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Beautiful design aquarium do it yourself

Any interior will decorate a well-kept and original aquarium. The design of this aquatic environment has evolved so much that it has become a separate type of decoration, called aquascape.

It uses various elements, such as algae and stones, snags and special shapes. Before you start decorating your home aquarium, it is recommended that you get a closer look at the different decorating styles in order to choose the most suitable one.

There are many areas of aquascapes that you should read before setting up an aquarium.

Aquarium design has several fashionable styles, some of which are already called classic. These areas include the following:

  • Dutch;
  • collection;
  • Japanese;
  • pseudonatural;
  • fabulous.

The culture of Asia, Europe and America has found its new embodiment in the incredibly spectacular designs of freshwater aquariums. At first glance, it is impossible to repeat such landscape masterpieces with your own hands, but if you take a closer look, you can discover interesting techniques and individual details that can help an inexperienced person to arrange their own home aquarium.

The depth of perspective and the uncomplicated realism inherent in the paintings of famous Dutch painters, the designers brought to the world of aquarism. To create a Dutch-style aquarium, many different plants are used, which differ in color and size.

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Planted green algae of various shades, as well as brown, red and yellow. They are placed so that each plant takes about 10 square centimeters of soil.

This planting is considered dense, but at the same time it allows the algae to actively develop, forming the famous green landscape of the Netherlands.

If small bright fish are settled into this living work of art, and using lighting to create the effect of oblique rays of the sun falling on some stretch of greenery, then the masterpiece created with your own hands will not yield beauty to designer aquariums.

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The aquatic environment, designed in the Dutch style, requires constant care, which consists in the following:

  • carbon dioxide supply;
  • regular fertilization;
  • algae pruning;
  • careful selection, as well as maintaining a certain number of fish.

You can decorate such an aquarium with an interior in the style of modern classics, in which there are elements of modernism. In addition, it will perfectly fit into a room decorated in ecostyle.

The originality of collection aqua design lies in the peculiar charm of chaos. Some believe that this style was invented specifically for beginners, who, because of their lack of experience, have difficulty in designing an aquarium.

The basis of this type of aquascap is to use a large number of different algae, for example, at least fifteen plants are necessary to decorate an aquarium with a volume of fifty liters. As they grow, they crowd each other, creating an underwater neglected English garden.

To make the landscape spectacular, high algae are combined with low algae. In addition, in this design, you can successfully combine plants with foliage in contrasting shades.

The undoubted advantage of this decor is its simplicity. But it is also necessary to note its versatility, because an artificial reservoir with a collection landscape will fit perfectly into the interior of ethno, as well as in the classical or Scandinavian style.

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When decorating an aquarium in pseudonatural style under water, they recreate picturesque corners of nature. In the process, various decorations are used that imitate:

The designer should achieve a sense of the reality of the landscape, but at the same time add some fantasy to it. Especially spectacular this landscape will give an underwater sand waterfall.

Create it will help a special pump that blows the fine white sand. Sliding on a mountain slope, this sand creates peculiar streams.

When decorating an artificial reservoir in this style, it is necessary to take into account that it will not work for a classical, modernist or art deco interior. But it will perfectly fit into an apartment decorated in the sea design direction, pop art or safari.

Beautiful design in the design of the aquarium will create a great mood to its owners.

In some interiors to enter the aquarium harmoniously is very difficult. These include industrial styles, that is, loft and high-tech, and Japanese minimalism.

Nevertheless, it was in Japan that designers found inspiration for creating a new aquascape direction. They became the principles of aesthetics Iwagumi, in other words, the art of creating empty space that is filled with philosophy.

To turn a simple aquarium into a Japanese rock garden, you need quite a bit:

  • priming;
  • sand;
  • stones;
  • carpet algae;
  • school of small fish.

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The most important role in this design is given to stones. Need to take three or four stones:

  • one big, he will be in charge;
  • one or two medium sized, extra;
  • one small, sacrificial.

There is no need to use real stones. They can be successfully replaced by special mock-ups created for Japanese compositions.

In addition, Japanese minimalism in the field of aquascape is expressed in stone landscapes with low-growing plants that cover certain areas of soil with a carpet.

Bright animated landscapes of cartoons about Nemo and the Little Mermaid presented new ideas to aquarium designers. Fabulous scenes, recreated in the design of the aquatic environment, come alive thanks to real fish and algae.

To design an aquarium in this style, you need to choose fish with a bright color, the most bizarre shells, as well as grottoes, neon corals and treasures. You can complement the fabulous fairy-tale world of the underwater kingdom with small algae.

Any child will be glad to such an aquarium. Especially if its decor will be made based on the beloved cartoon kid.

The design of the aquarium can be decorated with a variety of accessories.

There are many accessories for the decoration of the aquarium. Both commercially designed models of mountains or castles, as well as natural stones, snags and shells, are suitable for design.

But it must be borne in mind that in no case can you put any favorite decor you like in the pond without preliminary processing, with the exception of a decorative background that is placed behind the back wall of the container.

The film that creates the background is attached outside to the back wall. Ideally, the design of the aquatic environment should gradually turn into a background.

This makes the aquarium a kind of small world, a finished composition.

On sale you can find stickers with scenes from cartoons, as well as backgrounds for decorating the aquarium in the Japanese and Dutch style. You can purchase special kits in which various mock-ups are attached to the labels that are suitable for the style.

Decorative background can be attached outside to the back of the aquarium

You can purchase a volumetric background. It is also attached to the wall, but from the inside.

Using it you need to understand that this decoration can be dangerous for small inhabitants. If the background for some reason separates from the glass, then small fish, swimming for it, will not be able to free themselves.

Read more: DIY background for the aquarium.

All models for aquascape are made from synthetic resins. Before you put them in the aquatic environment, it is necessary to carry out the treatment, the steps of which are described in the instructions attached to each item.

In the aquarium, the decor is attached to the bottom and walls with silicone glue, creating the basis of the landscape.

Snags have always been a fashionable element in the design of aquariums. They are used to imitate roots, tree trunks and even mountain slopes. Most often they are used not as an independent object, but as a basis for moss.

The moss is firmly tied with a fishing line to the bark, allowing it to grow and form overgrown grass or tree crown.

Snags – one of the most fashionable elements in the design of aquariums

Snags bought in a store should be boiled for two hours before being placed in water. But choosing a decor in the forest you need to take into account that the wood should not be coniferous and oak.

It is better to choose dead roots and branches, since they no longer produce juice and tar. The safest white driftwood, which can be found by the sea or river, is safest.

This tree must be strong, and therefore you need to make sure that it does not crumble.

Before use, found snags should also be boiled. This will have to be done for quite a long time, regularly changing the water until it stops painting.

After that, boiling is carried out in salty water and again in fresh water. This procedure will allow you to protect the aquatic environment from the harmful effects of the new decor.

So that the tree does not float, it is fixed with silicone glue.

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