 cm in males and from 44 to 48 cm in bitches.

The deviation from the parameter by two centimeters is allowed. The weight of an adult individual varies between 10–13 kg in males and 8–11 kg in the opposite sex.

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The following features are characteristic of the body structure of an animal:

  1. The head is oval and elongated, there are no significant bulges in the back of the skull. The angle between the nose and the skull is about 140 degrees. The muzzle is elongated, the nose is close to the rectangle in shape. The color of the nose can only be monochromatic, spotting is not allowed.
  2. The eyes are small, medium landing. Eye color allowed only light – honey, gray, nutty.
  3. Ears are triangular, stand high. Do not stop the ears.
  4. The neck is elongated, with pronounced muscles. Skin folds on the neck are impossible.
  5. The back is straight and strong, without depressions and kinks, a smooth slope from head to tail is allowed.
  6. The chest is flat, not protruding forward, without pronounced muscles.
  7. Limbs straight and long. Paws are oval-shaped, fingers tightly compressed. Claws are plain, the same color as the skin pads.

To various competitions and tournaments are not allowed puppies breed Cirneco with deviations. Among those:

  • malocclusion;
  • non-monotic eyes;
  • wrong position and shape of the ears;
  • ring-shaped tail;
  • dark color pigmentation;
  • striped color;
  • deviations in height and weight.

If the puppy has at least one of the listed signs, then it is sterilized and sold as a pet. He will not take further part in the development of the breed.

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The Sicilian greyhound has no undercoat, like many southern breeds. Axial hair is strong, 2.5–4 cm long.

The coat is smooth and shiny, grows in one direction, fits snugly to the skin.

Colors allowed:

  • pale yellow;
  • red with white spots on the chest;
  • white with red spots on the chest;
  • solid white or red.

Cirneco have a soft friendly character. They are very attached to their master and remain loyal throughout their lives.

Dogs with this temperament are very playful and require constant attention.

They love people, so they can hardly be guards. They make great hunters and wonderful companions.

They can not be left alone for a long time. Due to their carelessness and timidity, they get along well with children. Curiosity and activity make them successful athletes.

Sicilian greyhounds achieve decent results in the course (running after the mechanical hare), barnhante (burrowing) and agility (passing the speed obstacle course).

Cirneco do not get along well with small pets. In the kitten, hamster or guinea pig, they see primarily prey. It is necessary to take into account this feature.

You can not provoke a dog on the hunting action. With the possible presence of small breeds, cats or forest rodents in walking places, it is better not to let the four-legged friend off the leash.

Despite the activity and love of walking, greyhound is not suitable for keeping outside. Because of their southern origin, they very poorly tolerate the Russian cold, so representatives of this breed should live at home. A person should take care of warm clothes for a pet at a temperature below 5 degrees.

Well suited multi-layer insulated jackets that cover the torso and upper limbs. You should not choose blankets or lightweight raincoat coats – they are for animals that are more adapted to frost.

These are small dogs, so it is comfortable to live with them in a private house or in a small apartment. An important condition is long active walks.

It is necessary to use toys, sometimes to go jogging, use the intelligence of the dog, and not just walk slowly around the entrance. If such a pastime is alien to a person, then it is worth choosing a more phlegmatic breed.

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The wool of these pets is short and hard, therefore it is not heavily polluted and does not require special care. It is enough to comb it once a week with a rubber glove, on which already dead hairs will stick.

It is worth noting that due to the absence of the undercoat, the molt remains almost unnoticed by the hosts. But if you neglect combing, then the furniture can remain prickly hair.

Cirneco almost do not have a characteristic dog smell, so do not require frequent bathing. Breeders recommend washing the animal when it is heavily soiled; for preventive purposes, one bathing per month will be quite enough.

During such procedures it is necessary to use good professional brands of shampoos and conditioners for tough coat, shine or color enhancement.

With the advent of the puppy in the house you need to buy a claw cutter. The claws are cut 1–2 times a month as they lengthen. This is a rather complicated process, because the claws of this breed are very hard.

In order not to waste energy on keeping the protest dog, hygiene procedures are recommended to start at an early age. Then for an adult dog it will be commonplace.

Ears should be cleaned about once a week. To do this, you must purchase special wipes without alcohol and fragrances in pet stores. In hard-to-reach places, you can use an ear stick dipped in water.

Do not be too zealous and brush your ears deeply, the external treatment of the sink will be enough.

Cirneco by nature rarely has problems with teeth, but still several times a week will still have to pay attention to them. It is necessary to walk repeatedly in circular motions on the upper and lower teeth with a special toothbrush for dogs. The process takes about a minute.

After that you should give your pet a hard delicacy, specially designed for additional cleaning of the teeth. Such a pleasant procedure, firstly, will give a positive emotional color by an unpleasant brushing, and secondly, such bones help to get rid of the remnants of plaque.

Since the appearance of the dog in the house is worth a lot of attention paid to its education. Cirneco is a loner by nature, therefore, in order to avoid aggression towards other four-legged in the future, from early childhood it is necessary to socialize a puppy, to encourage its interest and play with dogs of other breeds.

Cirneco is not stupid, therefore, in addition to physical exertion on a walk, it is also recommended to be intelligent.

Well suited in this regard, special toys, which hides a delicacy, and the dog needs to think hard how to get it. It is more often to change the route of walking, to drive the animal to new places, not to interfere with new smells – it also develops intellectual abilities.

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Cirneco, like all Aboriginal Italians, are in excellent health, but poor nutrition will destroy it very quickly. They feel great, eating both natural food and dry food.

Natural food means a balanced diet with an abundance of raw meat, a minimum of cereals, with the addition of vegetables and fruits. Dry food is simpler and more convenient for the owner, but it is necessary to give preference to feeds not lower than the super premium grade.

It is necessary to fear the economy segment, which is sold in supermarkets, and carefully study the composition during the selection.

In Russia, a few nurseries that breed Sicilian greyhound. These dogs may be careless in their care, but the challenge for the breeders is difficult. They should prevent the appearance of characteristics of this breed that are not typical for them.

Dogs should remain as close as possible to their ancestors from the islands. Selecting such puppies in the litter is a difficult task.

In the case of the Sicilian greyhound, you only need to look at the totality of the parameters. After birth and cultivation, litter is divided into three categories:

  1. Puppies that best meet the breed standard go on breeding. They remain in the nursery or are transferred to the hands of experienced owners. Such puppies are appreciated, so international sales are not uncommon. The price for a puppy from a show class starts from 200,000 rubles.
  2. Puppies with minimal deviations from the standard can also participate in exhibitions and breed activities, but are not allowed to breed. These dogs belong to the exhibition class, their price is about 100-150 thousand rubles.
  3. Puppies that do not meet the standard in many points are sold to simple lovers. They are forbidden to interbreed with each other, so most often they get to the new owners after castration.

If a person after familiarizing himself with the pros and cons of a Sicilian greyhound still decided to purchase, it is highly recommended not to look for a puppy from the ads. You need to immediately go to the nurseries, call up with the breeder and find out about the nearest litters. Often in popular nurseries there is a queue length of several years.

You must personally meet with the breeder and adult representatives of the breed in the nursery. Dogs should be at least healthy, eat quality dry food or balanced natural food.

It is important to pay attention to the nature and psychological state of animals.

The future owner should not make a choice based on the price. Cheap puppies are most often kept in unscrupulous kennels.

Such puppies are not only not documented, but may also be suffering from serious diseases, and treatment will cost much more than the money saved when buying.

Intuition rarely brings puppies. It often happens that they choose their own owners.

If, when looking at a dog, there is a response in the heart, it is worth taking this animal.

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